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Catgirls 2006-11-27 01:09

Death Note Episode 9 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Death Note, Episode 9!

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IchiKyo 2006-11-28 13:07

Here Wii Go!

*Link Deleted*

Episode 9 RAW Images

Itachikun 2006-11-28 13:14

You just never learn IchiKyo, do you?

Stop linking that site, it will be removed everytime you put it up.

On another note, what the hell is up with that clip? and not to mention Light's face.
Kawasaki zr750h

IchiKyo 2006-11-28 13:17

I know that this site is not correct that because 2-3 days after
This link turn to a 404 Hentai link :/
that why now i deleted the link when the RAW out
About that clip/gif
It's just Light, laughing again

Levski 2006-11-28 19:15

So can any1 spoiler what happened?

IchiKyo 2006-11-29 01:19


Cai Calamigarde 2006-11-29 02:32

interesting indeed...
but i can not guess the potential of this event in this eps...
maybe we'll learn much more in 10

Cooldude 2006-11-29 05:48

The next couple of episodes are gonna be brillant, best part of the series IMO

Shiroth 2006-11-29 08:18

I believe this episode could have been handled better, but still its staying true to the original story and doing a good job. The scene in the test was something i've been looking forward to since the start - death stares all around. :3

As for the presentation

Next episode should be good to see 'cause its time for a spot of Tennis.

Itachikun 2006-11-29 12:00


Great episode, love the whole red vs blue hair thing going on. It was insane, also the music was great, definitly picking up the OST, and Light's laugh is still crazy as usual. But when he laughs, I always think of Tameki Suou, he cant have such an evil laugh, not my precious Suou.


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White Manju Bun 2006-12-01 01:08


Originally Posted by Itachikun (Post 753438)

Great episode, love the whole red vs blue hair thing going on. It was insane, also the music was great, definitly picking up the OST, and Light's laugh is still crazy as usual. But when he laughs, I always think of Tameki Suou, he cant have such an evil laugh, not my precious Suou.

I think the same thing, especially when Light kinda giggles.

This epi had one of my fav scenes from the manga in it

I love when the show the Shinigami world, death gods playing cards is funny
Just when I think this anime cant get any better it does. Zomg I just love this!! Epi deserves a 10!

Skyfall 2006-12-01 05:02

This was pretty good - that was a very bold move L pulled off - never saw that one coming :p And i must say it was quite brilliant from L. Light really is in a pinch now - he can't do anything. Things will be pretty interesting from now on. This show has definitely surpased my expectations. Light was definitely cought off-guard in the ceremony.

Oh, and our poor death god is truly miserable - Light has him eating out of his hand :P Literally.

Jaden 2006-12-01 11:50

very ironic, yeah - normally ryuk is just an observer, but light can use the apple addiciton to manipulate ryuk into helping him some.

Setsuchan 2006-12-01 12:38

I liked this episode,especially the part when Light turned around and saw L sitting behind him XD

But I tought this episode was kinda 'ugly' drawn >3>

Deathkillz 2006-12-01 14:01

oh wow this ep was really dramatic!
light was totally pissed about losing this round of the battle to L...i never thought that L would be crazy enough to do it O.o soo funny the way they are both portrayed at the ironic that their outside appearence contridicts their inner thoughts ^_^

and light was about to go insane when i got back home and snapped at poor the shimigamis have it harsh :p first no apples now being threatened by humans omg! :heh:
i chuckled a bit when ryuk said that he was going to write light's name into the death note himself :p

Kisuke06 2006-12-01 15:32

This one was another very good episode. L telling to Light who he is was quite unexpected IMO, and now he has totally cornered Light.

And in next episode is tennis time! I wonder how L plays tennis. :heh:

hitokirigirl 2006-12-01 16:22



wingdarkness 2006-12-01 17:08

Just another flooring episode from the best anime out right now perhaps the best psycological murder mystery I've ever seen in anime...

Let's just get to the heart...L's plan was ridiculously ingenious even if he has no clue Light is "Kira"...It was as much a shock to me as it was to Light and ups the ante in every way...While Light is getting a little freaky with his mad-scientist laff he still has been forced to play a defensive role...Now he's gonna accept it and play L's game, but still he's boxed-in and will have to be nearly flawless from this point out...L's earlier deduction was jaw-dropping and amazing as he pondered if "Kira" even existed --That he's so good it may be divinity...He later backtracks which in-turns leads him to his plan against "Kira"...

It's so funny because Light could easily give-up the Deathnote and quit (I mean isn't this too much trouble?), but I find it so ineteresting that he really wants to become God...At first it seemed as if he was purely intoxicated with power and arrogance, but it seems as if he feels he was chosen to change this world or something, and he won't give that goal up...This budding chessgame is par the course now...

What was really special to me about this episode was the presentation of everything, the music, the slow-mo effects, the out-of-body theatrics... Seldom have I watched an anime with this much action in the form of normal happenings (I.e. Light eating chips, L vs. Light just sitting down looking at one another)...The artistic expressionism this episode was absolutley brilliant...

"Whatcha' gonna do now Light? I thought you had the upperhand, but L even made me look like a fool this week for supporting your L33tness...His overikill analysis is actually working, but is this simply a battle he's winning or is a war?"

Jinru 2006-12-01 18:20

Holy sh!t, that was crazy... so many plot twists in one ep.

To the poster above me, Death Note is surely a top notch Anime in it's genre. But my vote still goes to Monster, being the best crime/murder thriller.

ThoHell 2006-12-01 18:24

It was for sure a good episode. Didn't expect that!

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