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starfish00 2006-12-28 20:14

Aegisub Help thread
line-per-syllable defalut set is "{\\an5\\pos($X,40)\\t($START,$END,\\fry360)}"

how to '9-advanced-skeleton' or '10-furigana' effect? or other effect

ArchMageZeratuL 2006-12-30 17:45

line-per-syllable is a simple karaoke effect that doesn't actually require you to write your own script.

Advanced Skeleton and Furigana, on the other hand, require you to write your own Lua script and include them as a library. This requires some basic (at least) programming knowledge, but allows you to program your karaoke effects to your heart's content, enabling very advanced effects.

Please see the manual for a detailed information on how to use those.

Katsuyu 2007-03-06 21:14

Aegisub...... Lua
hi ......

can you tell me where can I find the effect files ( Lue )...


jfs 2007-03-06 22:25

I'll be blunt:
Write them yourself. Karaoke effects is (almost) all about showing off your skills, if you're just using someone else's effect you're missing the entire point of having an advanced effect. If you want to learn, there's several examples already included with Aegisub. It's rare for people to publish their effect scripts.
The other (much more common, I think?) option is to use one of methods that don't involve direct scripting. You could for example use simple-k-replacer, line-per-syllable or multi-template. And you'll find many good tips on making karaoke in the karaoke help thread.
Though if you insist on seeing some full-fledged complete scripts, here are some more examples.

And there is of course also other software for generating karaoke effects.

Katsuyu 2007-03-07 22:23

thanks jfs....

but I mean if any one have this files for karoake...


Sylf 2007-03-08 02:35

Those simple-k-replacer, line-per-syllable, and multi-template are multi-purpose karaoke script. Read those wiki links that jfs posted. They explain step-by-step how to use them.

Esente 2007-08-12 03:13

Drawing signs in Aegisub?
Hello, I am kind of new in the typesetting area. Our group is working on Pale Cocoon (great OVA by the way) right now, and I , as the group's typesetter, is trying to drawing the important boxes on to the screen. Please take a look to get a better idea of what I am trying to explain here:
Original frame
With the drawing on it.

In the anime, this scene includes a lot of frames moving from there to the upper-left corner, and there more boxes will appear. I try to draw a box cover the original box and then add subtitle there. My questions are:

As a fansub group, should we do that, or just simply add the subtitle at the bottom of the screen?

And if we could do that, what is the best way to do so? As you can see on the pics above, the way I do is working frame by frame. In each frame, I draw the box with the corresponding positions of the corners. It takes me a lot of time just to do a simple animation of 5 seconds (~100 frames). I also tried the FexTracker and the FexMovement, but it seemed that I couldn't do that correctly, or it did not give me the result I want.

Would you please give me some advice? I guess my explanation may not be clear, so feel free to question me. I will try to explain more detail.

xat 2007-08-12 04:59

First: Don't use FexTracker. Especially not for a project like Pale Cocoon.
Second: Upgrade. Try out the newest betas of Aegisub. I think you'll like the new drawing tools available.

If you're not under any time pressure I'd go for it. When it comes to deadlines you need to draw a line somewhere though.

Sans deadlines, it comes down to what you want your user base to see. Hint: Most people don't mind simple typesetting. That said, most of those I know who fansub do it to their expectations (which tend to be significantly higher) and not to the typical viewer's.

Now, assuming you want to do it, you could certainly give it a shot in ASS. Note that the text there isn't sharpened; I'd make use of \be -- maybe even OverLua can help you there? Given the sheer amount of animation to the user interfaces throughout Pale Cocoon, though, I can guarantee that it would take some time to perfect.

If you have access to one, an NLE with a reliable motion tracker might be better.

Esente 2007-08-12 05:12

1. I won't touch FexTracker.
2. Wow, the beta (r1458) looks nice, and yeah, the frame is not misplaced like in v1.10 any more, which also means everything I did become nothing (I based on the old frames).
3. Obviously I want to do the hard work (kind of perfectionist, you know). Drawing line frame-by-frame is only time-consuming, but not hard. However, making animation is hard, especially when I want to make the subtitles go along with the drawings. Tried \pos, and I'm not really sure I understand the releation between \pos and \an . I could get the subtitle to the right position, but then, the drawing would be somewhere else.

Like I said, I'm new to typesetting, but I really love it. I want to learn more, and time is not a obstacle here.

And what is NLE?

jfs 2007-08-12 06:12

NLE = Non-Linear Editor, something like Adobe AfterEffects, Sony Vegas and a bunch of other video editing tools. Even Avisynth could be an option.
For Avisynth, look for the ReplaceFrame plugin, it allows you to easily export a large number of frames as eg. PNG files, edit them in eg. Photoshop and then have them imported back into the video.

I would also recommend looking at a non-ASS-based solution if you want to do advanced overlay graphics like that, it's just way more work than it's worth, when better tools are available.

Esente 2007-08-12 17:27

Then it will become hard-sub, right? We only want to do soft-sub. I saw in one topic that there is a tool to convert image to ASS commands. I may want to give it a try!

xat 2007-08-12 17:35

When it comes to typesetting like this (usage of drawings/clips/animated text) you don't want to subject your users to rendering it. That image to ass program does a 1:1 translation from pixel to ass (last I saw of its discussion) -- definitely not practical especially if you're working frame by frame. Overlays are probably the way to go here.

jfs 2007-08-12 20:18

Yes, apart from the softsubs ending up being huge they will also be insanely slow to render, many current top-level machines might have trouble rendering it in real time. If you want 100% soft typesetting you also will have to cut some corners and sacrifice some prettyness.

Esente 2007-08-12 21:32

Sorry for being ignorant, but yeah, I only want to do some of the animations of Pale Cocoon. About 10, I believe. I finished drawing 3 of them, and the ass file is only 56KB. Is it big?

Um.. I'm not expecting prettiness in my soft-sub. I only want to draw boxes so that it look better than placing the subtitle at the bottom.

For the above screenshots, here are my commands:

{\be1\p1}m 212 196 l 309 305 l 274 358 l 180 240 l 212 197{\p0}
The style I use for this has alignment of 7.

And then I add the subtitle:
{\frz-42\pos(199,238)}Dai Duong
I use a different style, and the current alignment is 1 so that the subtitle appears exact at the pos(). But if I do this way, every frame will have two lines, one for drawing, and one for subtitle. It would take double time. Is there anyway I can combine those two lines together? I tried, but the sub and the drawing will appear unexpectedly.

jfs 2007-08-13 08:19

Nope, no way to combine them like that :(

ArchMageZeratuL 2007-08-13 12:49

Don't worry about having two lines per frame. VSfilter is actually faster at rendering two small lines than one big one. For drawing the overlay masks, I recommend you to look into assdraw2 (it's available somewhere on the Aegisub forums). Aegisub will eventually support drawing \p vectors in much the same way as it supports the vectorial \clip now.

If all you want to do simple stuff like what's shown on your screenshot, doing it with ASS feasible and shouldn't be too slow. Otherwise, it might start becoming a problem. However, I don't recommend hardsubbing over the original japanese text, as viewers who actually speak some japanese will be bothered by it.

Esente 2007-08-14 14:29

Just wish Aegisub will intergrate AssDraw2. It's such a perfect tool for my purpose. However, i still don't understand how can I work with two separated windows. And I couldn't see the frame frome Aegisub if I draw on AssDraw2.

ArchMageZeratuL 2007-08-14 14:45


Originally Posted by Esente (Post 1095157)
Just wish Aegisub will intergrate AssDraw2. It's such a perfect tool for my purpose. However, i still don't understand how can I work with two separated windows. And I couldn't see the frame frome Aegisub if I draw on AssDraw2.

We plan to integrate something similar to it, as I said in the above post. To use Assdraw2 with Aegisub, just change the window opacity to 75% or so (it's somewhere in the menu)

b0nk 2007-08-16 05:28


Originally Posted by jfs (Post 1093083)
Nope, no way to combine them like that :(

Are you sure about that? I've done boxes soft subbed with words on top before using only one line. I don't know how to do it in Aegisub but in notepad you open the .ass file and under the styles change the Borderstyle from 1 to 3 then you simply write out the the sign and you should see a box where the outline usually is. You control the value of the size of the box with the outline or \bord values. You can then manipulate the box using the \frx|y|z commands until you get something that matches also stretch the box with the \fscx|y command. Hope this helps.

jfs 2007-08-16 07:11

Oh, right. I was thinking of a box that also had an outlined border and not just a plain box like that. (And I always forget about the opque box border style too.)
Either way, you can set the style field in Aegisub, it's simply the checkbox labelled Opeque Box in the style editor.

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