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NeoSam 2006-08-19 15:30

Rocket Girls
Rocket Girl

Official anime site:

Based on light novels by Housuke Nojiri.

There are 2 light novels by Housuke Nojiri that got published:

One light novel called Rocket Girl and published under the male oriented label Fujimi Fantasia Bunko and the other light novel is called MAGIUS Rocket Girl RPG and published under the male oriented label Fujimi Dragon Book (a shounen light novel label).
Both light novels are only 1 volume and finished, and both of them got published in 1995.

Rocket Girl light novel (published in 1995)

MAGIUS Rocket Girl RPG light novel (published in 1995)

A new shounen light novel series also authored by Housuke Nojiri with the same title (Rocket Girl) started publication under the male oriented label Fujimi Fantasia Bunko in October 2006.
For now there's 3 volumes released of this light novel.
Here are the covers:

Genre: Seinen/Shounen, Sci-fi

NeoSam 2006-08-20 06:52

I added the cover of MAGIUS Rocket Girl RPG light novel to my previous post.

Thanks for AnimeNewsService for providing the cover.

CaiSter21 2006-08-20 13:34

is this like a stratos4 copycat?

or was stratos4 an imitation of this?

NeoSam 2006-08-29 13:11


Originally Posted by CaiSter21
is this like a stratos4 copycat?

or was stratos4 an imitation of this?

No idea >.<

More update about the anime:

From Anime News Service:


Rocket Girl Update
A few staff updates for the forthcoming Rocket Girl animation: Original Story: Housuke Nojiri, Director: Hiroshi Aoyama (Master Keaton), Chara Designs: Hisama Kinoshita (Photon: The Idiot Adventures), Series Composition and Screenplay: Rika Nakase (Bleach, Fruits Basket) and Animation Production by Mook Animation.

NeoSam 2006-09-01 16:09

Fujimi Shobo's site for Rocket Girl has opened:

Fujimi Shobo is the publisher of the shounen/seinen light novels Rocket Girl.

NeoSam 2006-09-24 03:10

Some info about the anime :)

From AnimeNfo:


A high school girl Morita Yukari visits Axia of the Solomon Islands in order to look for her father who became lost during his honeymoon trip. There, she meets a man named Nasuda of Solomon Space Agency, and she is hired to work part-time. That job is an astronaut. She is chosen as one of the crews of the first Japanese manned spaceship only because she is little and light. Where is her future going to?
Genre: Seinen/Shounen, Sci-fi

martino 2006-09-24 05:33

Will this be romance as well, or not?

Kensuke 2006-09-25 12:22

Looks like I'm not the only one who thought Stratos 4, especially this picture:


Originally Posted by NeoSam

Definitely something to look forward.

NeoSam 2006-10-20 15:32

The official site for the anime has opened:

physics223 2006-10-20 22:13

I thought it was also Stratos 4 ...

Vexx 2006-10-20 23:17

How can I *not* at least take a look at a title called "Rocket Girls"? :)
(Even if it is derivative)

cyth 2007-01-07 12:23

Apparently, the opening single is going to be ICHIKO's 3rd single RISE and the ending is going to be Ashita no Iki no Bus ni Notte by misae. Also, an insert song called Rocket Girl is mentioned (along with the rest) here.

Guido 2007-02-18 10:09


Originally Posted by CaiSter21 (Post 652573)
is this like a stratos4 copycat?

or was stratos4 an imitation of this?

Those were my first thoughts upon seeing the pictures, but now that I have read the preliminary synopsis I am reflecting upon the whole story.

Maybe it is going to follow the theme of it-is-my-dream-to-go-traveling-into-space like Twin Spica did.

LoweGear 2007-02-18 10:21

Judging from the initial synopsis though, I don't think that'll be the case. I'm baffled on how you can be a part-time astronaut (well, anything's possible as far as anime goes), and looks like our heroine will unwillingly have to adjust to her new life in space somewhat ^^;;

The title and theme certainly got my interest, being a space nut and all that XD

Kensuke 2007-02-18 13:59

I guess if you want realism you go for Moonlight Mile instead of this, but that is just gut feeling. Just three days before first episode airs...

eggplant 2007-02-21 11:17

Saw episode 1.
Spoiler for Episode 1:

NeoSam 2007-02-21 11:44

Hopefully someone will fansub this :) a loli fest show shouldn't be ignored :heh:

Anyway, I updated the first post of this thread with the new shounen light novel series Rocket Girl (published under the shounen label Fujimi Fantasia Bunko), in which the first volume of it got released on October 2006.

Kaoru Chujo 2007-02-22 14:53

Spoiler for ep1:

NeoSam 2007-02-22 15:04


Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo (Post 841122)
I'm not seeing a "loli-fest" yet, more like a kids' cartoon show. But it's early days yet.

Even if they tried to make it a kids' show it won't be a kids show, its broadcasted at midnight afterall.

monir 2007-02-22 15:52

Screenshot for Episode 1:

So why not use a monkey instead of a budding teenage girls when the requirement for the "part time job" can be fulfilled by a monkey? Obviously, hardly anyone would want to watch a show if its main feature is monkey fan-service. I've thoroughly enjoyed the episode. It was funny when........

Spoiler for episode 1:

Animation-wise, I think it's better not to expect much from the series as it is evident from the CG used in the first episode. Looking forward to the next.

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