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Varion 2006-12-27 11:30

Prism Ark
While Prism Ark has not been licensed yet, it is produced by MFI, therefore we won't be listing fansubs here on AnimeSuki. See Removal of Media Factory Inc. Works for details.

Since it is "restricted", the following posts are no longer allowed.
  • Asking where you can find Prism Ark downloads or torrents.
  • Asking for help downloading Prism Ark.
  • Asking for playback help for Prism Ark episodes.
These rules applies to fansubs (in English or any other language) and raws alike.

You still are allowed to discuss the anime, that has not changed but please remember to limit the discussion to the story. End of edit by Mod (xris)

Well Kara no Kyoukai got a thread, so this deserves one too :D

Apparently there'll be more news about it in the February issue of Megami. I'm just hoping they get a good studio to do this. Oh, and another KOTOKO OP as good as Requiem of Original Sin wouldn't go amiss either.

The series will be based on the erogame of the same name by Pajamas Soft, which was released earlier this year (first as a super-fancy super-expensive limited edition, then as a regular one). I still haven't got round to playing my LE one so ayyo's summary would've been a better read for anyone interested. But it's gone now. Too bad.

Oh wait, I have a bit of it! Woo. Here you go, some background info:

The world of Prism Ark takes place in the equivalent of our world’s Crusade era in Western Europe. The geography is a little changed and there are stuff like magic and dragons.

The main players are Wind Land, Viella, and the Sablum Empire. Viella of Victaly is equal to Rome of Italy, and the Sablum Empire is equal to the Byzantine Empire. Sabus is the god of Islam and Rerihion is the god of Christianity. Like our world’s Christianity, Viella serves as the headquarters of the Pope and believers of Rerihion.

Wind Land is where the Holy Roman Empire would be. In Wind Land, it is always spring, and the greeting is “Good wind” instead of “Good morning”.

Prior to the events that begin in Prism Ark, Viella has already called several crusades in the name of Rerihion to reclaim the Holy Land. However this was completely stopped after awhile and Rerihion and Sabus believers lived in peace and harmony from that day.

The game begins with the King and Queen making a journey to Viella to get their one year daughter, the Princess of Wind Land, baptized. However, their escort was suddenly attacked by the Sablum Empire, who were supposed to be their good allies. At this battle was the first appearance of the Angels, a imposing being with wings and halo, whose height easily doubled men’s, and came wielding never before seen power.

Afterwards, the King, the Queen, and the Princess were all missing and were assumed either killed from the ambush, or in hiding. Outraged, the Pope immediately re-established the Crusades and ordered one to invade Sablum. From then on, Wind Land and the Sablum Empire were in war. However, this war has not ended years after years and continues on to this day, and still, there are no King or Queen ruling Wind Land…

Finally getting the acceptance notice, Hyaweh travels to the Isle of Rozenberg, which is holded by the Rozenberg Family, the most powerful family in Wind Land, second to the absence Royal Family. In there is the best school for knights wannabes, privately funded by Duke Kizarov Rozenberg, the number one Knight in Wind Land.

However, as it turns out, Hyaweh is actually two whole weeks late and from there on spirals his wacky journey to knighthood in the midst of a devastating war taking place, which will hit home closer than what anyone could’ve imagined.
Also, the official site for the game is and is completely not worksafe, though it does include a whole bunch of demos including the earlier chapters (with battles removed) and two battle-only demos, one with just Hyaweh, and one with some allies too (can't remember which now)

Newprimus 2006-12-27 16:07

If someone could find a bigger version of that scan, I would be very greatful.

Since it's a MFI production, it'll be absent from animesuki's listings, not that such a thing's going to stop some people from subbing it anyway. :D

Now, is Media Factory a studio, or a bigger company that's going to be handing Prism Ark down to an actual studio? Although what's most likely true is that the anime production was already well under way and they only decided to announce it now. It's only been about four months since the game's release so this is pretty fast, meaning they probably already had arrangements for an anime before the game was finished, I guess.

What else has Media Factory done? I think they did School Rumble but I can't be sure. I hope they do Prism Ark great justice.

Speaking of which, there's the question of which story arc they'll follow. Probably stick mainly to Fillia's arc, since it's the 'true' arc, but dabble heavily into Priecia's, since she's the 'main heroine', and hopefully take this and that from the other heroines' stories. Priecia's arc alone is pretty lacking, after all, and there's so much good stuff from every heroine's arc that to leave out all of each would be diminishing to the work as a whole.

Anyhow, Prism Ark getting animated! Banzai!!!

Leo_Otaku 2006-12-27 16:44

LOl I can't wait for this ^-^ When I heard about it I was laughing. I really liked the music for it.

NeoSam 2006-12-27 16:57

Even though I'm not a eroge player (at least not a heavy eroge player LOL), I loved the description of the game provided by ayyo in this site :) so I'll sure be checking the anime when it starts :)

Also there's a tsundere type of character (Priecia) :D so that alone is enough for me to check the anime :p

Varion 2006-12-27 17:32

Nah, Media Factory's not an animation studio. I'm not sure what exactly they are (they handle DVDs and such I think but their shows seem to have a number of different animation studios... like School Rumble had the animation handled by Studio Comet, and Zero no Tsukaima was by JC Staff, Tsuyokiss by another company... etc. I hope whoever it is they're extremely capable as Prism Ark's artwork was just that good. I'd hate this to end up looking like Yoake where the originally fantastic character art was made... well, not very good at all when the anime came around. Same goes for the backgrounds in this case too. I'm not expecting it to be quite as good (that would take Kyo-Ani style budgeting), but still, considering there's the animated OPs and all (for anyone who hasn't seen it, check out the second OP, the Kotoko one, pa_movie5.lzh on the official site's download page)... at least that quality would be nice. Especially on the Angels :D

Wonder when we'll get it. Summer season? Autumn? Hopefully not *too* soon, I was planning on finishing the game with at least some vague semblance of Japanese understanding before the anime started.

Leo Otaku - Well the music's by OdiakeS, who did some of the tracks from Kanon, so I'm not surprised you like it :)

Sushi-Y 2006-12-27 17:32

Here's hoping it doesn't turn into another cabbage or coolxsweet (shivers) :heh:.

There's also the obvious concern of seiyuu casting as well, the game/drama CD cast would be the best (it would be a big disappointment if they swapped Nabatame-san (Kagura's voice) for someone else). But we all know things almst never go exactly as we want it... ^^;

Shiroth 2006-12-27 18:11


Originally Posted by Sushi-Y (Post 781299)
There's also the obvious concern of seiyuu casting as well, the game/drama CD cast would be the best (it would be a big disappointment if they swapped Nabatame-san (Kagura's voice) for someone else). But we all know things almst never go exactly as we want it... ^^;

Looking at the past of anime from Eroge games that had drama CD's around, 90% of the time stick with that cast - so i'm pretty much thinking the same shall happen here.

ayyo 2006-12-27 18:37

Hohoho, I look forward to seeing Fel and Filia animated.

MeganeShounen 2006-12-28 02:08

Still, a sequel getting animated before its predecessor... it's for the better anyway.
I did check out Prism Heart's official page, and I gotta say, there were leaps and bounds in the difference in art.:heh:

Happilly anticipating~ www

(And I'm gonna repeat what I said on the Rakkyo thread: Chrismas indeed came late this year. :D)

Leo_Otaku 2007-01-03 01:02


Originally Posted by Valdra (Post 781297)
Leo Otaku - Well the music's by OdiakeS, who did some of the tracks from Kanon, so I'm not surprised you like it :)

That would explain quite a bit ^-^

Yeah the art for the game is really beautiful! You Tube actually has the animated opening by Kotoko, just give it a search ^-^

Chaos2Frozen 2007-01-03 06:20

This news came as a pleasant surprise.

For one thing, I was so sure whether the game was popular enough to become an anime. Also, if not, they might have to do the 1st game first, hence it would take a long time.

Glad to know that both of them aren't true. =)

Now the question is when will it be out? Fall season maybe?

Dragnfly@Gamefaqs 2007-01-04 18:35

Yaaaaaaaaaay! I'm gonna keep an eye out for this one. I have the 2nd game and it's really impressive with very likable characters.

From a VN standpoint, I hold Prism Ark 2 as the most visually impressive VN I've ever played. Although the majority of it's effects and flare are very simple, they just work so well it can't be dismissed.

Actually, it coined the "I want my windmills, damnit!" phrase among my friends and I. Mainly because I'm making my own VN and was greatly inspired by the depth of presentation in PA2. Mainly, after the first shows of intelligent camera use, it cuts to a scene with these absolutely beautiful windmills. So basically "I want my windmills, damnit!" means "I want this thing to look good!"

I never played the first one and don't have time to now so this anime will hopefully work out very well for me.

Newprimus 2007-01-05 01:01

You mean Prism Heart 2. Prism Ark = Prism Heart 2.

.............. no website yet it seems.

-Breakthrough- 2007-01-15 14:42

Yes! Its finally going to be animated, cant wait ^__^

Newprimus 2007-01-15 18:56

Damn it, and I thought someone had posted a link to a website!

Varion 2007-01-15 19:06

Nope, none yet. They've finally announced it on the official site, but nothing beyond 'Prism Ark's getting an anime! More information to follow'. Oh well.

Newprimus 2007-01-15 20:13

I understand every single one of those omake comics. Teehehee!

Varion 2007-02-24 23:56

Info from the February Megami issue mentioned in the first post. Doesn't appear to have anything useful or new in it. I like how Priecia and Kagura look though.

Chaos2Frozen 2007-02-25 00:10

But hey, at least it's a bigger image this time...

Wonder when will it be out...

Kaioshin Sama 2007-02-25 01:17


Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen (Post 843541)
But hey, at least it's a bigger image this time...

Wonder when will it be out...

Bigger Image... *Shiver* That evokes feeling of just how big the image size of Prism Ark is if you actually look at it. It is the biggest H-Game I have ever seen.

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