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kirikanoir 2003-12-27 18:37

Da Capo song
Da Capo is one of my favorite anime to watch. Could someone please tell me the name of the song that Kotori, the school idol, sings under the sakura tree and at the music festival? Kotori also sings it in Episode 10 the song has the words "...kaze no sasayaki ga, hohoemi no..." If someone knows the name of this song and/or who sings it please post it for me.

Thank You. :)

relentlessflame 2003-12-27 18:50

In the main Da Capo thread, kj1980 answered this question...


Originally Posted by kj1980
The song's title is "Soyokaze no Harmony," sung by Shirakawa Kotori (seiyuu- Horie Yui). Unfortunately, its not in any of now. I expect it maybe inside the D.C.P.S. game music CD that's going to be sold on 12/26th.

It's an awesome song!

By the way, what's the question for the poll? Is it who is your favorite character or something?

WeeJie354 2004-01-21 03:34

Kotori!!! i love Kotori!!!! she Sing like an ~Angel~

jakkz 2004-01-22 14:27

*dRoOls* over Kotori ... Licks Yoriko :love: :naughty:

ElvenPath 2004-01-22 14:55

You'll be able to find "Soyokaze no Harmony" on the upcoming D.C. - Da Capo - Character Vocal Album which should be released on the 25/02/04.

ThunderForceX 2004-01-22 20:39

DEATH to Nemu :frustrated:
:bow:Hurray for our kawaii SA.KU.RA -CHAN :bow: !!

relentlessflame 2004-01-22 21:21


Originally Posted by ThunderForceX
DEATH to Nemu :frustrated:
:bow:Hurray for our kawaii SA.KU.RA -CHAN:bow: !!

LOL. By chance you didn't just see the final episode, did you? Or is this just a random outburst? LOL. Poor Nemu... err... I mean.. Poor Sakura...

In any case, I'm glad to hear that Kotori's awesome song will be available on CD soon!

Keitaro 2004-01-23 04:16


Originally Posted by ThunderForceX
DEATH to Nemu :frustrated:
:bow:Hurray for our kawaii SA.KU.RA -CHAN :bow: !!

How mean. :p

Too bad my fav D.C. girl Kotori didn't get more screentime, Asakura is an idiot for turning her down. And yeah I wan't that song too since its sung by Yui Horie one of my fav Jpop artist.

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