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confidence 2004-01-03 03:26

good anime i might like ?
im looking for romance/comedy and adventure, can u name some that are on animesuki. name a few cuz then i might already be watching it thank you im new to this forum. note, i dont want that much gore

Thelastguardian 2004-01-03 03:31

scrap princess + last exile comes to mind (not that much romance however).

PS please discuss this in the Suggestion Sub-forum.

confidence 2004-01-03 03:32

scrap princess is comedy or adventure? my friend was watching it
and i dont think its comedy, but of course i havent seen any episodes, so ill gve it a try.

|)arK_Nin 2004-01-03 03:48

i think you should try scrapped princess too

Wandering_Youth 2004-01-03 04:16

The only other anime I can think of besides Scrapped Princess would be Fullmetal Alchemist. One more thing, you should have posted this in the Suggestion forum.

SomeName 2004-01-03 15:08

For comedy/adventure, you might want to try One Piece if you aren't already watching it. For romance/comedy, maybe Maburaho.

Tritium 2004-01-03 15:26

weird that no one mentioned full metal fumoffu yet, it has comedy and romance :)

Gaara11 2004-01-03 16:12


Originally Posted by Tritium
weird that no one mentioned full metal fumoffu yet, it has comedy and romance :)

But he mentioned adventure and that threw me off. :heh: Try One Piece.

tsuki_desu 2004-01-04 17:57

scrapped princess

stormy001_M1A2 2004-01-05 13:33

The problem is everyone has their unique taste in anime. For example I think Aoi Yori Aoshi is shit but legions of fan ready to swear by it whereas I think Kino no Tabi is a brillant anime but many people think it is the most boring anime since it is too conversational.

Just my opinion.

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