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VieT_TriAD 2004-01-02 17:17

Konjiki no Gash Bell! Discussion (Fansub only)
Edit by Moderator: Lately there have been so much discussion of the manga and unsubbed Japanese episodes in this thread that it has become difficult to discuss the fansubs. Since these discussions involve rather different people I decided that there needs to be a separate thread for these two discussions. I split that discussion into its own thread. From now on this thread is for discussing fansubbed Gash Bell only!

This series is awesome!!! I think it's highly underrated.

I can't stop laughing, its so funny and has its fair share of action also.

Has anyone else watched this? ep 12 was great =) can't wait for ep 13.

A-E did a good job on Gash Bell. They got a fast bot on their mircx chan which archived 1-12 so far

Go-lytely 2004-01-02 17:49

Yeah, its one of those underrated shows we dont hear much of. I hope it all gets subbed because I want to see Gash become king of the demons.

VieT_TriAD 2004-01-03 03:37

Ya, that would be cool. But probably won't happen till the end.

He still needs to fight all those other strong demons.

NoSanninWa 2004-01-03 04:14

Just this Tuesday I came across Konjiki no Gash Bell 1-12 on a XDCC bot in A-E's Irc channel. I decided to download the first episode on the theory that if it was good I might take the trouble to download the rest of the series. I got 250K/s downloading! Only 15 minutes to download an episode. With an "Oooooooooo" I started downloading the rest. 3 hours later I had all 12 episodes, but hadn't even started to watch it yet. (I can get greedy when I see fast downloads.) So I start to watch. 22 minutes later I'm thinking WTF?!? After two more episodes though that WTF turned into a WOW! Now I've seen the first 5 episodes and I am so glad that I came across that bot. By next week I'm going to have watched all the episodes that AE subbed. :sigh: easy come, easy go.

I suppose the point of this post is that having just discovered Gash Bell, I am glad to have a thread appear where I can say just how glad I am.

pulsr 2004-01-03 04:39

vulcan owns all, how old is he 5 minutes, what does he do he fires 300 air missiles!

Lord Raiden 2004-01-03 10:14

Awe man, NoSanninWa, you big IRC bot user. ;)

Now I'm kinda interested in seeing it come to bittorrent as that's the only way I get my anime anymore. :(

EDIT: Nevermind, as usual I'm obviously blind. It's already on AS.

ZeroKun 2004-01-03 10:17

sad thing is its already in the 30s. Hopefully someone will start subbing the rest.

gunslinge 2004-01-03 14:47

because i belived immediately that this was good anime i tried to download from the A-E channel in irc but wasn't lucky to find the fast bot all of you are talking about :(. the channel only has 3 xdcc bots right now and i think one doesn't work. my downloads where alrite on one at 40k but when i tried to download gash bell on the bot that had it my downloads would stop because it was to slow. :(........


i really wanna start watching.

VieT_TriAD 2004-01-03 17:23

AE|Iori and AE|Lafiel has em

gunslinge 2004-01-03 18:16

thank you!! :heh:

getting episode one which is dwn a little faster at 40k/s not as fast as i thought it would be at 250 but im glad atleast im downloading it now. if it comes to worse ill probably end up getting the torrent that has episodes 1-8. :thinker:

it did pick to 100k for like 3 seconds :/ hopefully it will improve. sorry can't wait!!!!

Akiace 2004-01-04 02:44

Yay! This series is so funny! I had my doubts at first too cos of the weird way the characters are animated, but it's so damn funny! Keeping my fingers crossed that it won't get dropped...

rs008f 2004-01-23 15:06

How many episodes is Konjiki no Gash Bell?
Does anyone know?

SimplyEd 2004-01-23 15:50

Tough question indeed....i think i saw a raw for episode 40 lately,but i'm not too sure if it was the real thing.
Oh yeah, praise be to A-E/Aoshi for a job very well done!

hunterx 2004-01-23 15:51

in the 50s, I saw the raw for like 50something, too bad nobody is interested in subbing it

SimplyEd 2004-01-23 16:02

Yeah, it really is a shame, cause the show really grows one you once you keep on watching a couple of episodes.
Actually, i think the fanbase is quite big, so i really wonder why there are only a few subbers working on it..maybe a lack of input on both sides.

Naruko 2004-01-23 16:03

Actualy if you would have looked there is a Topic that is Stickied right at the top of the fansub page that says How Many Episodes: Answered here!
check there I know how many is not listed there but if its not there check some anime NFO pages if ya cant find it its probly Unknown at this point.

SimplyEd 2004-01-23 16:25


Originally Posted by Naruko
Actualy if you would have looked there is a Topic that is Stickied right at the top of the fansub page that says How Many Episodes: Answered here!
check there I know how many is not listed there but if its not there check some anime NFO pages if ya cant find it its probly Unknown at this point.

True, usually that does help,but not in all cases and Konjiki no Gash Bell seems to be one of these exceptions, although it deserves better.
Still, let's hope that all those dedicated subbers catch up with the more recent episodes in the near future.

bayoab 2004-01-23 18:00

There are at least 52 episodes. The offical ep count is unknown. The series is currently at ep 40 or so in japan. It is probably going to go on longer based on some speculation .

DrWho2002 2004-01-23 18:38

Ep 13 was just released by A-E/Aoshi a little while ago, so they're still working on it.

ato 2004-01-31 11:57

Ah, I finally picked up this series again, and saw episodes 10-14. It's still episodic, but we are staring to see some interesting side characters and a bit of back-story. It's developing nicely, so I thought it would be appropriate to throw some love out for this little spoken about show :) (Moge!!)

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