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eggplant 2006-10-01 09:36

Galaxy Angel Rune (Galaxy Angel II)

Based on the PS2 game Galaxy Angel II by Broccoli, a sequel to the four part Galaxy Angel anime series aired between 2001-2004.

Title: Galaxy Angelune ギャラクシーエンジェる〜ん
Broadcasting Station: TV Tokyo
Premiere Date: October 1
Airing Time: Sunday late night at 26:00 (2AM Monday morning)
Number of Episodes: TBA

Animation Studio: Satelight (Sousei no Aquarion, Noein, HELLSING OVA, Garasu no Kantai, Koisuru Tenshi Angelique)
Original Story: Broccoli (Galaxy Angel, DiGi Charat, Sister Princess)
Director: Kishi Seiji (RAGNAROK, Magikano)
General Supervisor: Mizuno Ryou (Galaxy Angel 4, Starship Operators)
Series Composition: Hayakawa Tadashi (Transformers: Robots in Disguise)
Original Character Design: Kanan (Galaxy Angel 4)
Character Design: Shinohara Kenji (RAGNAROK)
Original Mecha Design: Yamane Kimitoshi (MS Gundam SEED, Starship Operators, Tideline Blue, Cluster Edge)
Mecha Design: Yang Byong Gill (Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Garasu no Kantai)
Background Artwork Director: Miyakoshi Ayumi (tactics, Yuugo the Negotiator)
Photography Director: Kimata Takayuki (ToHeart, Prince of Tennis: A Gift from Atobe, Mahou Sensei Negima!)
Sound Director: Tanaka Kazuya (School Rumble, Mushishi, Yume Tsukai, Bokura ga Ita, Otogi Juushi Akazukin)
Music: Harada Kastuyuki (Magikano, Hime-sama Goyoujin)

Apricot Sakuraba: Inamura Yuuna (Akao in Jinki: Extend, Amano in Happy Seven, Mimori in Yoshinaga-san 'Chi no Gargoyle)
Anise Azeat: Hanamura Satomi (Miki in Fuujin Monogatari, Ayano in School Rumble Nigakki, January in Coyote Ragtime Show)
Nano-Nano Pudding: Akesaka Satomi (Futaba in Koi Kaze, Miho in Suzuka, Aiko in Renkin Sankyuu Magical? Pokaan)
Kahlua (Tequila) Marjoram: Hirano Aya (Saru no Momo in Tenshi no Shippo, Mamori in Eyeshield 21, Sumire in Canvas2, Liru in Renkin Sankyuu Magical? Pokaan, Haruhi in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, Shikimi in Himawari!)
Lily C Sherbet: Nakayama Erina (Freesia in Juubei-chan 2, Yuri in Bokura ga Ita)
Mimolette: Kobayashi Akiko (Tanuki no Midori in Tenshi no Shippo, June in AM Driver, Kisa in Zettai Shounen, Momo in Shinigami no Ballad, Tensou in Inukami!, Zura in Mamotte! Lollipop, Randagio in Otogi Juushi Akazukin)

Within the galaxy known as NEUE, there exists a planet called Serdar.
On this planet lies a city known as Transbaal City, named in honor of the planet Transbaal, which belongs to the separate galaxy, EDEN.
The Transbaal military has established a special troop composed of five girls, called the Lune Angel Troop.
The select elite Lune Angel Troop members each man a spaceship, called Emblem Frames, actively traversing through space. Then again, the five members are quite some characters.
The self-paced five girls act on a whim, causing havoc wherever they go.
The hyperactive science fiction comedy show of the season!

I will edit this post once the first episode airs in 2.5 hours.

monir 2006-10-01 11:17


Originally Posted by eggplant
I will edit this post once the first episode airs in 2.5 hours.

Will you change your mind about editing your post instead of a new post when you see this post right after your opening post? :heh:

Looking forward to your thoughts on the first episode!

eggplant 2006-10-01 13:17


Originally Posted by monir
Will you change your mind about editing your post instead of a new post when you see this post right after your opening post? :heh:

Looking forward to your thoughts on the first episode!

Ah, okay, not that I have much to say though.
Spoiler for Episode 1:

Secca 2006-10-01 15:03

wah no Chitose? ^^

blitz1/2 2006-10-01 15:22

Do you have to know the storyline for the first Galaxy Angel to get this?

Pakxenon 2006-10-01 15:27

Is anyone subbing this? I'm a rabid GA fan. o_O

blitz: Nah. ALL episodes are one/two-shot stories. You'll just have to know the style of the storytelling.

suguru 2006-10-01 17:04


Originally Posted by eggplant
What was not okay was the overuse of the police tape, a la Chocotto Sister, even when considering TV Tokyo broadcasting codes. This is quickly becoming a cop-out (no pun intended) solution, which just irritates the viewers.

I agree it's annoying, but from a marketing standpoint I'm sure it helps them sell DVDs. Rather than remove all the fanservice to conform to TV Tokyo's codes, they can slap on the yellow tape and give fans another reason to buy the DVDs. It seems like a lot of anime series are doing this lately, there's Chocosis, Gun x Sword blocked service out in at least one episode (although not with yellow tape), Girls Bravo was like that with the fog on the TV broadcast being removed for the DVDs, and even Canvas 2 has 'extra fanservice' on the DVDs that wasn't in the broadcast version.


Originally Posted by Pakxenon
Is anyone subbing this? I'm a rabid GA fan. o_O

According to a post on Akai-Anime's website from a week ago, they're going to sub it--but they're also recruiting editors and timers, so I'm sure the timing of when we see GA II fansubs will depend on their success recruiting.

Just finished downloading the raw, I'll probably only get 5% of the dialogue but I'll watch it anyway since I love GA. There's a paragraph in the GA II Wikipedia entry that makes me wonder if the anime is going to have an ongoing plot instead of just being random single-episode adventures that aren't really connected like the original series--did anyone who watched the first ep see any signs of that?


Originally Posted by from GA II Wikipedia entry
The anime has been announced to be released for October 1st. Closely linked to the game, the anime will not be the random adventures like the original GA Anime. Instead, it will feature the game's main characters but an actual plot has not been announced yet.

SinsI 2006-10-01 21:56

I weren't a big fan of the GA, but enjoyed it nonetheless.
And after watching THIS I was really shocked. It looked like some totally alien cosplayers stole several costumes from the original anime and tried to make a parody for it: none of the characters are even close to their original look-a-like;
And that flying cat-head thing was definitely stolen from Sailor Moon.

Kaoru Chujo 2006-10-01 23:11

Enjoyable for the voices. Loved Hirano Aya and Nakayama Erina (Yuri in Bokura ga Ita), and Inamura Yuuna (Akao in Jinki:Extend). Not for their acting, but for their sound. Hirano Aya did a highly passable big-sister "ara." I sometimes felt I was hearing echoes of Inoue Kikuko and Gotou Yuuko in her voice.

And the space battle scenes certainly gave me flashbacks to SHnY. But this is no SHnY. Total crazed fluff, as far as I could tell, but the pace of the Japanese was too quick for me to catch everything they said. I've never seen any of the previous Galaxy Angel series, but this felt like a somewhat limp parody, at least to me. I did like the character design, though.

The official site talks about the "Rune Angel Brigade," and the site is in a folder called "runeangel," so I think it should probably be "Rune" instead of "Lune," but how to reconstruct the title, with its tilde, I'm not sure. I'm calling it "Galaxy Angel Rune" on my calendar (link in sig) but I'm far from sure what's best. "Galaxy Angerune" loses the "angel." "Lune" hints at the moon and "loony" in English. Are those connotations there in Japanese?

itzfurrball 2006-10-01 23:16

this would have to be the first impression of the new anime season for me: I'm watching the bar scene, and am practically made to stare at Nano-nano-pudding's crotch half the time... this show seems to have more fanservice than the whole Galaxy Angel series.... (then again, the fanservice in the series was prettymuch nill). anyway, I'm keeping watch and will post again when I'm done. definitely a different experience, seems like it's going to have a fun feeling to it XD

itzfurrball 2006-10-02 00:31

okay, I think I'm going to watch it a couple more times and I believe it's still won't be making any sense... well, as a galaxy angel fan I'm hooked anyway... and intro episodes are often strange.
the male cast of the show so far is absolutely creepy
the animation is bright and pretty enjoyable
and, uhm... Nano-Nano-Pudding spaces out all the time which is fun to observe XD

as for the name, since the original angel tai cast was called the moon angel tai, I guess it'd be a little redundant to call this one "lune"... so I guess it's "rune" after all. but for the japanese there's no difference between r/l anyway... I'd leave it as angelune until we get some more solid confirmation.

suguru 2006-10-02 01:48

Watching the raw just proved I can't understand Japanese worth a damn, but the pace and general level of insanity seemed close enough to the original that I'll definitely be looking forward to more. I hope the original cast makes cameos at some point, it sounds like they appeared in the game. And yeah, the kaninrin was seriously beaten with the fugly stick.

In spite of not understanding much of what was going on, I can say without any doubt the OP is addictive as hell, I've had it stuck in my head all night now, it's probably why I'm not asleep yet :)

Omniscient 2006-10-02 02:24

Episode 01 Screencaps


Rin-Sama 2006-10-02 07:13

Galaxy Ange-Rune
Just came out and has yet to be subbed, but when it is I'll be able to watch it.

for thoese of you who already have, what are your 1st impressions? Just like with the anime Chacotto Sister the nudy parts of the show get cencored with police tape. :heh: This anime defenatly ISN'T for the kids. this has an R-15 rating!

screen caps and stuff.

itzfurrball 2006-10-02 13:58

two more random notes:
1. I kept mishearing danshaku (baron) as danshoku (homosexuality, sodomy)
2. this show seems to be more imbecile than di-gi-charat, DGC Nyo, and all Galaxy angel seasons (and that imbecility is a good thing, keep it up, G.A.II!)
well, we'll see as it develops

aldw 2006-10-02 15:51

All of the GA anime series should be closer to the games, the whole gag thing has been way too overdone.

Neaco 2006-10-02 18:40

This new series is news to me, it has been a while since the last season.

I liked the GA anime series, but while it was cute and the characters likable, I thought it tried to drag out the random comedy too far with 4 seasons.

Especially seeing that the games had a much more plotdriven dramatic storyline to it, not that they couldn't thrown in a few comedy filler eps if they did base it on the games.

It will be a fun watch nonetheless especially with the new GAII characters.

Dragnfly@Gamefaqs 2006-10-02 18:53

I'm saddened because when I heard that it wasn't by Madhouse I was hoping for it to stay serious like the games. I don't mind wacky but it gets old fast. The game/manga universe is so much better IMO.

It feels like a money-grab to me.

And this will help some viewers who don't play the games: I suggest against looking at this new group as "counterparts" or "copies" of the old angel team. Plain and simple they're new characters. It's Galaxy Angel 2, not Galaxy Angel: Season 5.

suguru 2006-10-02 20:15

I'm hoping that even though they're starting with comedy filler, they're going to give us some more serious eps later based on the game storyline. I've never played the game, but towards the end of the OP credits there's a guy wearing a tie and an apron whose face is in the shadows, I'm wondering if that could be Kazuya? I've always wanted to see what would happen if they did a more serious Galaxy Angel (aside from the 1-serious-ep-per-season that they did with the original GA), so I really hope Kazuya and more of the game storyline of GA II show up later.

Neaco 2006-10-02 21:11

^ Good observation. If they are putting the male lead into the anime (a first) maybe there will be a real storyline.

If they were only doing more comedy again, I don't see the point of adding him since they did not put Tact in the GA series.

The GAII wikipedia page says "the new anime will not be random episodes" I don't know if that can be verified but it would be nice if true.

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