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sx3 2006-08-08 04:39

[0087] Green Diver
Has anyone seen this CGI? its like 25 minutes and was released in 2001, its supposed to show Amuro in his white Zeta gundam, im really waiting for Gundam Evolve 9 it shows Amuro in action with his zeta. If you have seen the CGI can you tell me what happens? or pictures or anything, i am verry intrested in Amuros zeta for some reason lol, maybe because its beautiful ;) I have some eye candy for you guys.

Gundam Evolve 9

Amuro's Zeta Gundam, Model [Green diver]

Truly an amazing gundam. Please post anymore pictures if you have them and tell me if youve watched Green diver =) what do you guys think of Amuros zeta, like it or not?? fill me in :)

lt_shiro 2006-08-09 17:47

Now that one sweet looking mobile suit. Right up there with GP03, Gaia, Stike Noir and the Freedom as my favs.

nightbringer360 2006-08-15 03:37

Amuro's "other" Zeta, the Z-Plus A1, is quite a kickass MG model.

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