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Kamui4356 2003-12-26 16:11

putting the rules on an intro page?
I've noticed a lot of newbies posting threads that have to be locked as they are seemingly in blatent disregard of the rules, asking for licensed anime, spamming, ect. It seems that lately the problem has gotten much worse. Still I'm sure most people are just ignorant of these rules and would not create such a thread if they knew them. While they are easily accesible to anyone who cares, many just don't bother to read them.
At some other forums, such as TW's, the rules are on an intro page, so you must at least see them, if not actually read them, before you can access the forum. This seems like a good idea to me and would probably cut down on the mods' workload. It wouldn't completely solve the problem, but it would cut it down a great deal.
It shouldn't be much of a problem to do. It only involves creating a new page with the rules, linking it to the forum button on the animesuki main page, then linking the actual forum to the new page. It might be a little inconvient as it would force people to make one extra click with the mouse, but that's minor compaired to all the useless threads it would eliminate.
Anyone else think that's a good idea, or is it more trouble than it's worth?

xris 2003-12-26 16:59

Your suggestion is to make the AnimeSuki forum link go to an intermediate page which displays the forum rules (but a dedicated Rules page, not a forum thread). From this page, there will be a link to the actual forum.

I like this idea actually. As you say, it will mean an extra click for those who haven't bookmarked the forums directly but at least it would put the rules in front of people for a moment while they try and find how to get to the actual forum. The same page could be linked with a button on the forum pages (along with the other buttons under the AnimeSuki banner).

Chances are the people who currently don't read the rules, still won't read the rules with this new implementation but there is a chance that they might. And if the "Do not ask for licensed anime" section is at the top of the rules, you never know, they may just take notice (even if it's only 1% :) of the people who join the forum just to post one of those threads).

I think it's a workable idea, I hope that GHDPro considers it. It shouldn't be that difficult to implement since all it involves is to produce an intermediate page between the AnimeSuki forum link and the actual forums.

Lefteris_D 2003-12-26 17:32

What about a link next to "AnimeSuki Forum" at the main page of the forum? It's just editing the skin to add the link.

xris 2003-12-26 17:50


Originally Posted by Lefteris_D
What about a link next to "AnimeSuki Forum" at the main page of the forum? It's just editing the skin to add the link.

Because people will have no reason to click it. If new visitors to the forum don't read the rules, why would they notice / care if there are two links from the AnimeSuki front page to the forums.

The advantage of making the Forum link go to the intermediate page is that it will catch the people who access the forums for the first time (or those visitors who do not access the forums frequently) and it's just those people that might need to be reminded of the rules.

The regulars / members will have bookmarked the URL of the forums, so would not see the intermediate page and so wouldn't be inconvenienced by it.

Sorry, mis-understood what you were saying.
Well, a button along with the others under the banner or a link as you suggested, either would do. As long as the intermediate rules page was in place, it can be linked from within the forums however we like.

NightWish 2003-12-26 21:49


Originally Posted by The Small One
I mean some of the Stickys already contain "FAQ", so why not moving the contents, where they really belong?

I agree with you in part -- the only problem is keeping them up to date. Right now we have different people managing those threads; they have the permissions to do so. I believe you have to have administrative access to edit the FAQ entries...? Giving them all Admin rights clearly isn't an option. Maybe a FAQ system could be written around the forum software, but that's a forum-hack and would take time and effort...

NightWish 2003-12-26 22:58


Originally Posted by The Small One
... is Moderator-Status sufficent? ... PM the changes to someone who has the necessary rights. ...

Yeah, it is workable as slower updates are not a problem... execpt... :heh: ... execpt the staff already have a lot to do ;)

As for permissions~ I've not found a way to edit the FAQ yet (we can only edit Sigs, Posts, Threads and Announcements AFAIK... ) and I've been up and down the mod controls :D... You might be able to make a group or set it to allow others to edit it... but I'd have to check on the forum documentation to know for sure.

ato 2003-12-27 07:10

About putting the FAQs on separate pages: It would certainly lend more authoroty to the content if they were no longer just stickied threads. On the other hand, direct maintainer editability is so great a boon that it should not be foregone. GHDpro might not be too amused by having to change the same FAQ five times in one day, since the author keeps correcting various newly discovered faults in it.

Another bonus with having them in the forum context is not so obvious...They might actually be easier to refer to and search for with the forum search engine. Also, telling someone to look at the first thread in the forum might produce a larger "D'oh"-effect than a tip to look for some FAQ backwater of the main site.

In conclusion: It is certainly not a bad idea, but unless maintainer editability cannot be easily managed, I would guess that the right way would be to keep it as it currently is.

Hunter 2003-12-28 01:46

Frankly it's useless, people don't care about reading the rules, I know several forums which had done that but the situation remained the same, people just don't want to bother to read the rules even when they are in large and red letters.
Sad but true.

p3psi 2003-12-28 03:15

I thought those ruley things were only suggestions?:heh:

Anyways, i think the rules are just for the mods to point at when they're yelling at the new kids on the boards.

dont ban me please!

NoSanninWa 2003-12-28 03:29

We mods like to pretend that sometimes people might not do things just because we have rules against them. We might be fooling ourselves. If so, then you're right. They are only something to point at when we yell at the newbies.

At the very least they are a code of conduct that we moderators have to follow so that we don't contradict each other or behave in a random fashion. Because we have rules you kow that the moderators aren't behaving in an arbitrary manner, even if you don't really care.

Vulkar 2003-12-28 08:37


Originally Posted by Hunter
Frankly it's useless, people don't care about reading the rules, I know several forums which had done that but the situation remained the same, people just don't want to bother to read the rules even when they are in large and red letters.
Sad but true.

Sadly, I'll have to agree with Hunter. I worked at a movie theater for 3 years and I've come to accept the fact that people, though literate, don't like to read. I don't think I can even count the number of times a customer standing in front of the sign which lists showtimes has asked me what was playing at the movie theater. It's really unbelievable. So, I doubt moving the rules around to an intro page or a faq page will help much in anything except cleaning up the tops of the individual forums cuz probably most n00bs won't read it.

Kamui4356 2003-12-28 14:19

So I guess the general consensus is that although it's a good idea, it probably won't work. Oh well, just keep it in mind for the future. It might be worth a try next time the forums are upgraded.

Forse 2003-12-28 14:29

well I have maybe a bit better suggestion. vBulletin has option (if memory serves me right) to send a private message upon registration, so why not send important rules and links to FAQ's and so on to prevent public stupidity? That way forum doesn't have to be changed and still users will have all important info not to ask same questions for 100th time :heh:

Muraki 2003-12-29 15:18

M/b u should put it before the forum registration sheet and then have a question in the registration that can be found somewhere in the rules ~_~ that'll make ppl read at least skim it...unless of course ppl have so little patience they won't even look for it o.O

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