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Catgirls 2006-08-13 16:20

Zero no Tsukaima Episode 2 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to this week's episode of Zero no Tsukaima. Episode 02!

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Guido 2006-08-14 08:52

Commoner Familiar
Saito's first fight against a noble and manages to both become and act cool.

felix 2006-08-21 14:33

The episode was, like episode 1, a Very Good episode.

This Pervert/Idiot Vs. Masochistres is just too amusing.
Oh yeah Louise is pure evil (personality : ZERO). Poor echy-Saito.

The Animation is very nice. I love the way they do the eyes. Everything else is very relaxing. I personally don't understand why they placed the school in such a desolate place. Its like in the middle of nowhere. It would have been nicer if they made some ferry forest or something. Hmm... maybe there was some forest but Louise burned it down. Or blew it up. Well, I guess its not that bad if the main setting is a little simple. (Wonder how long until Louise starts nuking stuff)

The Story is excellent. Nice old fashion slow passed story, just what the doctor ordered. It was nice to see Saito in action from the second episode. I'm guessing that's his only power, good thing IMO. I personally love these simple stories were the protagonist doesn't have some super-overwhelming-unimaginable unstoppable power, but just a little advantage. I'm not sure if Saito will loose this little power of his or if it will become useless, but Louise probably has the power to enhance it.

Lets see...
Louise summoned a warrior as her familiar...
She blows things up...
In the opening we see her casting some spell... probably on Saitos sword... Hmmm... maybe she really has no affinity for any elements that Guish mentioned in Ep1... maybe she's not a regular mage... I say she's a witch... lol... the title actually suites her...
I guess her skill power is enchantment...
Well I wouldn't be surprised if she accidentally raises the dead... lol

I loved that little moment (when Saito was all beaten up) when she warmed up a little, hope to see some more in the future.

Love the Music they decided to use. Can't say it sounds new, but its a nice selection, loved the music at the end of the battle.

Q. Does "nuki" (that's what it sounds like when Louise is saying it) mean "food" ?

dxanato 2006-08-21 17:26

There is 5th Element which has been lost or forgoten. This was hinted when the teacher talk to the head master about Louise familiar and the rune that is attach to him.

felix 2006-08-22 09:51

5th element ?!

Were exactly do they say that...
I went to check and found nothing.

Q. What exactly do they say that hints that ?

Mandrake 2006-08-22 10:09

well I saw it in the manga, and I can't remember where it was in the anime though. But then again, they were talking about elements, and tied it to the pentacle or pentagram (pentacle has 5 points)

dxanato 2006-08-22 10:44

The head master does not say Element but said "This will sure effect one of the Lost Penta's corners."

I love wiki.

Shinku 2006-10-21 09:28

Yes! The combat begins! I thought i was very funny how Guiche lost both his girl friends because of Saito. THe dude deserved it for being a player. The overall combat (the duel) was pretty good. Saito looked funny with that bruise (or bump) on this face.

lijon 2006-10-30 06:34

The think that the bit about him being good with a sword is too ordinary for the development... 7/10

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