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Hannah's_Knight 2003-12-29 08:45

Quick Question ^^
I was just wondereing because a few of the admins and site members are all from the same county as me, Hampshire, in the UK. I live in Gosport in Hampshire and I was just wondering if the site may have been thought up in Hampshire...seeing as so many members seem to be from that area...and that would be kinda coincidental under most circumstances, lol.

boneyjellyfish 2003-12-29 10:48

Actually, I believe that the site is located somewhere around Denmark or the Netherlands...

GHDpro 2003-12-29 11:22

Well close...

I (site creator) am from the Netherlands, but currently living in Cork, Ireland.
The site was originally hosted on servers in the USA, but is now hosted
on a server owned by Mb81 in Germany.

xris and NightWish are both located in UK, Hampshire
according to their profile...

Hannah's_Knight 2003-12-30 00:07

Hehe ^^
Thanks for the info ^^

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