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yellowkaiq 2006-08-21 21:13

what does the ring symbolize? (Spoilers)
Throughout the series, the ring Takayuki buys for Mitsuki shows up several times. What do you think it symbolizes?

I think it symbolizes the pasts of the four friends, and when Mitsuki leaves it behind, signifies a new beginning for the four.

Whitesparkles 2006-08-30 22:33

i doubt it if thats what it actually means..i just think it represents the feelings and relationship btw Mitsuki and Takayuki :D

Panky 2006-09-04 01:48

Hi, i'm new to these forums, i don't speak perfect english but i'll do my best :P. Actually, i think that the ring symbolizes "the cause of the separation". Yeah, i mean, all the story is round that ring ( on the accident, when mitsuki separated from narumi, and when they went along again ). In all the worst moments the ring is present ( the operation, and at the final - oops, that can't be considered a worst moment but you may understand me-). Cheers

holyman282 2006-12-08 03:38

I believe the ring represents the bad memories and hurt feelings that each of the characters had.. in the end when Takyuki dropped it is like shedding the bad memories and he said himself that he wants to start again....So the ring symbolises the past and it's bad memories and how one needs to let go to move on.

martino 2006-12-08 13:30

I think that I would agree with holyman's explanation...

relentlessflame 2006-12-08 14:20

Well, this topic is back from the grave, so to speak... but anyway, might as well go for an answer myself. It's basically like this: the theory goes that if Mitsuki hadn't asked Takayuki to buy the ring that day, he would have made it on time to see Haruka and there would have been no accident. The reason Mitsuki asked Takayuki to buy her a ring was because she was in love with him, and she made that request even though she knew he was going out with her best friend at the time (and would run late for their date). This is why Mitsuki blames herself for Haruka's accident (there's no way she could have know what would happen, but it was a deliberate action to stand between Takayuki and Haruka nevertheless). So, the ring, and all the baggage it carries, is the foundation for Mitsuki's first relationship with Takayuki; it symbolized both her love for Takayuki, and the guilt she felt for taking him away from Haruka. When the couple "start over", ditching the ring symbolizes that their new relationship is not based on the circumstances from back then, but rather a new start of their own free will. So, basically... that's a composite of what everyone else said so far. :heh:

Deathkillz 2006-12-08 14:37

^ well said...couldnt have put it better myself :)

just to add that the ring also seems to misaki her only attatchment to takayuki in that sense there isnt any other item that could relate to both of them (he brought the ring for her after all) ~ kinda like the invisible red string of fate imo ~ take that away and the relationship (or whatever it was) breaks...

holyman282 2006-12-08 16:52

well the relationship really didn't break, it more or less was shed and started over again... omg i hate Mitsuki

Perishthethought 2006-12-19 13:27

Mitsuki never really left the ring behind. She's wearing it in her final scene, set in the future, in episode 14. Watch her hand when she wipes away her tears (induced by reading Akane's glowing praise of her) - she wearing it then.

The ring essentially symbolises Takayuki and Mitsuki's relationship. Nothing more, nothing less. Notice that when Mitsuki is embarassed or ashamed of her relationship, she covers her ring with her free hand (like when Akane gives her death glares, or when she and Taka don't communicate), as close as she can get to physically denying their love. When the relationship truly snaps and they are no longer 'together', she deposits the ring in the only other symbol of their relationship, the dolphin mug, and walks out.

Taka takes the ring with him to the tree on the hill when he tries to find her in episode 14. Although he drops it when he is startled by her presence, they must have salvaged it in order for her to be wearing it in the future.

The ring's design is quite interesting - it's two intersecting bands of silver. It looks pretty straightforward but such a design was probably chosen to show the intersecting of the two life lines, the joining of the two at one point only.

Tasdern 2007-01-06 12:36


Originally Posted by Perishthethought (Post 773729)
Mitsuki never really left the ring behind. She's wearing it in her final scene, set in the future, in episode 14. Watch her hand when she wipes away her tears (induced by reading Akane's glowing praise of her) - she wearing it then.

Thank you! I missed this and it changes much for me.

NaruAc 2007-01-10 18:56

*WARNING: spoiler*

I think the ring has two symbols, both chronological, overlapping each other throughout the anime.

First: The ring, when Takayuki buys it for Mitsuki, represents the happiness and warmth that is felt by Mitsuki.

Second: The ring, when seen by Akane while Mitsuki and Takayuki are together, represents their guilt, sadness and pain.

Third: The ring, when Mitsuki is playing with it, represents when Mitsuki is thinking of dropping the guilt, sadness and pain.

Fourth: The ring, when Mitsuki breaks up with Takayuki, is dropped into the cup represents her running away from the bad stuff.

Fifth: The ring, when Takayuki drops it accidentally when he sees Mitsuki, represents the bad stuff being droped by Takayuki as well and triggers the "good" symbol of the ring to reappear.

Lastly: The ring, in the very end when Mitsuki brushes her tears away the audience sees the ring, represents their renewed love and thus the happiness and warmth that are brought up as well.

That's what I thin kthe ring symbolizes.

Noir_ 2008-01-28 04:30

The ring can symbolize a lot of things from Mitsuki trying to show Takayuki that she likes him, even though he is going out with Haruka, I might also symbolize the friendship that the four have. I thought leaving it behind was to show that the four are going to start again, leaving all the bad memories behind.

Westlo 2008-01-28 09:08

I'm surprised so many people missed the ring in the final scene, I'm guessing that a lot of people missing that probably lead to the "they broke up because they're aren't shown together" line of thought I've seen a lot of some people seemed to have.

x1an 2008-02-18 11:45

i don't really know what will i say to that ring but that's probably an "important thing" for Mitsuki because Takayuki is the one who bought it for her... even though she just pushed Takayuki to buy it for her :P

fallin up 2008-07-22 20:48

well i believe the ring causes Mitsuki to constantly remember the day that Haruka was hit by the car. thus causing her to remember that event and allowing her to blame herself. i believe when the ring is discarded at the end of the anime, she allows herself to move on without further regret

willyvereb 2009-01-20 15:50

It's simple: it's symbolises her love(and later her relationship with) Takayuki. When she gave back to him it's a formal breaking up...I think at the end of the series Takayuki gives back the ring to Mitsuki as a sing of countinuation of their relationship.

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