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Ayla 2003-11-06 22:58

Newest CG..
Yes, I know, the hands suck. lol. I'm trying though :heh: Also, not sure whats going on with the guys shoulders/arms? :twitch: Any tips on whats wrong there?
K, the girl is suppost to look on freaked out or whatever, the guy is comforting her but shes like all nervous for some reaons... :uhoh:

Anywho, not sure I'm really improving at all, but I really like how I did the guys shirt for some reason..
C&C please :)

Ayla 2003-11-08 16:31

Is it that bad? lol :x

@Naruto@ 2003-11-08 19:46

No, not bad at all. You just need more practice that's all. I can say the samething for myself too. hehehe

Your right, the coloring of the shirt on the guy looks really good.

Keep on practicing. =)

gravitation 2003-11-08 21:01

i think thats a nice pic! its nice, lol i keep saying nice..its kool ^__________________^

get_a_life 2003-11-09 07:04

first things first, did you draw with a mouse/tablet or did you scan in your drawing?

first thing i noticed was your anatomy and sketchy lines. try to keep it clean and smoooooth.

it looks like youve got your idea down and pretty clear. what works for me is that i draw the same idea at least 3 to 5 times before im satisfied. 2nd, tracing is not a crime, its an essential tool!! so yeah, use tracing paper or, if you're really serious Canson Marker Paper. why that? bc its got good transparency and a smoooooth surface thats perfect for pencils and inks. trace over your drawings and at the same time make needed changes.

Ayla 2003-11-09 22:56

Wow, those are sketchy lines? I thought they were pretty good myself..but I'm still a beginner. I do use a tablet..And I do a rough sketch, then go over it again making it smoother..however the program I use, I'm not sure how to make it smoother? I just got the program and am learning..You should see my first lineart with it, it sucked a lot more then this lol

OFFSPRiNGCo16 2003-11-10 00:15

Not bad, not bad at all. Keep practicing and showing your work, I feel that with more practice you can get much better. :) Keep up the good work :p

Sukato 2003-11-11 12:06

Pretty good! The guy's shirt is definately very nice. might try making extra small pupils for a freaked out look. For instance, often in anime when a character is freaked out their eyes will slightly widen while their pupils will drastically shrink.

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