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Haru~ 2006-10-05 14:44

Who wants a remake of anime --reason with spoilers--
Hey Im just wondering right now....and i know it's been two years since the last mnh episode... i watched the anime and currently reading the manga... i'm beginning to see some differences... and i'm wondering of a remake of the anime...
please tell why you would like a remake or why you don't like or watever your reasons...:p

it's not about second season since the story really closed out... it's a remake of the story ok...

whitewater_81 2006-10-17 11:06


I mean.....i wasn't REALLY satisfied with the ending but the whole anime was good for me.

aliensporebomb 2006-10-19 14:17

For all of the buildup, the ending was just slightly anticlimactic -
like they ran out of money in the last 20 minutes. It would not
surprise me in the least if something like that happened.


sniperz 2006-10-27 07:23

the ending is showned oso at the singing part. they are together forever at least

Dirty-jin 2006-10-28 19:43

Yeah! Hell yes!!!

dKiWi 2006-12-09 12:59

This anime definitely needs a remake. The anime doesnt do justice for the manga.

whitewater_81 2006-12-17 19:53

DAMMIT!!I WANT MORE!!!!*cries* :sad:

chison 2006-12-24 11:46

A biGG no!!

better try another story ^^

Keiichi no Hibi 2006-12-29 02:09

Besides for the fact that in general the manga was great and had a lot of great things the anime didn't cover, the following words should be reason enough.

Makinoha Nao. :D

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