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Cz 2003-11-03 18:45

Sunday Anime Party
An online anime party where viewers get together to watch an anime on IRC.

#animesuki IRC channel on

Every Sunday @ 2200 UTC. (Changed from 2100). Time zone converter

1)We determine what to watch beforehand.
2)Each person downloads the anime episodes separately during the week.
3)We gather in the same channel on IRC.
4)Everyone loads the same anime episode on their favorite media player.
5)The MC (me) counts down to zero.
6)Everyone starts their media player at the end of the countdown.
7)Each of us read and write comments in the channel during the show.

Simple? :)

AM = Air Master (HQA&N! or AJ); FMA = Fullmetal Alchemist (AKeep&ANBU); PMK = Peace Maker Kurogane (AonE); BF = Bottle Fairy (HnK)

December 28, 2003
  • FMA 11 & 12
  • BF 1
December 21, 2003
  • AM 12
  • FMA 11
December 14, 2003
  • AM 12
  • FMA 10
  • PMK 4
December 7, 2003
  • AM 12
  • FMA 7 - 9
  • PMK 4
November 30, 2003
  • AM 11
  • FMA 6
  • PMK 4
November 23, 2003
  • AM 11
  • FMA 6
  • PMK 4
November 16, 2003
  • AM 10
  • FMA 5
  • PMK 4
November 9, 2003
  • AM 10
  • FMA 4
  • PMK 4

Lefteris_D 2003-11-03 18:49

Thread stuck like before.

ZGMF-10A 2003-11-03 18:56

ummm what does this thread mean..... i don't understand.... where is the party?

Babak 2003-11-03 19:02


Originally Posted by ZGMF-10A
where is the party?


Originally Posted by lwl12
Where: #animesuki IRC channel on

I think that says where it is pretty clearly ^^


Galaxy 2003-11-03 19:56

I will have to get FMA ep 3, I did not see it yet

~Jewelry* 2003-11-03 22:37

lol..I have to all of them cause I've been busy. And he sounds like shikamaru's laziness kekekeke ^o^ (mendokuse~) j/k

HoboGod 2003-11-03 23:27

well, i'm kinda lazy right now, so i'm not gunna set up an xdcc file fight now, but if you need any of the anime, just /query HoboGod in irc

PiGGiEE 2003-11-04 03:06

I'm there :) Ok who's bringin the chips and dip? I got the ice cream :D

Cz 2003-11-04 17:58


Originally Posted by PiGGiEE
I'm there :) Ok who's bringin the chips and dip? I got the ice cream :D

Yay, more people!

SirJeannot 2003-11-04 18:54

w00, new database, new thread :o

/me won't get used to vbulletin if it stays like that

JustAnotherFan 2003-11-04 19:17

To avoid translation differences and timing issues I suggest we try to agree on fansub groups here :)

My suggestion (just because I have them and didn't notice any major flaws yet):

AM: no clue, didnt watch any :)

The following link will preset the time converter to 21:00 UTC, so you only have to select your timezone at the right box ("To time zone") and press "Convert"! Saves a few seconds :)
Time converter preset to 21:00 UTC


Cz 2003-11-05 00:47

Cool link, JustAnotherFan. I'll add that to the first post. As for the choice of fansub groups, here's my selection:


ZGMF-10A 2003-11-05 00:54

i don't use mirc am i able to join using another program....... i don't like mirc........

Cz 2003-11-05 01:16

mIRC is just one of the many IRC clients you can use on Windows. I don't have suggestions right now but I'm sure others can give you some. Obviously if you are not on Windows you won't be using mIRC at all, but the clients available for that operating system.

PiGGiEE 2003-11-05 17:17

I used to have tons of messengers open because all the people I know are scattered all over the place using different messengers so I have to keep them all open...
I switched to Trillian... its great! I have one main chat program open instead of 5 open (YAY I can see my desktop now thank goodness!). Its kinda like a all in one chat program. You can find it there... and they've got tons of skins... hehehe... I'm a skin freak. I use IRC on Trillian and it seems to work ok though it doesn't have all the features mIRC would have... so in that aspect... it kinda sucks... decisions decisions...

SirJeannot 2003-11-05 19:29

klient then?

plasmasword001 2003-11-06 03:14

I think this is a good idea, but isn't chatting and reading subtitles going to be a bit hard to do? I mean, if you've already watched the anime episode before, then you will pretty much know whats going to happen and can freely talk about it. But if you are watching it for the first time, it will be difficult to discuss and read at the same time...

Cz 2003-11-06 11:47

plasmasword001: Well it's a skill we practice each week. :D I usually have my IRC channel window maximized and my media player set to always-on-top at the top part of my screen. I can see comments scrolling up from the bottom of the screen. Quick glances at the IRC window will give you an idea of what people are talking about. Responding, well, that's gonna take your attention away from the show a bit, but you do not have to concentrate fully on the show right? If you read subtitles quick you have some time left to type.

Some of us do watch the show beforehand. I don't know about them, but I prefer to watch it the first time. I have such a backlog of anime that watching an episode twice isn't worth it. :p

EDIT: Oh yeah, during the party we don't actually talk that much, but only briefly comment on something we see or type "lol", "XD", "hahaha" during funny moments. :heh:

SirJeannot 2003-11-06 11:51

eh, at the beginning yes. but almost everytime, missing one line of isn't that much a problem, especially considering what we watch :o

SirJeannot 2003-11-08 18:44

eh ... i wish i won't arrive an hour too late like last week

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