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SirJeannot 2003-11-06 20:05

Official IRC channel: #animesuki
The original post below is out of date!

AnimeSuki's channel (#animesuki) is currently located on the synIRC network.

Future updates will be located in the FAQ.

Spoiler for Original Post:

Koshiba 2003-11-06 20:37

Yes! Everyone should join the IRC chat. :D I'm in there all the time~

Cz 2003-11-06 21:14

As always, I will say "read the rules!"

In the channel, type: !rules
DO NOT type: !list, @find

kcl822 2003-11-06 23:58

Also, do not post anything that is rated R or anything suggestive for you will get kicked and possibly banned (specially when I'm around). Also, spam will get you kicked as well so be careful. If you're not sure, just pm one of the ops that is talking or just ask in the channel and somebody will answer you. After you get used to the rules, the rest is fun time~

Koshiba 2003-11-07 03:39

#animesuki.h is for the offensive topics! :P

SirJeannot 2003-11-07 06:45

btw, if those idling users could be more talkative, it'd nice :)
this is a call for the regular forum users who idle there ;)

Babak 2003-11-07 10:50

Yeah.. Either talk or get out!

Just kidding :)

But It would be better if more people would talk.. Since it's almost 10 talking of 80-100 all the time. Which is kind of sad. But hey, newbs! Go to #AnimeSuki now! :)

0ink 2003-11-07 10:59

Humm, idlers are like cows... just standing there all the time doing nothing.

Stupid cows.

Anyway, im always on the channel. Yes, meet the real oink on... #ANIMESUKI

Limited time offer only!

Shii 2003-11-07 23:34

Channel stats at:

Subaru-kun 2003-11-09 03:31

Well, I remember visiting the channel quite a while ago, during the summer. Back then, the channel was peaceful, and it wasn't very busy. Stopped visiting it for some reason. Visited it again a few days ago. To be honest, I liked the channel substantially more when it had less people; I find all the new rules to be tedious and cliched, and the conversations have begun to get redundant, not to mention asinine. I hate to say it, but it almost makes me think of another #Chat.

Anywho, if I do decide to grace the channel with my presence, don't expect me to talk much; I don't really say anything unless I have something to say, and judging from the way it looked for the short time I was there a few days ago, that won't be often.

But I digress. I'm actually quite the IRC addict, and I leave my computer on 24/7 just for Teh Log's sake. Also, on IRC, I go by the nickname Tabris, so if you ever feel the need to contact me (which won't be likely), I'll most likely be using that alias.

Cz 2003-11-09 03:53

"Too many cooks spoil the soup."

True with the size of the forum and the IRC channel.

Shii 2003-11-10 00:50

When it looks bad I just don't participate :/

SirJeannot 2003-11-10 06:19


Originally Posted by ashibaka
When it looks bad I just don't participate :/

u can participate in improving the level of the discussion too :p :D

Octiron 2003-11-18 18:02

Join in now! It's fun! :D

Shiro MS08th 2003-11-20 06:12

Join now!
Just don't get infuence by the 3V|L force.

EvilTomte 2003-11-21 08:51

I like idlers, because they help us increase the channel peak. And I can't imagine the chaos if all were to be active XD

Anyway, I wish you all welcome to the channel.

ps. don't ask when the next episode of naruto is out X.x ds.

Cz 2003-11-21 16:48

New target: to achieve a "channel valley", as opposed to peak. That is, get the lowest user count in the channel, namely by idle kicking those who are inactive for more than 24 hours.

What an evil plan.... :naughty: Now I just need some ops to back me up. :p

kcl822 2003-11-22 13:54

I like that evil plan..... Count me in!!!

Flash_Squirrel 2003-11-22 14:02

I like that too, Le....

Wait, I'm just a no name lamer that lurks in the chan :sad:

PiGGiEE 2003-11-23 02:51

I never see anyone in there when I join... wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

I use a chat program called Trillian and I log onto irc that way... joined #animesuki but I'm always the only one in there when I check...

Where are you guys :D I feel so lonely in there!

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