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xris 2006-11-14 13:33

Asatte no Houkou Episode 7 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Asatte no Houkou, Episode 7!

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eggplant 2006-11-16 19:24

Haha, I can't believe Shouko doesn't know the meaning of "double boil", but the way she cuts the strawberries takes the cake.
So, Karada puts two and two together when she sees Shouko's photo (together with Hiro undoubtedly). But does she have to run away? Why did Shouko bring that picture over to the Iokawa residence in the first place?
Hm, starting to see the immature side of both Karada and Shouko (not to mention Hiro).
The wishing stone swiped? Do I sense some Kotomi wrongdoing?

All in all, a good story focusing on Karda and Shouko with plot developments, setting the stage for some angst.

Kaoru Chujo 2006-11-17 02:21

Moving forward. Seven eps down and five to go. I don't think Shoukou brought the photo over intentionally, it was just in one of those books, since she never really got over Hiro. Why Karada takes off, I guess we won't know until next week. Big deal, yes, but reason to flee? Is she looking for something or running away? Where can she go? It does look as if Western-style cooking -- and perhaps any cooking -- is not Shoukou's forte. I wonder still how she can afford that apartment without an apparent job.

niwasatou 2006-11-17 14:07

Hmmm, twist.
Well, Karada is still a child inside, and children do run away sometimes when facing uncomfortable situations.
We'll see next ep, anyway.

But the cake, or rather the strawberries on it, really win/s. :heh:

dxgarten 2006-11-17 16:21

Episode 07 screencaps and summary


Thelastguardian 2006-11-18 01:36


Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo (Post 742485)
Why Karada takes off[?]

Spoiler for manga related speculation:

Srin Tuar 2006-11-18 07:32


Deathkillz 2006-11-18 11:53

this is why i love this series soo much :D
for some reason...even with the pace as slow as it is this series have never bored me once...the episodes just fly by and again i am waiting for another outcome that has been left hanging in the air...
brilliant! the development on shouko's part is ace...she is turning out to be the "misunderstood" charater type and is not way on track in becomming one of my fav :)
the whole ep was focused on development and it was done in a good way...shouko helping karada, giving her new cloths and having fun etc...
Spoiler for end twist:

10/10 :D

Cal-Reflector 2006-11-18 15:54

A very fine episode. As much as I am a fan for quiet, slow-paced shows that focus on the characters besides than a gripping-central plot (those are good too), I had begun to worry that Asatte had slowed down TOO much. However, something significant develops in this episode, and the languid pace into which the story has settled has been jump started.

Several episodes ago, I speculated, and others responded, to what would be Karada's action when she eventually realized the true nature of Shouko and Hiro's past relationship. At the time, it seemed most likely that she would learn of it from Shouko, though figuring it out on her own from clues or slips of the tongue were possibilities as well.

I think most of us would have liked to see Karada summon her inner child's (hah) sense of duty and try to bring back the two together in some scheme; that course would have led the show down a happier, more light-hearted course. Her running away however makes the future for these three much harhder to predict, and I don't know how this show will end.

Edit: I gotta say I envy Hiro; Shouko is a wonderful woman in every sense of the word. Even the bad-cooking part, when its her doing it, is kinda charming.

Srin Tuar 2006-11-19 09:40


Originally Posted by Cal-Reflector (Post 743952)
Edit: I gotta say I envy Hiro; Shouko is a wonderful woman in every sense of the word. Even the bad-cooking part, when its her doing it, is kinda charming.

I think that shouko is attractive (adult form) but I had no idea she was a terrible cook.:upset: Maybe I can understand why Hiro left her now :heh: At least shouko
recognizes this, and seems to be trying to do something about it.
Otoh, Touko works at a restaurant, so perhaps she is still in the running :)

DoReMiFaSo 2006-11-19 11:31

This is an excellent episode. I like it better than ep.6. Maybe because I like Shouko better.

I like the interactions between Shouko and Karada. It was so heart-warming that Shouko pointed at Karada instinctively when she was asked if she had met any friends yet.

It's too bad that Hiro didn't find out at the end that Shouko had put a lot of effort into cooking something for his birthday, although she failed.

As for Karada fleeing away, I hope Hiro is not going to blame Shouko for bring the pictures over, although I doubt she brought it intentionally.

Cal-Reflector 2006-11-19 17:20


Originally Posted by Srin Tuar (Post 744510)
I think that shouko is attractive (adult form) but I had no idea she was a terrible cook.:upset: Maybe I can understand why Hiro left her now :heh: At least shouko
recognizes this, and seems to be trying to do something about it.
Otoh, Touko works at a restaurant, so perhaps she is still in the running :)

By that logic, Ayu and Hagu from Honey and Clover will in the end end up spinsters... unless Morita takes them both, since he's the only who likes their cooking.

And in spite Shouko's bad cooking (and Karada's good cooking), it is apparent that Hiro's physical state was not what it used to be while he was living with Shouko in the US; might be because he got used to a meaty-diet and having a girlfriend around, both of which are important to a man's health.

JediNight 2006-11-19 18:46

End of this episode: Oh shi~! =D

Very cute interactions happening between Shouko and Karada when making the cake. Shouko tries her best to help, but it's obvious that she has had almost zero cooking experience before. Makes you wonder just what kind of family she came from -- if she can afford that apartment, and school in the US then I assume its more well-to-do, so maybe her mother never cooked. Nice save by Karada in finding a way to arrange the strawberry slices lol...

Since I haven't seen it elaborated on here:
Kotomi says that people think that it's a prank someone pulled -- replacing the wishing stone with charcoal. Since legend has it that a wish being granted causes the stone to turn to charcoal, although she has never heard of one being granted before.

Shouko is very childish at heart, even if she won't admit it. The original spiteful remarks at chibi-Karada in Ep1, her obvious enjoyment of the day playing a couple eps ago, and now her "I helped too!" gloating over making the cake. Cute stuff.

I don't think she intentionally brought the picture over. It just happened to be in one of her books from school when she moved. Karada says in the preview that she always knew this day would come that she would have to go out on her own, and now she has to find a place for herself. It's one of those well-meaning decisions that she doesn't realize will just cause them more grief over her running away because of them, and now they will have to search for her.

I assume she took Shouko's wallet with her, and at the very least they could track her if she used any checks or the credit card.

Matrim 2006-11-30 20:27

I was disappointed by the previous episode but this one was made up for it and no wonder, since I love the Shouko-centered episodes. The character interaction was very good and the flashbacks of Shouko's past excellent as always. And this Hiro is quite a funny guy, always forgets his birthday. Shouko's cooking reminded me of the disastous cooking contest episode of Mai-HiME. :) I think we need to see more of Hiro and understand why Shouko still has some feelings him, despite calling him names, sure love can be blind but still we need to understand his character better.
After seeing the picture I gotta say Karada is not as naive as she looks, the picture doesn't portray Shouko and Hiro as lovers that explicitely, though they are holding hands. But whwere the hell does Karada thinks she is gonig, I can't say I expected a lot of things to take place outside the town.

Maniac 2006-12-01 05:18

oohhh Boston you're my home... <3 the reference

aliensporebomb 2006-12-01 17:33

I think I can see some things a little better now. But I'm wiping at my
vision a little trying to get a better view.

Shouko - she obviously still carries a torch for for Hiro, still remembers
what was and is resentful about why he left and wrote that letter that
shook her to the core.

She feels his leaving and subsequent "dismissal of her services" was
probably a selfish thing but I could see Hiro thinking it was a "I don't
want to burden you with this, you should find someone better"
selfless type act - ironically, I'm guessing this is the same thing
that Karada is going "I'm burdening you two, I ruined your good
relationship" type thinking. Which might be why she left.

But we still need to know more!

As far as Hiro and Shouko I can see when they were together she tried
to do nice things for him but when they failed she never mentioned it
(the dinner out). Bad habits (smoking) and frustration, a past riddled
with regret (she never played with the neighborhood kids or whatever)
when she was a kid. Something was holding her back - she was getting
some kind of emotional payoff by holding back - she could be "right" as
long as she was some kind of victim perhaps.

I'm hoping (and this is a hope) that what this is going to let her do
is reorient her childhood that will change everything about her
adulthood when she goes back to adult-Shouko. Her playing with
those kids, her learning a little more about cooking (as kid-Shouko)
and the like is going to help her be a little more open and friendly
and maybe not so bitter.

I like her but she seems like the kind of person who sort of used the
things she didn't get to do when she was a kid and/or her relationship
that failed as a weapon or way to prevent her from progressing - in
other words trying to maintain control over her situation where she
in reality had no control.

And what really didn't make sense to me is Hiro just leaving and then
that letter. A classier way of approaching it would have been indicating
that he'd been appointed guardianship of this girl and that he had to
take care of her since there was no-one else - I suspect she wouldn't
have objected but we haven't really seen much of the negative sides
of their relationship - you can see when he was younger his hair was
a lot more in control and he's been more or less a wreck that's slowly
reverting to what might have been.

I really hope we see more about the sides of the relationship that
might have driven Hiro away - it is always possible he just didn't
care for her as much as she did him. Or, if he did he felt that by
staying in Japan and caring for Harada as guardian was a price he
had to (and was willing to) pay despite losing Shouko.

Karada's departure after seeing the photo is an interesting
development. When the denouement of this story nears I'm
hoping we have an ending opposite the one I can easily

What turned him into a chain smoking, scruffy guy who might not be
terribly happy? Does he feel regret for the lost relationship with Shouko?
I can see hints of it but he's not saying anything - he hardly say anything
at all!

Shiroth 2006-12-02 20:10

Hiro's birthday is six days before mine.. :3

I've heard how emotional the next episode is, so i believe i'm doing the best thing and waiting for the subs.. though i really have to stop rewatching episode 07.

Sinestra 2006-12-02 22:20

Looks like we got one carefree episode before we move into the emotional ones. Watching Karada and Shouko together i dont feel like it forced anymore. THe fact that Shouko pointed to Karda when she was asked if she made any friends whos just how close the two have become. I dont think Shouko really planned on this happening so she was surprised by it.

The fact that Hiro-Nii forgets his birthday every year is kind of weird. I understand forgetting every now and then but every year thats a little tough to swallow. We got some more glimpses of the past of Shouko and Hiro in America and it seems Hiro has not changed much and neither has Shoukos cooking, man she is fire hazard in the kitchen.

I for one do not think that Shouko brought the picture over on purpose and heres why. Shouko never got around to unpacking her things before her little mishap. She had all her books stored in the closet the picture was in the book but Shouko cold have very easily forgotten about the photo. The fact also that while talking Karada about her past she was very hesitate to mention who she liked while in america. Shouko considers Karada a friend now i cant see her doing something like this on purpose she might have thought that it would be better for Hiro to tell Karada about them.

Anyone think that wishing disappeared because it granted Shoukos and Karadas wish?

Guido 2006-12-03 02:03

A Moment for the Two
The irony of Shouko helping Karada with the birthday cake is that even back in her college days the adult Shouko was a helpless child at the kitchen and has not changed since then and pronounced more that chibi-Shouko's an adult who got her body turned into her child self.

Anyways, it doesn't matter if Shouko still harbors some resentment for Hiro after leaving her, she admits to herself that love for him still lingers on.

I think in the present Shouko desired to help in any matter possible to get that cake done, even if Karada did most of the work. She might wanted to amend to Hiro for not being a proper woman at the kitchen with that cake.

And the episode continues with the surprises. I understood that Karada would find out about Hiro x Shouko's affair.

Deathkillz 2006-12-03 04:35


Originally Posted by Sinestra (Post 756969)
Anyone think that wishing disappeared because it granted Shoukos and Karadas wish?

that was already mentioned in ep 2 iirc

anyways its becoming obvious that shouko is starting to like karada as a friend rather than resent her as being the one who took away her love...tbh she should have realized that its pointless to hold a grudge against a kid...especially one soo sweet ^_^
and it also seem that her hate for hiro is also becomming more dilute with her helping with the cake and all :)

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