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El Burro 2006-08-25 22:17 for Jpop music: Outrageous prices?
I looked at some Jpop CD's on Amazon and then compared them to the same ones on CDJapan's site and there is like a $20 difference! Why? :twitch:

Ombrenuit 2006-08-26 08:57

Import costs.

obentou 2006-08-26 10:04

That's true. Keep on forgetting to factor that in.

El Burro 2006-08-26 21:55

Would it cost me more to order it from CDJapan due to shipping costs?

Zoe 2006-08-27 15:23

If you're deadset on ordering domestically, order from YesAsia (which also carries legitimate international versions). Stick to CD Japan or for international orders--the shipping IS better than the markups.

There's an nice information/debate thread at JpopMusic dedicated to online merchants.

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