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kakashi222 2003-11-06 23:37

Post a picture of your pet.

<^UmAyR^> 2003-11-07 00:06
This is my pet hedgehog, Fotis :D

Tzurial 2003-11-07 00:15

Oh my god those are so cute! Fotis the hedge hog..thats too adorable ^_^
Heres my rat Toaster Bunny! I loves her!

dot|hack 2003-11-07 00:18


Ir0nExpress 2003-11-07 00:33

Aww i always wanted a hedgehog, where do you live <^UmAyR^> ? I'm wonderin if they're legal in NY. I only have fish but i'm too lazy to take a pic and if any fish lovers ever saw how clean my tank is, i'd be skewered on a stick. (it's not that i don't clean the tank, it's because my filter can't handle the amount of shit the poop)

ZGMF-10A 2003-11-07 00:37

i don't got a pet but i want one liek chi-yo-chan...... wtf is that ...... is that a real picture of a hamster bunny and what was the other part of it??........

hinata-chan 2003-11-07 01:19

Awww, I love looking at photos of adorable pets. :love:

Here's my cat who thinks he's a dog:

Tzurial 2003-11-07 01:31

wah!! hinata-chan your cat is so pretty!!

Esperchld 2003-11-07 01:38

Nice, crisp and clear there Hinata-chan. Same with you <^UmAyR^>.

Tzurial, is that a picture of a rat liking itself? Looks good.

Dot|Hack I don't know what to say. I think I have seen that in a webcomic called purple pussy.

baka manko 2003-11-07 03:25

heres my dog

and the other one

root 2003-11-07 03:33

Here's my Doberman Pincher.

Koshiba 2003-11-07 03:40

Awww, cute animals!! I don't have any pics of my pets at the moment. ^_^; I have two cats though. Tamtu and Fubar.

PiGGiEE 2003-11-07 04:03

Here are some pictures of my doggiee Shadow. He's an old doggiee but has it in his head that he's still a pup.

hinata-chan 2003-11-07 08:35

baka manko, your dogs are soo adorable! :)

PiGGiEE - nice shots of Shadow. :)

Funnylink 2003-11-07 09:45

her name is star

saku~ya 2003-11-07 09:57
His name is Oliver, but we all call him Fat Louie or kitty :love:
This is Cecil my ham-ham. Although he died a month back ;_; Thats my favorite picture of him ^^

Stofzuiger 2003-11-07 10:03


Originally Posted by Funnylink

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :love:

she's soooooooooooooooo cute. :love:



well, i'm gonna act male again :)

I actually have one very boring fish.... so i'm not taking any pictures of it (waste of time)

Meroko 2003-11-07 11:06

This is A-ko

This is Simone

This is Mishi

And this is Kuato

s0nicfreak 2003-11-07 14:36

I have 3 dogs and some fish. No pics of the fish though...


Rocky when he was a puppy

Rocky more recently, biting my brother

And this is their son Ein, my spoiled baby, born January 21st.

When he first opened his eyes


And this is him now
T.T they grow up so fast

Archuka 2003-11-07 15:05

Here is a pic of two of our dogs. The smaller one is Nappi and the big one is Nessu. :)

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