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MinoanMan 2006-10-26 17:49

searching for other types of anime
hello there im new to the forum and would just like to ask a quick question (please do excuse me if there is a proper place for this because i tried searching and couldnt find anything relevant).

im looking for some decent anime can be any type really but its gotta have english dubbing. i'm currently following one piece with subbed episodes but i really think that it improves the experience when its in a language you can understand. so far ive watched

1. db,dbz and gt (v good)
2. elfen lied (the first part was a bit :( but apart from that fab)
3. onegai teacher + twins (enjoyed through humour and quaintness)
4. full metal alchemist (good but the end episode was a disappointment)
5. escaflowne (the first real anime i watched and i <3 it)
6. cowboy bebop (alright but not totally my cup of tea)
7. outlaw star (fab!!)
8. gundam wing (alright but not into the mech thing as much after this)

and i cant think of any others atm, but any help on finding some anime which i could download that has any qualitities of these great pieces and has an english dub would be great. a link to a website//torrent (if thats allowed would be fab rather than just the name, also im not very knowledgable in the term-wise aspect about all i know is OAV, so please keep it simple. thanks very much in advance


MamoruUsagi 2006-10-26 17:55

The Suggestions forum is where you might be looking for. Do you read manga? A lot of manga has been translated into English.

Fushigi Yuugi is a really good series. The manga is a lot better than the anime, though. The manga is longer and continues from the end. However, the anime and OVAs ahve both Japanese and English versions. The series has lots of romance, fantasy, love, adventure, kissing and a very memorable love story. The manga is a lot better and longer than the anime, but if you don't read manga, make sure you checkout the series anyway and the OVAs. Fushigi Yugi is very memorable.

Marmalade Boy is good too, 76 episodes.

Wild Act is a great romance manga.

Mars is an excellent romance manga.

The Devil Does Exist is an amazing romance manga.

Kare Kano is really good. Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances is a series that anyone can enjoy.

You should read manga, you can find translated manga at Borders, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Some good titles are Wild Act, Fushigi Yugi, Ceres: Celestial Legend, Kare First Love, Mars, Happy Hustle High, Absolute Boyfriend, Sailor Moon (18 volumes) and many more.

Sailor Moon has 200 anime episodes, 18 manga volumes and the live action series. The couple is boyfriend/girlfriend and dating during the series, gets married, has a child and has a wonderful love story. It's romance/fantasy, I was a fan back in 1995. You have to watch the entire series to really appreciate it and be patient.

If you need help with romance series, I can tell you a lot of great love story series, especially where the couple gets married.

Also, animesuki doesn't support distributing dub series online, since they have been liscensed.

MinoanMan 2006-10-26 17:58

i do like reading but i find that reading anything off a computer screen like a comic or a book makes my eyes go [] lol. so i will try to stick to video anime thanks for the suggestion, i hope this does get moved because i searched the suggestions forum after you said and realised it wasnt a site improvement or anime improvement section. my apologies :S

Skyfall 2006-10-26 18:48

This should belong in the suggestion forum (will be moved there soon i supose)... As far as DUBs go... im not sure what series have them, just i assure you of one thing - generally the best experience comes with the original VAs and im pretty sure that 95% of people here dont watch DUBs (could be wrong here). But trust me - SUBs are much better and all it takes is a little while to get used to them. At first i myself was - zomg, SUBs? No way! .... after watching a few series with SUBs and comparing them to DUBs i realized i wont be touching DUBs even with a 10ft pole.

As for the suggestions:... since you stated you are up for anything il just post some of my personal favorites from various generes

Bleach Should be something you would like, seeing that you liked Dragonball
Naruto the same i supose, tho i myself highly dislike the series (dont let this stop you - personal preference, a lot of people find it good)
Shakugan no Shana - some fighting, magic, drama, romance and a quite interesting story
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - a truly amazing anime with superb plot and exceptional atention to details. Mystery/horror/suspense...i never was as hooked on a series as i was while watching this. (The game players mostly cry that the anime doesnt do the game any justice but since i doubt you have seen the game you will have a vonderful experience, abeit a confusing one for a good part of the show :) )
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien if you are looking for some heartwrenching drama...(and i do mean heartwrenching. Be prepared to cry if you are emotional. This anime plays on your emotions and rather succesfully might i add)
Fate/Stay night - overall quite enjoyable series...just read the summary, too lazy to give description :P

For something more lighthearted you can watch Zero no Tsukaima
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - also one of my favorite animes, an extremely well done series. A school comedy for the most part with a bit of supernatural bits added. Must-watch on my list.
Full Metal Panic is fairly amusing (and no, it has no reference to Full Metal Alchemist :)
Magikano - if i would have to describe this one shortly i would say Harry Potter on crack...

Argh, i gues il stop here...sorry for the complete mess, but i really have hard time selecting what to post when people say they are up for anything without any genere restrictions - too many things to post and im simply tempted to post all my seen anime list(well, not all but you get the idea). Would be nice to know more specifically what generes you like, would make a lot easier time of figuring out what to suggest :) Anyway all those i posted are series i liked (except Naruto) and are quite a good thing to start with.


MamoruUsagi 2006-10-26 21:25

His and Her Circumstances A link to Kare Kano.

Marmalade Boy 76 episodes, lots of romance, the couples are dating and boyfriend/girlfriend during the series.

Bokura ga Ita A great realistic romance series

Fushigi Yugi I read all 18 volumes. The manga is great. However, the anime is also good, but if you watch the anime, make sure you watch the OVAs, since the anime ends a long time before the manga does, the manga is a lot longer, but the anime, along with the OVAs is also good. A wonderful fantasy/romance/adventure/love story.

Ceres: Celestial Legend The manga is great, the anime cuts out a lot. There are many tasteful sex scenes.

MinoanMan 2006-10-27 05:40

thanks very much for the response i will go have a look at the links and suggestions you have provided. i was browsing the forum earlier and saw loads of pictures from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, so i decided im going to take my first peak at that anime. just to update im currently watching

1. kasimsi girl meets girl (a reccomendation aint watched it yet)
2. hack sign (i really really hated this lol, showed a lot of promise but didnt actually rpovide anything but meaningful banter)

MinoanMan 2006-10-27 11:09

ok i watched that kasimasi girl meets girl anime and i would honestly give it a 5/10 the aliens and the purvy father parts were hillarious but the rest of it was just suggestive tosh pointing towards a subverse homosexual relationship... anything like that i cba to watch again lol.

watched 2 episodes of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and the first whilst completely random was funny and the second episode now actually getting into the story was funny aswell 8/10 atm:)

Skyfall 2006-10-27 11:15

Spoiler for Haruhi:

MamoruUsagi 2006-10-27 11:47

Do you like romance series where the couple is boyfriend/girlfriend and dating for a long time in the series and gets married? Do you like fantasy/romance? Or something else?

MinoanMan 2006-10-28 16:33

ahh thank heavens lol i thought i was going mad with the episodes being in a random order, i cannot see the benefit of watching them like that but i did anyway :S haruhi was very good and funny id give it 8.5/10 because of the mixed up episodes.

dont mind fantasy/romance kind of thing aka onegai teacher but theres gotta be some kinda activity not just a kind of "aerial view" of the developing relationship.

also started watching the fat/stay night series, very good development in the first few episodes cant wait to watch the whole thing :D cheers for that 1 skyfall

MamoruUsagi 2006-10-28 16:56

I like to recommend series where the couple become boyfriend and girlfriend early on in the series, since they admit their feelings and become a couple early on or in the middle, the rest of the series is about the things outside of the relationship. Since they are already a couple, it's about the events around and surrounding them. That's why it's great when the couples become boyfriend/girlfriend early on in the series, so you see beyond the relationship.

MinoanMan 2006-10-28 17:51

ok im going to try and find a link to marmalade boy hopefully with subs :D a good long series will do me good (i really liked the length of full metal alchemist and thought it could of extended the last few episodes even more). cheers mamoru

MamoruUsagi 2006-10-28 18:28

Thanks for the nice message! There are a lot of filler episodes, but after the first season, the second season is really good. The second season has a lot of amusing episodes. 76 episodes go by really fast.

Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances and Bokura ga Ita are shorter series and more dramatic.

Marmalade Boy has a mixture of romance, comedy, drama and is very long. The second season is a lot of fun to watch after the first season, so make sure you watch the second and third seasons after you finish the first one. :)

MinoanMan 2006-10-29 15:42

well i just finished watching fate/ stay night and i was impressed id give it 9/10 overal but again as with 90% of the anime i watch the ending doesnt do the sodding fabuluous series any justice. i dno if this is a western idea but people dont tend to be happy and get their wish at the end they seem to be content with somthing other than what they really wanted....

going to try and watch marmalade boy now ive been able to get the first 20 eps so far and im gna watch em tonight

MamoruUsagi 2006-10-29 15:52

The series actually gets better after episode 25. There are some filler eps. You should definetely watch eps 25-54. Those eps were my favorite.

Skyfall 2006-10-29 16:10

Get used to the idea of not so happy endings, because there are a LOT of them :) The ending certainly does the series justice. Life is not perfect and not everything has a fairy tale ending :) You should judge wether the ending suits the series and is it carried out well, instead of "is it a happy or sad/tragic/bittersweet"(tho obviously every one has some preferences) I also prefer a happy end(somewhat) but i can fully appreciate an ending that is carried out well, and F/Sn certainly does not fail in this area.

If you want something with a happy ending from the suggestions watch


MinoanMan 2006-10-29 17:23

ok i tried watching marmalade boy but i had the dub and the timing on the mouth movements sucked, also i really didnt like the dated appearance of the anime it kinda sucked and looked properly 80s style :S. however at present im going to try

1. zero no tsukaima - fingers crossed looks to be reasonably funny
2. love hina - aparently i heard from a friend its very good to use as a bench mark
3. mahou sensei nagima - going to try and get this but having a hard time getting the actual download to work.

cheers again for the suggestions and im gna try em out :D

MamoruUsagi 2006-10-29 17:55

You should try out Kare Kano His and Her Circimstances. It's 26 episodes, and although it ends a lot earlier than the manga, it's very enjoyable for just about anyone. Kare Kano had a lot of good character development and shows that nobody is perfect and the series is romantic, but also has a somewhat unique sense of humor. While it's a lot shorter than the manga, Kare Kano is a series I always enjoyed and can get into easily. The main characters (not the surrounding ones) are shown to not be cliched, they break out of all the stereotypes by showing that they hide their true selves and aren't as perfect as they appear to be. Plus, the couple hooks up early on, so there isn't will-they-or-won't-they, the couple just gets together early on and takes it from there.

MinoanMan 2006-10-29 19:56

ahh that sounds a bit more like it :D

xxanimefan4_ever 2006-10-29 20:43

akazukin cha cha - check out ep 4, 19, 18 to see if you like it (comedy)
jungle wa itsumo hale nochi guu - very weird but funny anime
kaleido star is a great anime...
ouran high school host club
school rumble
slayers next
suzumiya haruhi

out of these slayers next. kaleido star, jungle guu are dubbed since others are unlicensed

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