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NightWish 2006-10-31 17:15

Asatte no Houkou - Manga Discussion Thread
This thread is for the Asatte no Houkou manga.

Please note that currently there will be only one thread for manga discussion. Since different people may be at different stages in the manga please use spoiler tags as appropriate. If you don't know how to use a spoiler tag, please read the BB Code FAQ.

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NeoSam 2006-10-31 17:34


a direction of the day after tomorrow (this is the translation according to some japanese forums and sites)

Serialized in the seinen(young men's) manga magazine Comic Blade Masamune (a special issue of the seinen(young men's) manga magazine Comic Blade)
For now there are 3 volumes released of this manga, here is the cover:

Genre: Seinen, Fantasy, Drama

Asatte no Houkou is a seinen manga/anime.

Maceart 2006-10-31 20:05

I've read the first volume in Taiwan, and yes, the anime follows it pretty well save for some minor points and time shifts.

I like the anime art for the purple haired girl, in the manga she looks a little too bratty.

And Hiro still looks like a pedophile.

Thelastguardian 2006-11-28 03:06

I just read Volume 2. For those of you who haven't read the manga yet, you better hope they don't follow the manga.

That book left me quite OTZ after finish reading it...

At the risk of spoiling the story, let me say one(two) thing(s)-

Hiro, you fuc*ing bastard, damn you for what you did and for what you are trying to make up for now.

Spoiler for Hiro:

Tetsu, you all surpassing fuc*ing bastard, damn you for what you have done. May your soul plunge into the deepest level of hell and burn and face your sin for eternalty.

Spoiler for Tetsu:

In conclusion, all the males in the manga (even the dark skin dude who forcefully held down Karada and kissed her) exhibits self-control that are in range with rabbits in breeding season.

I say all these, but, I would love to see the faces of the anime viewers should the anime studio decides to show these disturbing backstories.

But I guess not, because the anime is going for original plot. Shame.

DanielSong39 2006-11-28 03:15

In comparison to these, having Tetsu dump Karada in favor of Kotomi would be rather tame.

Not that I would want that to happen in the anime, either.

Maceart 2006-12-03 14:39

I just read volume 2 in Chinese, and I have to say, boy oh boy did this manga just jumped the shark for me. I was expecting a nice, surreal slice of life manga with a little drama sprinkled in akin to ARIA or YKK, but instead we get


Such a downer... and where was Shoko during the whole second volume? I really hope the anime turns out better than this.

And Hiro is such a pedophile.

therethere 2006-12-03 16:11

hmm, is this manga available anywhere on the Internet?

Muddle! 2006-12-04 10:34

I had heard part of the manga spoilers before but after hearing them in more detail after reading this thread I really really hope the anime keeps going in a different direction. The manga seems kind of depressing. :(

niwasatou 2006-12-05 10:33

Yea, all of this sounds, honestly, disgusting. *goes pray for the Anime*

Maceart 2006-12-10 04:34

Having watched up to episode 8 of the anime, I breathe a sigh of relief in that they don't seem to be going down the manga pathline.

But man oh man if they do the anime is doomed to failure.

Fimbulvetr 2006-12-11 02:07

If the evil parts of the manga really are that bad, then thank you all very much for the warnings. I guess I'll stay away from the manga, at least until the anime is over.

Maceart 2006-12-11 03:56

Well it's not exactly "evil", it's just that the mangaka kinda went off too far into the horny end of things and it doesn't work really well.

Greenish Growth 2006-12-22 01:32

Now that I've finished the anime I'm wondering about something.


Deathkillz 2006-12-22 20:37

okey after reading what greenish had said about looking here for answers i think i found out more than i bargined for...

and after reading thelastguardian's post i have to say...NO FCKING WAY :twitch:

i duno whether to laugh or cry reading the post...its really sick and disturbing O.o i think i would need time for this to sink in :heh:

so i take it that the manga is a lot more darker/hardcore than the anime ~ but this is totally the opposite from a sweet love story...its completely sick and perverted O.o man i have got to read the manga :heh: ~ then i can let my anger out in many forms!

ffdshow 2007-01-01 17:58

Oh my...! The manga spoiler changed the impressions I had.

Glad that I watched all episodes before reaching this thread (9 eppisodes of subs and 3 of raws). It still suck... and I thought that it's one of the best in 2006

andromeda0201 2007-03-03 07:01, i had absolutely no idea the manga was like that, and after watching the anime i thought it as acompletely innocent and slice-of-live type
I shall pretend the manga never existed and keep my good impressions of the anime.

JediNight 2007-03-03 16:10

Well I don't want to be mega-spoiled on the manga, so I'm glad you folks are putting that kind of stuff in spoiler brackets =)

I just read the Chapters 0-2 scans, and have some comments on that:


WEZ 2007-03-07 05:00


asutedjo909 2007-03-08 20:30

anyone can help post a website, maybe for any of us that wanna download the manga? (including me). i want to finish the anime and then read the manga, therefore it will be really appreciated if any of u can let me know where i can download the manga. thanks in advance.

Darkside 2007-03-15 01:30

Just finished the anime, and was curious about the manga after hearing that it was "darker" than the anime was. I can't help but lol at all the stuff im reading in this thread xD.

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