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Starks 2006-09-16 20:37

Fansubbing needs a more universal Craigslist-stlye recruiting database... is clearly failing...

Medalist 2006-09-16 20:44

Meh true. I really donn't like how it's organized in a sense. Definitely the recruiting part. - That's all i have to say...or it could get worse.

bayoab 2006-09-16 21:40

I wasn't even aware that the site was officially open. Last time I looked, all the stuff was theory tests and out of date.

Starks 2006-09-24 00:54

Looks like I had an impact on one of the owners of

Ayanami9870 made this in response to my displeasure.

Ayanami9870 2006-09-24 05:08

That page no longer exists. The recruitment section has been blown apart and rebuilt using a new form module. I will run a poll on this sometime next week.

checkers 2006-09-24 05:30

I have to say a site dedicated to fansubbing resources would be a great idea - I see the classifieds here get one or two new ads every day, and generally they are never updated so it's hard to know what is filled or not.
Potential problems in getting a site like this off the ground:

o Popularity: if everyone continues to crosspost their ads in other places, such as the classifieds here and in other places, the worth of a dedicated site is diluted. There are plenty of benefits a site like this can bring, groups should make a concerted effort to begin promoting it as the location they promote jobs in the wanted ads they stick in their own forums.
In other words, promote as the primary and preferred (but not exclusive) choice for everything it offers.

o Relevance: The site will become poopular and well used mainly for the current user submitted content. I'm not saying it should be web2.0'ed up, just that as with many sich sites (doom9, the cccp site), the guides and wikis often lie stagnant while all the action happens in the forums. While obviously some attention should be given to whatever guides/links/info/etc that will eventually appear up there, easy user submission of content is a must.
A quick look around the site shows that people are already putting effort into the site and that it already has lists of shows being subbed, etc etc, which is great, and exactly what will keep the site alive and useful.

o cost / logistics: Maybe an issue, maybe not. The bandwidth and other bits and pieces that site like this requires will cost money. Monetary donations are frankly a crap way to keep a site running as they are uncertain and there's only so much money that will be donated into the anime scene to go around. A better solution is to get someone to host the site for free, or even a bunch of people. CCCP downloads from the official site total aorund 2200 - 2600gb a month, the only way to support that level of bandwidth is to have multiple people (11 for the CCCP) donating server bandwidth and some sort of random mirror system to spread the load (ie the cost) among a lot of people.
As I said above, maybe an issue, maybe not - but donations should be a last resort.

I hadn't heard about this site before, I think it looks great and could turn into something very useful if it becomes popular.

ich1ban 2006-09-28 16:17

I was thinking of doing a database style classfieds but the time i do not have >_<

I made a quick forum/classifieds webpage that gives a bit more headroom than what we currently have

check it out, let me know what you think


N-Bomb 2006-09-30 00:35

What a stupid thread... honestly. If you wanted to do something constructive, it would've been best to just contact them directly instead of trying to sling some mud.

Gotta agree with checkers that you want to concentrate the ads. It's one reason why ebay and auto trader are so popular - they're the biggest, arguably, of their kind, and they're a central place that people KNOW. They KNOW that there will be stuff there, and they KNOW that their stuff will have a greater chance of being seen there.

If you're not part of the solution...

GacekSSJ4 2007-06-24 16:07

Here is an alternative to

have fun!

False Dawn 2007-06-24 18:09

Okay, I don't know how workable this is, but perhaps a rethink is needed. This idea would only take off if a number of fansubbers took part in the creation of the site, and therefore it would make it pretty difficult to start up - yet, it could be a better method.

I propose, rather than making it solely a place where ads from groups are put up, make it something more personal, and let every potential fansubber who joins have a profile that would look something like this:

Name: FalseDawn
Position: Editor/Timer/QC
Current groups: Umai, Ureshii, Solar (etc.)


Then, we could have a status - such as "Looking for new project" - "Not looking but open to requests" - and "Do not bother this subber." And perhaps, a list of upcoming projects they are looking forward to potentially work on in the upcoming seasons. Mine would look like:

Projects I'd Like To Sub: Baccano! Clannad (Toei Movie), Nanatsuiro Drops (etc.)

You could also have group profiles, detailing projects groups would like to work on and what positions they're looking for (it would be up to the group to edit the page - possibly a passworded wiki).

However, I envisage downfalls in this idea. For example, unsolicited PMs becoming more rife (perhaps there could be some sort of customisable filter could handle this?) and the sheer number of groups/individuals you would need to join to make such an idea workable - especially the number of translators, as they will be (as they always are) the most sought after. To be honest, this is a pipe dream and I think you'd have to sacrifice a whole lot of time working on a site that could do all that.

And yet, I live in hope that something as awesome as that could be created. It'd certainly make the fansubbing world feel a lot more cosy :D

*sits back and waits to be flamed* ;)

Koroku 2007-06-24 22:31

That's actually a pretty cool idea...

Maybe I'll make that my summer project. xD Drag out the ole PHP/mySQL book and see what I could come up with...

It'd also be nice if somehow the fansub wiki over at andrewlb could be made a bit more... usable. And a bit more user friendly... god is that wiki formatting ugly.

*mouth gaps at the amount of bandwidth CCCP goes through*

GacekSSJ4 2007-06-25 04:35

Thanks False Down. As I posted on page im still developing it. I will try to work something out and make it more "personal". Let's hope my php/mySQL skills will allow me to do it :)

False Dawn 2007-06-25 13:06

It was a general suggestion, but I'll accept the thanks all the same :D

cyth 2007-06-27 09:06


Originally Posted by JKaizer (Post 1010121)
It'd also be nice if somehow the fansub wiki over at andrewlb could be made a bit more... usable. And a bit more user friendly... god is that wiki formatting ugly.

That wiki only needs a few spam filters and groups willing to share their plans. It's perfectly usable IMO. At this moment it's actually the better alternative (than making a new site and a whole new appeal to potential users from scratch).

[darkfire] 2007-06-27 12:37

Recruitment Site Manifestio
After reading this thread and looking at what was out there, I with agreement with starks over a need for a better system. For what we want no system exist that caters to everyone's needs.

I propose a set of ideas get laid out, and some people gather to work out the site layout and programming. I started working on my own implementation as well. Its written in ruby on rails, since that is what in know.

Here is my recommendations.

Now how the site will look needs a semi professional design team but the backend can be done by anyone with programming skills.

The Logon
Lets start with the logon. There are some users that have the same name. So I propose the use of the OpenID system. Then have a display name. More then one person can have the same display name but each OpenID is of course unique.

The Profile
When the user goes on they fill out their profile. This is where they list their skills and this is very important to the backend, the group they are in. Of course they can make things private if they don't want things to be shared.

The Database
Now each group needs to be registered like how anidb has it set up. The database could be set up like this.
Coded in rails migration style:

  create_table "groups" do |t|
    t.column :name, :string
    t.column :irc_channel", :string
    t.column :website_url, :string
    t.column :description, :text

The Associations
of course there are other things like a group has_and_belongs_to_many :members and a member has_and_belongs_to_many :groups

When a ad is posted it belongs_to :group . Now something I was thinking should we allow for more than one position to be advertised in an ad or one position per ad. I suggest on position per ad.

Now for projects, if a group needs say a typesetter for 2 projects then that can be allowed in one ad, but the project should be tagged to the ad so one can search for jobs by project or by position. So in rails speak uh... yah now this is where it gets complicated at least for me. I don't want to make a database for every anime we got anidb for that. So we can just tag them like flickr has tagging for pictures. That should do.

Now we can have tags not just for the particular project but types of projects say manga, anime, moderator, channel moderator, web design, web managment, etc... that can be tagged to the ad as well.

Now having to come to the site all the time for the postings is tedious. Say a user wants to work on a show. They can set an a option to watch for position for that project. It can be emailed to them or they can get a custom xml/rss feed that could be use say in a desktop widget or in their rss reader so they can know when a job opening is available for that project they just have to be on.

Edit: The xml could be used for many things like dynamic banners that can be placed on sites that show job postings. And like a said before widgets. Or whatever you want.

Project Listing
Now for the what andrewlb does. A group has_many :projects. Then a page can list all the projects a group is doing and another can aggregate all the groups and list them.

The Comments
Now I never talked about user discussion. This is what can make this site fail. As if users are allowed to rate say a group we know what would happen. So comment discussion like how andrewlb has for the the projects can still happen. And of course a forum. I'm still thinking about how user discussion will work out but it is a must if the site is to last.

Well everyone please continue to discuss and tell me what you like or dislike so I can modify this manifesto.

checkers 2007-06-27 23:09

You could probably pretty easily do something like this with bugzilla or a million other programs. I can imagine how you could create a system with mediawiki. IMO, creating a custom backend would be a waste of effort and probably be the killing blow for such a small project too.

[darkfire] 2007-06-29 11:51

It could be but I had other Ideas about what I want and I have a lot of time.

xat 2007-07-03 14:48

How about a portfolio feature of sorts?

getfresh 2007-07-07 02:47

Why does everything have to turn into, some kind of contest in regards to fansubs... One guy makes a resource site, some ppl complain about whats bad instead of highlighting whats good. Next a bunch of other ppl go and make their own sites to compete with someone who was just trying to be helpful...

Instead of going and reinventing the wheel, why don't you all help improve the existing one. It's not like it is set in stone, I'm sure aya will listen to anyone who wishes to help in a positive way. In the end all this breeds is a waste of resources and a bunch of sites with one or two neat, well thought out functions, and the rest is poo...

Try to be fans for once, instead of attention seekers...

*** You may now flame away without worry of a war starting since theres a 99.9% chance that my next visit won't be for months or years...

GacekSSJ4 2007-07-07 17:15

I like your point of view getfresh. (I didn't know about be4 i wrote my page). If i knew I would probably write something different. Anyway, since i wrote it i think i will develop it for now. Hopefully with good results :).

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