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kj1980 2006-08-15 10:49

Higurashi Episode 20 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Higurashi no Naku Koroni, Episode 20.

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Ayu-ayu 2006-08-15 23:46

Wow. Excellent episode...and the production quality wasn't bad, either. Almost like going back to Onikakushi's quality, I thought (though still no creepy slit-eyes...sigh). I forgot this wasn't the last episode in the arc, though, so I was pretty frustrated with where it left off...


Can't wait for next episode! And to hear what the folks who've experienced the sound novel think of the adaptation this time.

Rasuberi 2006-08-16 00:17

The Rika scene was pretty amazing. ^__^; I can't seem to stop saying "I can't wait to read the sound novel even more now" with all these scenes... gaah.

I'm terribly happy the production value was at least... higher than last episode. I reaaally hope the next episode has some quality from the first arcs... I don't want any lessening of the greatness I know it should be.

And goodness, I just have so much difficulty in choosing the order I like characters now. The only one I can say without any doubt to be on the top of the list is Mion... but really, Rika, Rena, Shion, and Satoko are so lovable. I get the feeling I'll like Satoko more next episode? *tear* I remember the days I hated Rika... *slowly stabs self crazily*

LuckyCat 2006-08-16 01:27

Awesome episode. Less weird contorting faces and more cute Shion-ness.

So uh, that one part with Rika:

Nork22 2006-08-16 03:51


Originally Posted by Shiosai
Awesome episode. Less weird contorting faces and more cute Shion-ness.

So uh, that one part with Rika:


Eleutheria 2006-08-16 06:03

Oh, crap, went in knowing what was going to happen, due to the flashback from the second arc, and still got the shivers...


ShadowRift 2006-08-16 06:14

Ugh, yeah... even though they showed that part in the second arc, it was still pretty painful to actually watch.

...but yeah, next episode with Satoko's fate is going to be even worse...

USCPharmacist 2006-08-16 14:12

I don't know if I should post it here, but after seeing Shion and Rika fought, it reminded me of Daybreak. Anyone plays that game here? Will there be translation of the scenerios? Also anyone want to host a game so we in Animesuki can see who can pwn to most, Oyashiro Sama's style!

Wanderer 2006-08-17 00:05

Another great Higurashi episode, even though my Japanese is only intermediate level and I'll have to wait for the sub to understand it fully.

Rika's metaphors in episode 7 make a lot more sense now.

The Rika/Shion scene was intense. No matter how many times I see it, I just can't get used to Rika and her knife. The syringe was also quite a tantalizing surprise. A clue for Onikakushi-hen?

I'm not sure that I buy into the idea that Rika suicides just to avoid physical pain. I think she's stronger than that. Perhaps she knows that the town will meet disaster if she is Watanagashi'ed. Or maybe she just hates the idea of not having control of her own fate, and would rather die by her own hand than allow the prophecy she made 5 years ago be fulfilled.

Just thinking about the yet unknown, but surely horrible, way Satoko will die next episode... *shudders*

MarmoO 2006-08-17 00:21


kj1980 2006-08-17 00:24

Excellent. I gave it a 9/10. Could've hoped for Rika calling out to "XXXX" as she gasps, but since we're not going to Minagoroshi or Matsuribayashi, probably better to leave it out that way.


Originally Posted by Wanderer
I'm not sure that I buy into the idea that Rika suicides just to avoid physical pain.

Getting warmer. But you missed a major point - how on earth would Rika know that Mion's a "torture freak?" There is silent hint there.


Perhaps she knows that the town will meet disaster if she is Watanagashi'ed.
(Smile) Let's see what the TIPS will have to say for that after this chapter is over...

LostBlue 2006-08-17 12:26

I saw the EP... I think my expectations were too high. I liked it, just wished the animation would have been better. The Rika scene freaked me out when I played the game since I forgot about the stabbing - I could imagine the people who didn't see the anime prior to playing the game even moreso, b/c it literally came out of nowhere.

I also miss Rika's screaming during her stabbing... It would have been cool, but probably waaaaaaaay too much for Public TV. I mean the stabbing is graphic enough as is.

BTW Rika stabs herself in the throat not the head ^^

My biggest complaint with the Meakashi Hen in general is, it shouldn't be 6 EPs, IMO. I mean I love the chapter (even more so then the next), but Tsumihoroboshi really needs as many EPs as it can get.

Well next EP is going to be good. The best two parts of Meakashi will be fused together for Shion and Satoko fans ^^

LuckyCat 2006-08-17 17:08

Satoko survives and kills K1!

er no wait

Satoshi returns with a pregnant wife!

Sushi-Y 2006-08-17 19:50

It's interesting to watch the anime after clearing Matsuribayashi-hen and the game, it makes you feel bad for all the characters in the previous chapters. :heh:

I liked this episode, the pace was slow enough to portray the important scenes properly, especially the scene with Rika in the end there. The injection felt a little sudden though, they could've showed how Shion noticed the syringe and deducted that Rika was trying to harm her with it, before finally deciding to give Rika a "taste of her own medicine".

Next episode, the decisive scene that catapulted Satoko to the top of my favorite characters list. Also happens to be the scene that got me bawling. :(

Kh9 2006-08-17 20:37

Spoiler for this episode:

aliensporebomb 2006-08-21 15:03


Originally Posted by Shiosai
Satoko survives and kills K1!

er no wait

Satoshi returns with a pregnant wife!

Can you IMAGINE Shion's reaction at the latter?

If a human could be an atomic bomb, it would be Shion at that moment.

And what would be even better is if it was the missing third Sonozaki triplet.

(Yes, I know she doesn't exist but I can dream can't I?)

Matrim 2006-08-21 17:01

That's more like it. I didn't think Meakashi-hen's plot development could still susprise as much as it did in this episode. Great episode which would probably had been even better had we not been spoiled a bit by the first scene of Watanagashi-hen.


havi 2006-08-21 18:08

very good episode, the 24 minutes passed really quickly and i was on the edge of my seat the entire time. i like how the more you see, the more it blends in with earlier episodes so things make more sense. pretty clever to explain the opening clip of episode 5(? cant remember) like 15 episodes later, considering they're the same chapter.

this show's one of the few this season thats still exciting:rolleyes:

LostBlue 2006-08-21 18:10


Originally Posted by Matrim
Shion seemed kind of surprised by Rika's visit, did she really invite her for that?

Rika's sudden visit wasn't planned. Shion heard the doorbell tried to use the monitor for the hidden surveillance cameras set up around the house but she couldn't figure them out so she went to the door. Shion was quite surprised to find Rika there especially what happen earlier in the day. Shion didn't want to let Rika in, but she insisted. After thinking it over, Shion thought it'll be better for Rika to come inside with her so she could keep an eye on her, rather than having Rika wander around the house while Shion was away filling the bottle.

Matrim 2006-08-21 18:21

So this invitation to drop by to get some soy sauce was not written by Shion then. Interesting. But now that I look at episode 8 it seems it wasn't sent to Rika only as my previous impression, so I guess this is not such an important issue.

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