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Zdrok 2006-08-07 05:25

would like to watch a good yuri or yaoi
i have never seen either of these types of animes so i do have some restrictions. well one. i want a good story behind all of it i dont want whoever is a couple to be all out.. because the creators wanted attention. i want a serious anime that is rediculously good.

jedinat 2006-08-07 06:11

I don't think what you're looking for exists. I think the more yuri/yaoi an anime gets, the less the story quality is relied on, and the more fanboy/girl pleasing comes in. Not that I can say this with complete confidence, as I've never seen a yaoi/shounen-ai anime... but from what I have heard I don't think there is much difference on that side of things.

You might have better luck if you moderate your search to a good shoujo-ai/shounen-ai anime. In that instance I would probably recommend Maria-sama ga Miteru, or for a more action oriented anime, Kurau Phantom Memory.

nemoleo 2006-08-07 12:22

Well, the number of yuri / yaoi animes is not so big, so if you look for this kind of anime, you don't have a lot of choice.
I would recommend you Loveless, which is a good sentimental/Yaoi anime (with a bit of action), or maybe Yami no Matsuei that have some "mystery/detective" story (also Yaoi).
Concerning the Yuri type, you can try Kannaduki no Miko, with a meca/miko story (it's a strange mix but never mind), or maybe Strawberry Panic that is currently broadcasted and is very similar to maria-sama ga Miteru (school/romance kind).

chrno_the_sinner 2006-08-07 20:31

I'd also reccomend Loveless. It's currently the only "yaoi" that I've watched and enjoyed. I put it in brackets because it's (a) not the correct term (BL is) and (b) there's only hints and a kiss every 3 eps. It's really good though. Also, it doesn't finish in the anime so you'll want to track down the manga afterwards.

Plus there is Yuri in it too in the form of one pair of opponents.

eternal 2006-08-07 23:42

I'm basically a shoujo ai fan.My favourites list :

1.Revolutionary girl Utena(u might think it's old and so on ,in fact ,i do think that way too the first time i looked up to this anime's info but after watching it i can say it's totally unique and sentimental.The relationship of the 2 main girls are extraordinary from normal titles.

2.Yami to boushi to hon no tabibito.Many people think that this is a badly done anime,they think the story sucks.Well,i just like the shoujo ai part of it.Strong love i can sense.And SAD T_T.

3.Maria sama ga miteru.My first ever series,just go watch it.

4.Kannazuki no miko.Full blast lesbian,good go!Nice art,nice songs but ignore the mecha.

And many more titles which has shoujo ai but it's not the main text of the anime.Check out for the list,ask me if you are in doubt whether or not worthwhile watching a title.

As a shoujo ai fan i basically feel unfair for the higher demand of shounen ai rather than shoujo ai.Well,it's not like i really hate shounen ai or something.I watched Loveless,for some shoujo ai in that series' sake.I think that's the only good shounen ai i watched although i didn't explore other.

Maybe u can start by loveless,it is shounen ai theme with shoujo ai subtext

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