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Itachi-sama 2003-12-27 09:18

wolf's rain last song by Maaya Sakamoto
I've been dying/trying to find out the title of the song by Maaya Sakamoto played in episode 26 of wolf's rain. You know, the VERY last song they were playing while rolling the credits (NOT gravity). Can it be found in any of her singles or albums? The lyrics included the words "wolf's rain". Does anyone know?

NekoNeko 2003-12-28 14:23

Pretty sure it's "Tell me what the rain knows".
According to the song will be on the Wolf's Rain ost2 wich isn't released yet.

Itachi-sama 2004-01-17 10:49

YAAAA!!!!!!!! *does cartwheels around the house* Thank you so much! :D

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