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Lord Raiden 2003-12-30 22:00

Princess Tutu...definately one very surprising anime.
To coin one of the members here, "It really surprised me that I'd actually like an anime about ballet." I have to fully agree with them about Princess Tutu. It's surprised me as well. But it's also a very engrossing anime. I'm seriously impressed with it. For the longest time it just sat around and collected dust on my "to be watched...eventually" lists and languished. Then I finally decided that I had caught up far enough that it was time to start cleaning out my "To be watched eventually" list. Well, I ended up deleting a few that turned out to be kinda blah and was expecting to probubly delete this one as well by episode 4. But I was completely wrong. After watching episode 1 I was totally hooked!! I love Ahiru, the creepy old dead guy who's controling everything, and OMG, neko-sensai has to be the absolute funniest person (or cat, take your pick) in the entire series!! :D

Another very likable series that I'm glad I finally watched. Still not done with it (just now watching episode 8) but so far it looks like it will be added to my all time favorites list. :D

FinFangFoom 2003-12-30 22:11

I just started watching this series also, and I'm curently up to episode 8 as well. I have to agree, I'm glad I didn't pass up this series just because it's about ballet. I've heard NoSanninWa push this series plenty of times and heard it may be licensed soon, so I figured I should give it a chance now before it's to late. I'm at episode 30 of One Piece but can't bring myself to watch it again until I finish this series first! It has a great mix of humor and seriousness. I think I'm gonna try and get my nieces to watch this one since so far it seems like it would be a great series to turn them on to anime, unless something changes before the end.

PocariSweat 2003-12-30 22:59

No doubt - it's a great one. It's a good example of why you can't judge an anime by it's description alone.

Also, just when you think it's over, the story really takes a turn around episode 13 and becomes even more complex and interesting. It's a show that just loves to turn around any pre-conceived notions the viewer may have.

Lord Raiden 2003-12-30 23:18

Do any of you guys have a favorite charecter in the series yet? Mine has to be Ahiru and Neko-Sensai. :D

wao 2003-12-30 23:39

I agree, if you've watched some of the episodes they may seem repetetive: you know, Ahiru finds someone who has a heart piece, changes into Princess Tutu, blah blah... even Kraehe might seem bland... and to tell you honestly I almost got sick of it after the first 8 episodes, because even though the music was great and I liked the cute and simple character designs... I thought it was too repetitive, but my friend said it was great, so I kept watching...

Stuff started getting interesting at the end of the 1st season though, and if you liked it - watch the second season. Whatever you do. It's really nice, and in the end, I was completely pleased with the ending... it was very good.... just go watch it...

P.S. I also am very satisfied with the, uh, ships at the end of the series ;)

Edit: Neko-sensei is cool because he's a walking talking cat that likes marriages, and Fakir's my favourite character, along with Ahiru...

FinFangFoom 2003-12-31 00:02

Yeah, Neko-Sensai makes me laugh every time! From now on I'm gonna threaten every girl I meet with marrige if they make me mad. :heh:

Kind of scary since the girls in the show are like 8 and he sounds like a full grown adult.

EDIT: I was just wondering, does anyone know if the opening and closing song are done by the same artist as the opening for Fruits Basket? It's been awhile since I saw Fruits Basket but it seems to sound very similar to how I remember it.

PocariSweat 2003-12-31 00:09


Originally Posted by FinFangFoom
Kind of scary since the girls in the show are like 8 and he sounds like a full grown adult.

It's ok - 8 is like 48 in cat years :)

wao 2003-12-31 00:23


Originally Posted by FinFangFoom
EDIT: I was just wondering, does anyone know if the opening and closing song are done by the same artist as the opening for Fruits Basket? It's been awhile since I saw Fruits Basket but it seems to sound very similar to how I remember it.

According to my friend, yep. Ritsuko Okazaki?

FinFangFoom 2003-12-31 00:38


Originally Posted by PocariSweat
It's ok - 8 is like 48 in cat years :)

Well, when you put it that way..... :heh:


Originally Posted by wao
According to my friend, yep. Ritsuko Okazaki?

Cool! I'm not really into Japanese music in general, but I like every song I've heard by her so far. It really fits the mood of both the animes.

One thing that sucks is I just watched episode 8 with the thought of maybe showing this series to my necies, I never really noticed before but when she's changing into princess tutu she's actually naked for a moment. I'm not sure if that's the kind of thing I should be showing my neices since they're not much older than the characters in the show (13, 12, and 11). Even though there is nothing dirty or erotic about the scene, I don't think I can really make that decission weather it's appropriate for them to see or not. I'm not sure if my sister-in-law would care much for that :( . To bad, I really think this series could have been the one to get them into anime. I'll have to hope for a edited licensed version with only that cut out.

NoSanninWa 2003-12-31 01:50

I'm so happy, happy, happy to see that people are loving Princess Tutu! This is one of my favorite anime series of all time.

Incidently, not only is she naked for a moment when transforming to Princess Tutu (actually pretty common in magical girl anime), but she's also naked whenever she turns back from being a duck. Sometimes it becomes painfully embarrassing just how naked she is. :) I've never seen a respectable show where the main character's nakedness (she's not just nude, she's stark naked!) is so important to setting the mood of a scene. :D

I would also like to point out that the "repetitive" episodes (get a heart piece, rinse, repeat) aren't really so repetitive. I considered each of these a puzzle to figure out which piece she's rescuing before it is revealed. And of course, they build to a crescendo which could only have been reached by going through each of them in turn.

wao 2003-12-31 02:05

Yeah, just an interesting note: The last part of the opening song (TV version), is from Waltz of the Flowers which is used pretty often... Heh, one thing everyone notices about Tutu is that it uses known classical music pieces as background.... and they're usually relevent to the episode title or the theme - just look at episode 13, the climax of "Swan Lake"... the episode called The Great Gate of Kiev, used that song as well... and also see uses of The Swan from Saint Saens Carnival of the Animals or something like that... I love that song...

Don't you think it's a bit odd when you get stage lights all of a sudden sometimes though? ;) Well, I suppose Drosselmeyer made it that way because he 0wns all....

sothis 2003-12-31 03:22

after reading a ton of people here, and in other forums hyping up princess tutu, i downloaded it, and am not seeing what the big deal is.

i am on episode 21, and so far, it is STILL the same old repetetive stuff that has been going on since episode 1.

granted, it is interesting, and unusual (and the cat and random animals are hilarious), but in general, i am getting really sick of the same old format. find heart piece, change into princess tutu, repeat. repeat. insert annoying ahiru voice here.

so unless something extremely different happens in the next 5 episodes, i just don't understand why people would hype a series like this up so much.

StarCreator 2003-12-31 04:45

As is typical of many shoujo, what is important is how the characters are developing and what their thoughts are of the situation... not the actual events. If you're just waiting for something to happen, you're watching it for all the wrong reasons, and of course you'll be bored.

bluemist 2003-12-31 04:55

Yup it's all about the character development. And also for one, I like Princess Tutu because of the sound! I recognize many of the BGM that are classical music pieces, and one of my personal favorites (Swan Lake) is very appropriate for the anime.

I'm only halfway through, but would definitely want to see more. Few anime entertain me this much.

sothis 2003-12-31 06:27


As is typical of many shoujo, what is important is how the characters are developing and what their thoughts are of the situation... not the actual events.
i completely understand what you are saying, and i would tend to agree. but still, this series just doesn't speak to me the same way as other series such as, say, stellvia do. i am a big fan of character development, but princess tutu just doesn't seem to have much of it. ahiru is a bumbling, whiny moron who just seems shallow and two-dimensional. but, yes.. this is just a personal opinion. if anything, i would think that fakir is the only person who is developing any sort of character at this point (episode 21).

Fronzel 2003-12-31 07:04

Too bad there are hardly any seeds.[/wrong forum]

LBW 2003-12-31 09:55

Just request a reseed in the right forum, there are lotsa people that will help. :p

Lord Raiden 2003-12-31 10:07

Well, if you're worried about seeds, uh, best I can say is be patient. I found out by dumb luck that some of the seeds are only on for a certain number of hours each day. Don't ask me why, but they are. Timeshare internet maybe? :D

But if you're patient enough you'll eventually get all the episodes. I'd share right now, but since I'm behind and I've got my connection tapped out with episodes I'm catching up on, (yay! my isp finally got a clue! Wee!!) I won't be able to seed for these until probubly after the first week of Jan. If anyone needs any episodes seeded then, just shout and I'll try to seed them for ya. :)

Don Eunuch 2003-12-31 10:16


Originally Posted by Fronzel
Too bad there are hardly any seeds.

I used to be a seeder for this show, but despite they not batching the files, I find that there are a lot of seeders such that I am not needed.

As for the "nude" transformation scene, you can't see anything and I find it okay for kids.

Don't you like the way they pronounce tutu? Its like cthu cthu. :)

wao 2003-12-31 11:30

It's actually funny because they say it as "Princess Chuchu", and in my native language, "Chuchu" is used by small kids to refer to pee. XD

Getting the eps was hard sometimes because of the no seed thing, but I had a friend who could send me some eps. :) I still have them all on my HD, I can seed when I'm free...

The character development isn't very obvious - just like in real life, a lot of people develop quite a bit but it's hard to see... you'll see later how Ahiru can lose quite a bit of hope... and the animal dudes are really cute ^_^ I especially liked those little weasel things in the second season...

One convenient thing is that anything that's weird can just be said as the way Drosselmeyer wanted it... ;)

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