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xris 2006-11-14 13:30

Negima Episode 7 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Negima, Episode 7!

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dahl_moon 2006-11-15 15:28

Episode is back to full Pani Poni mode.

Spoiler for Ep7:

Spoiler for Chamo:

On another note, Baka rangers is back! Poor Makie.:heh:

Cai Calamigarde 2006-11-15 15:57

i like this randomness of the series...
less action, lots of funny things in this eps...
i wanted to laugh, and this made me< big thanks goes to Japanese animation again...
10 points

Cai Calamigarde 2006-11-15 16:00


Originally Posted by dahl_moon (Post 740946)

Spoiler for Chamo:

Spoiler for Chamo:

Katapan 2006-11-15 16:05


Originally Posted by dahl_moon (Post 740946)
Spoiler for Chamo:


New version of the ED, with only a switch of singers, which means that Ku Fei, Makie and Ayaka get to sing both theme songs this episode.
Meh, I prefered the previous version. ._.

dkellis 2006-11-15 18:48


Vexx 2006-11-15 19:15

dkellis: same here... that ep was the single shining point of the first series for me --- imo, it left her manga sequence kind of lame in comparison.
So.. unless they really expand on her backstory (which they left kind of mysterious here), it'll be the one case where 1.0 wins over 2.0 :)

Sushi-Y 2006-11-15 20:19

"せっちゃん、これドアや" (Secchan, this is the door) :heh:

Setsuna's ukkari samurai trait is now in plain words. :heh:

+100 points for kitsunegi.

Kaoru Chujo 2006-11-16 04:04

That was sweet. I love an episode without conflict -- even with Eva being Saya's benefactor, it appeared. Random humor and good feelings ftw. And Asuna's hair.

TnAdct1 2006-11-16 13:08


Originally Posted by Katapan (Post 740990)


dahl_moon 2006-11-16 14:06


Originally Posted by Katapan (Post 740990)


Child_of_Sierra 2006-11-17 16:26

Sayo being a ghost makes it mandatory to dedicate an episode about her in every negima adaptation.

As many of you have said the 1st season made a very good job of providing her backstory so it was not necessary for this version to compete with it. Instead of providing more of the same, the episode showed us (aside from sayo) a few more interesting facts about the personalities of many of the 3-A girls. Who were there close friends, their hobbies, and roommates/ room order. It was actually more of a 50/50 sayo and class 3-A dormitory life episode.

It was a break from all the action of the previous episodes but I do wish Sayo's buildup means that she will actively assist Negi and co. in the future.

...and I was half expecting Negi to pactio with sayo(that would have been interesting)

Vexx 2006-11-17 18:11

I guess my major disappointment is that for now I can't completely relegate the first season into the "That Which We Will Not Speak Of" bin of deleted history.

USCPharmacist 2006-11-17 23:48

craptabulistic art, but fantastic jokes and introductions to the wacky 3-A girls, a solid 8 for this episode.

djmaca 2006-11-18 21:27

All this LO ZELDA game references in Negima makes me think there's a gamer in the staff...

Deathkillz 2006-11-19 06:01

our little ghost friend is hitting the spotlight this time ^_^

i loved the interaction between sayo and the whole class...its a mini adventure for our lovely sayo...and yea the zelda ref was funny ^_^

not much on her background but i guess seen as the original covered pretty much everything its not really needed...unless you havent seen the original :heh: but ther might be a chance of a future ep showing her background...

it was nice for eva to help sayo out and it shows that she too had a kinda heart...shes just the type that doesnt show it up front...

and everyone not finding Chamo speaking out loud wierd is beyond me...maybe its cause they just dont care? :heh:

next ep...the Narutaki twins ^_^ ahh i remember them a lot from the heres hope to a good job :)

TnAdct1 2006-11-19 12:46


Originally Posted by Child_of_Sierra (Post 743035)
...and I was half expecting Negi to pactio with sayo(that would have been interesting)

Not me, since I had a feeling that her Pactio wasn't going to happen (as I already mentioned, the "one Pactio per week" thing in episodes 3-6 was done in order to have Negi's four main Pactios done ASAP). However,

monir 2006-11-21 00:14

So many strange things are happening that I hardly could pay much attention to the dialogues. I was too busy taking screencaps.

The ghost girl is simply looking gorgeous in the episode:

The show has fantastic drawing and stylistic animation. The story doesn't make any sense. I am a very satisfied customer at the moment. :D

Radiosity 2006-11-21 18:28

Hmm, I'll be looking forward to this ep :)

/Radiosity points to his Avatar image

Guess who my favourite is (and has been since season 1) ;)

monir 2006-11-27 12:14


Originally Posted by Radiosity (Post 746504)

/Radiosity points to his Avatar image

Guess who my favourite is (and has been since season 1) ;)

It's, um, Asuna? Just kidding. :heh: Just like everything else, the ghost girl looks extra special in this new adaptation compared to the previous anime series.

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