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xris 2006-10-31 12:29

Pumpkin Scissors Episode 5 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Pumpkin Scissors, Episode 5!

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Deathkillz 2006-10-31 13:17

wohoo! pumpkin scissors get a separate sub forum :p
ok ep 5...

monir 2006-10-31 14:13

A subforum for Pumpkin Scissor!? Is it really that good? Just joking! ;) I suppose I should give it a watch at the earliest recess.

Cyz 2006-10-31 23:10

I posted this on the original thread but I'll repost it here again. Here's the screenshots for episode 5 courtesy of Random Curiosity. I'm still surprise though that Pumpkin Scissors got a place on the sub forum :) Well, not that I'm complaining or anything.

Mentar 2006-11-01 07:45

Well, it DID have a very significant posting traffic, way above average. Nice :)

In any case, ep5 was much better than I expected, even with the very little action going on. I think I just like the characters, and the background story is fairly unusual and well-made.

One of the pleasant surprises of this season, IMHO!

Cyz 2006-11-01 08:49

A nice break after the last episode tank fight.

orion 2006-11-01 15:48

Is there a tracker problem? I can't seem to download the torrent for this episode.

Edit: Got it after the fourth attempt.

Green² 2006-11-01 19:50

Just watched the episode.


Originally Posted by Green² (Post 724591)
Some of those episode 5 screens are just evil.


Oh holy crap... you're evil. You know that, don't you!

Kind of surprised Alice wasn't around near at that part in the end there. I had thought, probably they be trying to set up something more than just a normal coworker theme,.. but not sure. I mean, be that the case, Alice seeing what been done in front of the nurse, and Alice would've grabbed him by the %^&# and dragged him down the hall and out the hospital.

...but probably they just ran out of time or something. :heh:


Originally Posted by Mentar
...even with the very little action going on.

Oreld does not agree with you. :p

Onizuka-GTO 2006-11-01 19:59

lololol loved the last scene. The nurse certainly did find one that fit, unfortunately, her rough handling must of activated his inflation systems. Bye bye urine bottle. LOLOLOL

Spontanous saluting little soldiers are right sods, you always get 'em at the wrong time :)

Orlend - 2
Nurse - 0

I demand a rematch! :D :D

Wandering_Youth 2006-11-01 22:01


Anyways, is it just me or Alice's face/head been stretched a bit this episode. I mean she had a long face, no pun intended.

Deathkillz 2006-11-01 22:38

^ yea i noticed the size of her head too...but i thought it was just bad resolution on the raw :heh:

Green² 2006-11-01 23:24

^ I don't recall if her head changed in size. But, I do recall that in this episode, her breasts did appear to shrink about an size or two.


Forever 2006-11-02 08:34

AH ep 5 have me laughing very hard at times. I really hope Alice dont die when they finally do it.

Onizuka-GTO 2006-11-02 08:46


Originally Posted by Forever (Post 727058)
AH ep 5 have me laughing very hard at times. I really hope Alice dont die when they finally do it.

Don't worry she won't die when they "do it",

probably because they probably won't even remotely get that close.... :rolleyes:

Cyz 2006-11-02 09:37

Alice was so furious when Oland left. Yet she still cares for him despite what she says all in all. It's pretty cute when she made the expression on her face when Machs and the other guy said that they'll visit Oland and she just kept saying she won't.

zka 2006-11-02 12:20

Haha, ep5 was really a nice break from the last one. The nurse is really awesome :D

blu chocobo 2006-11-02 12:52

I really enjoyed this episode! :D


Furudanuki 2006-11-02 13:34


Originally Posted by Onizuka-GTO (Post 726584)
]Orlend - 2
Nurse - 0

I demand a rematch! :D :D

I won't be surprised if your demand is met. Given how often Oland gets injured, he will probably be in and out of the hospital on a regular basis. The script writers might very well decide to make the nurse's determination to "get a sample this time no matter what!" into a recurring joke for comic relief.

kauldron26 2006-11-02 13:38

lol... actually the glass shattered after she put it in... she kinda got Olands "attention" with all the "handling and grabbing" lmao... when she got his "attention" the glass was shattered... lol

Icehawk 2006-11-02 17:21

Haha, funny episode, but OUCH! While I would love to have sexy nurse like that feeling me up I must say I feel sorry for Oland at the end there, hopefully his huge wang didnt get cut when the glass split apart. :uhoh:

While this one played out nicely, one thing I noticed was the character styling/art as it was a bit different. It wasnt really bad, but it wasnt as good as its been. Perhaps they didnt have as good a buget for that episode or they wanted them that way since it was more a comedic theme, but I still hope they go back to the better styling next episode.

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