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monir 2006-08-15 11:37

Pumpkin Scissors (Generic Discussion thread)

Genre: Action, Drama

Companies: AIC, Gonzo

Expected Release Date: October 2006


Another anime series where Gonzo will be involved. The character design seems similar to Full Metal Alchemist. The opening song is called "Aoki Flamme" by Yoko Takahashi. The synopsis is in the following as taken from animenfo:
The long war against Frost Republic scarred many places of the Empire; famine, plague, returned soldiers who become bandits… Worrying about these "war damages" resulting from the devastations of the nation and people's minds, the Empire Army orgnaizes the 3rd section of Information Bureau known as "Pumpkin Scisors", and they assigned the section for the duty of recovery from the war damage.

Three years have passed since the truce so called "thin ice agreement". The 3rd section hasn't accomplished their task, yet. Rather, they are absorbed in paper works, and without notice, people ridicule that it is an "Excuse Section" that suppress people's complaint. However, they strive to achieve their tasks. One day, a man offers a help to them. It was a big guy who used to be a soldier. Dangling an iron lantern from his waist, he handles a heavy gun one-handed.
The source material for this series is a manga by Ryoutarou Iwanaga. May be Neosam can provide the covers? :)

NeoSam 2006-08-15 11:46


Originally Posted by monir
The source material for this series is a manga by Ryoutarou Iwanaga. May be Neosam can provide the covers? :)

No problem :) , but why am I mentioned in size 1 font :eyespin: :heh:

Anyway, here's whats currently available of the manga:

Pumpkin Scissors

Its based on a manga thats serialized in the shounen manga magazine Magazine GREAT.
For now there are 5 volumes released of this manga.
Here are the covers:

Mangaka: Iwanaga Ryotaro (岩永 亮太郎)

Genre: Shounen, Action, Drama

monir 2006-08-15 11:52


Originally Posted by NeoSam
No problem :) , but why am I mentioned in size 1 font :eyespin: :heh:

lol... To emphasize the point that Neosam is special where manga is concerned. I promise the next time I mention your name, it will be in bigger fonts. Size does matter afterall. :D

Thanks Neosam! :D

eggplant 2006-09-30 09:35

Just saw the screening for the first episode of Pumpkin Scissors at today's GONZO Festa.

Spoiler for Episode 1:

I already saw RED GARDEN prior to today's screening, where my report is here.

MrProphet 2006-09-30 11:22

I was quite underwhelmed by the trailers. There is nothing going for me here except the cute PzKW IV tank they have there.

That had me laughing.

The character designer seems to have been taking cues from BONES' Yoshiyki Ito and it's distracting. I'll watch episode 1 to get the general feel of the show, but for now color me disinterested.

Daniel E. 2006-09-30 12:18

Been wanting to watch an episode of this ever since I first heard of it about 2 weeks ago.

Though I'll admit that the first thing that caught my attention was the title. :heh:

dxgarten 2006-10-02 16:41

Episode 01 Screencaps and summary


kari-no-sugata 2006-10-02 18:32

Just watched ep 1. Apart from the silly name ("pumpkin" is so b-movie) I liked it a lot. Will definitely watch more.

Srin Tuar 2006-10-02 20:36

At first I wasnt expecting much. after all, the name of the show seems like someone was asked to choose two random words from a 5th grade spelling list.

However, i have to say this is the best show so far this all season. (2nd day of the season so far, so that may not be saying much, but still)

I want to know more about what that lantern does.

I want to know why Alice is getting that strange intuition from randel.

Randel has some really good lines, and I like his attitude.

Alice's voice actor is doing a very good job and I love hearing her voice. plus her character has a respectworthy attitude, and she is neither useless on the battlefield nor a glory hogging super-person.

The setting is interesting: the country is in tatters, there is alot of war damage to repair and tons of local warlords doing bad things. In short: post apocalyptic adventure setting.

The animation is well enough done too, the mix of CG was not so horrible as to drive me away.

I am hooked.

Takemoto-kun 2006-10-02 22:56

Fantastic episode. Beautiful artwork. I can't wait until it's subbed. The next episode looks to be interesting a lite. I look forward to when the plot develops.

cynicalicious 2006-10-02 23:21

Odd name, but it looks nice. Actually, the CG looks a lot less ham-fisted than the CG in Last Exile.

The character designs are interesting as well. Actually, the designs look a lot better than the ones I saw in the trailer. Then again, that was filmed by someone with a camcorder shooting a TV. :D

More importantly, things happened, bad guys were punished, and the female lead wasn't all talk and no walk. (I hate series like that, where a female character will be put in a command position, then act like a 12 year old when the shooting starts. Nobody like that gets a command. :P )

But yeah, it's still GONZO, so we'll have to wait and see if they decide to somehow ruin it out of sheer GONZOness.

evil-samurai 2006-10-03 05:08

The first episode was impressive! =)

Story is interesting so far and pretty much every thing about the show has looks great so far. Charater-wise I love what they have done. Randel is quite a likeable mature character and Alice has a brain and stands in for some of the action as well.

The opening was good, loved the zombie-fied shot of Randel walking forward, it kinda freaked me out.

As far as I know nobody is working on the show, though I'm guessing that will change seeing how good the first episode was =)

Mentar 2006-10-03 07:15

Somebody is working on this show.

Daniel E. 2006-10-03 10:00


Originally Posted by Mentar
Somebody is working on this show.

This is exactly what I wanted to hear. :)

Lost 2006-10-03 10:28

Oooh hope I'm not too late!! I want to jump onto this train before subs are out. Will give it a try, the story and faux-WWII setting interest me quite a bit. :)

Aoie_Emesai 2006-10-03 12:16

We can always count one NeoSam for the covers ^_^.

aohige 2006-10-03 12:58

See, the problem is....
The montly serialized manga just recently started to get into the main storyline,
and there isnt' that much material otherwise.

The anime is gonna have to go mostly original for it to end.

Now, there are cases where anime original turned out brilliant, like FullMetal Alchemist... but it's a rare case.

I do like the manga series, and I'm worried about the fate of the anime series.

Deathkillz 2006-10-03 13:43

im surpriesed...with a title like pumpkin scissors i though it was gona be a joke...well dnt judge a book by its cover id say :)
it looked stunning and seeing oland carry a massive cannon gun and blocking a tank bullet i duno wht to say :D
hes like the sweet gentle giant and i just love his cute clueless face when eating the salad :p

NeoSam 2006-10-03 13:58


Originally Posted by Aoie_Emesai
We can always count one NeoSam for the covers ^_^.

Thanks :)

Volume 6 of the manga will be out on 17/10/2006 I'll post its cover when its available :)

Nightengale 2006-10-03 19:04

Just watched it. Can't believe my PC rejected this and I had to transfer to my laptop instead.

The animation is clean and simple. TOO clean and simple.

Aside from that, the whole Rorouni Roland vibes isn't all that bad. I suppose I could give it another 3 episodes, but something tells me this will go haywire by the 2nd half of the anime.

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