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Lord Raiden 2003-12-30 11:12

Funniest Moments in OP?
What are some of your favorite moments in One Piece so far up to EP79?

One of my favorites in general is how slow Luffy is at contemplating things. Like when they're going to that Island of Ice and it takes him nearly a whole episode to realize that it's freezing outside. :D

Or probubly most of the second half of the Little Garden arc. Especially the wax cake thing. Now that was funny. Especially when Luffy lit the wax on fire and burned off everyone's cloths. Of course I liked it where they land on the ground about half naked and I'm like "Luffy you idiot! Look, Nami looks cute in her..." ;) :D

Luffy and the wax hammers were good too. :D

What about you guys?

Vicious 2003-12-30 11:40

The funniest moment is, without a doubt, the moment Mr.2 visit their ship.

Luffy, Usopp, Chopper and Mr.2 just go STOOOOOOP JOKING AROUUUUUUND! lol :D

And I laugh a lot with Luffy and Chopper too. Luffy's hilarious, and Chopper can't hide his true feelings lol and he hides in the wrong side :D

Nine Devil 2003-12-30 11:56

Stop Joooooking Around!! Im the greatest Nakama Hahahahahah

bobofet 2003-12-30 13:09

Mr. 2 is not everyone's most memorable villain for nothing. Any scene with him is hilarious. However, since I have somewhat forgotten about the scenes in the manga, I'll just base this on the current anime ep which I've seen

the funniest moment in the anime would have to be the iceberg EP (79?) with the pirate standing on the water. The scene with zoro, luffy, usopp, and the pirate talking is absolutely hilarious, especially when the pirate acted scared because the other 3 made a noise. It's a classic...

pirate villain: "'s a cold day isn't it?"
luffy: "aah's a cold day"
usopp: "hmm you're right"
zoro: pants
pirate: gulp


Tommy 2003-12-30 13:39

I love the part in episode 77 where Sanji finally shows up to meet the gang.



and the rest of you jerks.

Then Luffy has this huge smile on his face while Ussop's about to kill him, followed by Sanji looking at Nami with her only a bra and skirt.

Funny stuff.

Mr. Bushido 2003-12-30 17:33

i cant pick one funny moment lol.

im gonna mention one that no one has yet.

After crocodile was defeated the whole crew takes a bath. (remeber?)

Sanji: Where is the women's bath?
King Nefreti: Its over there!

skip a scene where nami and vivi is talking.

Nami: oi wat are u boys looking at? U wanna see so much? *flashes them*
Vivi: NAM-SAN!!!

King: Thanks everyone
everyone: perverted old man.

Nine Devil 2003-12-30 18:05

Hahahahha yeah that was really funny too :D

Lord Raiden 2003-12-30 19:08

One thing I think OP has over any of the other long running series is good tastefull humor in large quantities mixed in with great action and good story/adventure. :)

Oh, did anyone remember what happened to the painter girl in the end after they whacked Mr. 3? They did something to her and she was like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" hehe. But her scream sounded so weird. I just busted up laughing at that.

Another good one was where it looks like Luffy has succeeded in destroying the candle thing only to make it work faster. :D

Nine Devil 2003-12-30 20:30

She is attacked by mister Quack was that his name hmmm.

shiznitty 2003-12-30 21:04

carue is his name

Lord Raiden 2003-12-30 21:09

Ah, yeah. That's who it was. Not THAT was definately funny. A totally pissed off bird attacking Ms. Paintbrush. :)

Nine Devil 2003-12-30 21:35

You are gonna love that bird read the manga :D

Oturan 2004-01-03 19:14

Way too hard to pick the funniest moment. I'd have to rewatch the series again (which doesn't sound too bad)

I got a kick out of the short scene in the Arlong arc, when Luffy was mesmerized by a pinwheel on that guys hat, despite being in a precarious situation.

Another one that made my side hurt was when Luffy woke up after that huge feast to find a bunch of villagers, who served him earlier, slaughtered by Zoro. Oblivious to what's going on, since Luffy was in a deep slumber, he goes after Zoro. The ensuing fight was hillarious.

Usopp has many funny scenes as well, most of which are scenes of Usopp chickening out after some smack talk. :D

Grav 2004-01-03 23:55

The part where they are in the huge whale's stomach with the old man, and the it keeps going DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN and then the third time they're like STOP DOING THAT!!.. can't you appreciate a good running gag?

God, I was dying.

Egan1 2004-01-04 07:15

I think two of the most memorable/funniest moments so far were:

1. -When Zoro gets roped into doing cleaning work at the marines base (this is on Smoker's island) and the two marines come in and say something along the lines of 'Hey that's Roronoa Zoro' 'What's he doing?' 'He's cleaning our floor, the fiend!' (great line)

2. -Inside the whale when Ussop threatens to shoot the man with a cannon. 'If you do that, someone will die' DAN-DUN-DAN-DUN-DAN-DUN 'Who's that?'...[pause]...'Me.'

Ah yes, amoung others there was also when they were on the wax pillar, and Zoro was about to cut his legs off when Luffy turned up, 'Zoro! What about your legs?!' 'I got halfway.' :heh:

Of course there are many many more, One Piece has some of the best lines (and Luffy's character can be highly amusing *restrains self from blabering on*), I often find my self bursting out laughing at them. Ah *chuckles*...class.

Jn183 2004-01-04 13:55

Just to add in. I just rewatch the ep where Nami had that flu. Luffy was doing all these crazy face to cheer her up. Zoro came in and Luffy turn around. LOL the look on Zoro face and Luffy weird face was quite funny

Lord Raiden 2004-01-04 13:57

I loved the two giants. Especially at the end of the little garden arc where they're talking about the fight they had and the first one was like "So, what were we fighting about?" "Don't remember, but I'm gonna win." "oh yeah, right. No, I'm gonna win." then they went right back to fighting. hehe.

Bremm 2004-01-04 18:15

Funniest moment... funniest moment...

Inside that whale, when they meet the old man. Oh man, I was laughin so hard... He steps out of the house and everyones staring at him cause he's got... flower hair. So the old man slowly steps forward, his eyes fixed on Sanji, and the dramatic music is playing, their eyes are wide and their pupils got that !! look in um. So the old man slowly walk forward and he sits down in slow motion... onto a chair and starts to read the newspaper. So Sanji deadpans and yells "SAY SOMETHING, ASSHOLE!".

The man casually looks up from his newspaper at the ship and Usopp yells "We'll fight you if that's what you want, jerk! We've got a cannon right here!"

The man's eyes widen and he's got this dangerous look in his eye, then the scene does a dramatic DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle to old man) DUN! (switch angle to old man's dangerous eye)

"Don't. Or someone will die." he says.

Then Zoro frowns, Nami and Usopp clutch each other in fright (looks really funny) and Sanji asks "And who would that be?"

"YOU?!" Sanji screams. "You freakin..."
Zoro puts a hand on Sanji's shoulder and says "Hey. Don't get pissed off."
Sanji growls "Playing with me..." but Zoro pulls him back and steps forward and I'm sayin in my head Oh God, not Zoro...

"Old man, tell me... where are we? And who are you?"

The mans eyes widen and again the dramatic DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle to old man) DUN! (switch angle to old man's dangerous eye)

Then the old man says "If you want something from someone, it's proper manners to introduce yourself first."
So Zoro says "Ah, yeah that's right. My mistake. My name is Roro...
But the old man cuts him off and slowly says "My name is Crocus. I am the keeper of the Twin Capes Lighthouses. I am 71 years old. Gemini, Blood Type AB.
Zoro gets really pissed off and screams "CAN I KILL HIM NOW?" and tries to draw his sword, but Sanji holds him back.

"You want to know where you are? You come to my one-man resort and then yell such rude things at me. Do you think you're inside a rat's stomach?" So Usopp looks around at the sky and they realise they really were swallowed by a whale, and Nami is all screaming "NO, I don't want to be digested!

And yet again, the man's eyes widen and the dramatic DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle) DUN! (switch angle to old man) DUN! (switch angle to old man's dangerous eye)

Everyone yells and says "STOP DOING THAT!"
"Can't you appreciate a good running gag?
"A GAG?!"
"As the for exit, it's over there." he camly points to a very obvious huge door on the wall right next to them.

Ah good times, good times...

Lord Raiden 2004-01-04 22:37

I liked the park where Luffy uses the cannon to stop the ship and pissed off the whale, then gets mad himself when the ship rams the whale and the figurehead breaks off and lands at his seat. He;'s like "My favorite seat!!" :)

Nine Devil 2004-01-30 21:06

Most funny moments in One Piece[spoilers]
Well what do you guyz think was the most funny moment in One Piece.

Mine would be:When luffy was fighting Eneru he did Gomu Gomu baka so Eneru couldn't pedict his moves with Mantra.Luffy's face was awesome but the funny stuff was that that he was so baka that he couldn't attack.Hahahahahha Nami was going mad :D :D :D

well what is yours?

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