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klansm 2003-12-28 12:12

Suguest and my 5 top
Can some sugest series for download?

My Five top are:

1) Naruto
2) Full_Metal_Alchemist
3) Shingetsutan_Tsukihime
4) Full_Metal_Panic_Fumoffu
5) Gilgamesh

The Live-evil is on vacation, and didn't realese the new Gilgamesh and Detective Academy Q... i'm just helping seeding our friends :D

But I'm looking for a new serie, any sugestion?

Eduardo - from brazil :D

Xiandu 2003-12-28 15:53

You're like me, you watch a wide variety of genres of anime. So with that, let me recommend these titles.

Condor Hero is old but the story is top notch and done by Live-Evil so you know it's quality stuff
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, very tragic love story triangle, watch at least 4 eps before deciding on this one, cause it starts like your typical love drama, but it gets much deeper
Gunslinger Girl is amazing, about young girls who are on the verge of dying for various reasons and a gov't agency takes them and turns them into assassins via cybernetics. One of my fav's of the season if not my fav.
Hundred Stories, great horror story anime based on many japanese folklore stories
Chrno Crusade, awsome series about a sister who works with a demon w/ no horns looking for her brother who has the demon's horns and the regilious group they belong too. Definite must see.
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight tv, another Live-Evil production about Ryu users(a type of mech) and their journey through the world. Old style of animation but the characters are likable and the story is pretty good.
Peace Maker Kurogane, now 4 weeks ago i wouldn't have suggested this to even Sadaam himself. But it has really gotten good over the last few weeks. It's a very ruroni kenshin type samurai anime. It deals with the shishgami(sorry for spelling).
Shadow Skill tv, very good fighting anime about fighters from different regions and them trying to stop a war from happening, but an unknown group controlling it all from the shadows. Follows the adventures of Gau Ban. very good stuff
Grappler Baki season 1 and 2. over the top fighting anime but it's pretty good. Follows Baki as he tries to become the best fighter so that he can defeat his dad.

Well hope this helps, and happy hunting.

klansm 2003-12-29 18:10

Thanks a lot for the tips :D

I was thinking about downloading GUNSLINGER GIRL since I saw its description in

On the IRC some guy suguest me "Dear Boys" so I'm downloading the four first episodes of it....

But i think that I will not enjoy so much....

I have the first 4 episodes of Peace Maker too... they're good but not my type samurai....

Thanks! Oh... I was forgoting "Scrapped Princess" on my Top Five :D

MuGeN_BoY 2003-12-30 18:29

Tsukihime should be considered awell

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