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GyroidFanatic 2006-10-13 21:36

Negima!? NEO Manga
We need a topic for the Negima!? NEO manga (the manga counterpart to the new anime). The 0th chapter's already out, and the first will be out soon

Catgirls 2006-11-07 18:47

A new thread for the Negima!? NEO manga....if anyone has any info., images or review of Ch. 00, feel free to post.

Shiroth 2006-11-07 18:52

I remember NeoSam having a good bit of news about it.. i'm sure he'll appear pretty soon. :3

suguru 2006-11-08 10:46

I read chapter 00 a few days ago and I liked it so far--the whole chapter was backstory on Negi and Anya at their magic school and shows them taking their final exam together (which is more like a quest than a "use a number two pencil and fill in the bubbles completely" final). I had heard Negima Neo was going to follow Shaft's anime storyline, but chapter 00 was completely different from the brief scene with Negi, Anya, and his sister in Shaft's episode 1. That's fine with me, since I'm already watching the anime and wouldn't want the manga to just be a reproduction of what I've already watched. The artwork isn't bad, it looks very similar to Akamatsu's, and it's the most screentime I've seen Anya get in any incarnation of Negima which is also good in my book. There didn't seem to be as much fanservice as the original Negima (except for Anya getting her clothes blown off near the end of the chapter), but since that varies from chapter to chapter in the original it's hard to say for sure yet.

Looking forward to seeing more, I'm curious if this will go into the Evangeline arc next like Shaft did, or if this will go in a different direction completely.

General_Norris 2006-11-18 04:12

In chapter 00 in the scene of the dinning room Harry potter is sitting there. Just a couriusity (Please tell me how tom spell that right!)

NeoSam 2007-01-24 14:04

This is what I once posted in the Negima manga thread, even though its now old news :P

From ComiPress:


Preview of "Negima!? neo" in Comic BomBom Special Issue
A special issue of Comic BomBom titled Abrakadabra was released on 9/29. The magazine contains a preview "chapter 0" of the upcoming "Negima!? neo" manga, set to start in the November issue of Comic BomBom.
Comic BomBom is a kodomo manga magazine for boys, meaning: a kids manga magazine for boys >.< aimed at boys of about 6-11 years old.

Unlike boy's manga magazines (shounen manga magazines), Comic BomBom is aimed at younger boys, so don't expect any fanservice from this magazine >.<

Anyway if anyone is interested here's the site for the manga:

And the first volume of Negima!? neo manga will be out next month (2/2007) I'll post its cover when its out :)

monir 2007-01-24 14:24

yay! NeoSam is here. :heh: The site looks neat! Looking forward to those covers.


Originally Posted by Shiroth (Post 732874)
I remember NeoSam having a good bit of news about it.. i'm sure he'll appear pretty soon. :3

And he does appear after keeping us in suspense for few months! NeoSam is such a tease. :D

NeoSam 2007-02-19 05:11

oops forgot to post about it >.<

The first volume of Negima!? neo manga got out on a few days ago >.<

Here its cover:

A bigger cover here:

Shounen manga
Serialized in: Comic BonBon

Vexx 2007-02-21 02:10

What scary eyes they have :)

ah well... if it gets elementary age boys less irritatingly stupid about girls then, yay, fight on, eh? heh...

kenjiharima 2007-04-11 15:22

WAH?!! No Nodoka in the 1st issue? Maybe in the second volume she'll have her own cover...I hope.

Danny_river 2007-04-18 15:01

Nodoka will be on the 2nd issue. For one i like the manga becasue at least ComicBoomBoom relativly kept the origanl character designs. (minor changes but not as sever as the Negima!? redesigns.)

This manga goes in a different order of the story then Negima!? does.


kim8268 2007-07-20 06:26

asking that how many volume is negima(manga), and does the manga end in volume 19?

Evakura 2007-07-20 12:44

I just found the cover of Negima!? Neo Manga #2

Sure enough, Nodoka is on the cover.

Mad Dog 2007-10-24 11:19

All production of Negima Neo has abrutly ended due to Comic Bonbon, the comic that publishes Negima!? Neo, going under. Chapters 13 and 14 are the last chapters that will be released. Because of this the plot is accerated to the end in 2 chapters.

I say good ridance. More proff that Negima!? fails.

Hypernova 2007-10-26 01:14

And so it is concluded on yet another chapter in the dark record of the negima curse.

Sin Ansem 2008-01-15 14:12

^^Spell first, good sir. It's Neo that fails, not Negima!?. Neo was an idiotic tale of speed rush and not understanding source material.

Sin Ansem 2008-01-22 14:45

Wait wait WHAT

Negima Neo 15 is out, the series CONTINUES

Good god this was unexpected

There was Anya and all those WTFs and Kotarou going for a cameo, this is probably the biggest SAVE in all of Negima!?dom.

bkg9990 2008-01-29 08:47

Its still on RAW though. chapter 15 that is ^^

sonicspin 2008-07-25 11:43

Neo now licensed by Del Rey.

lulz, can finally read the rest now ^^

ellifeedn 2008-09-27 20:32

Is this series good?

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