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MuGeN_BoY 2004-01-03 03:55

Prob with screenies of video clips
When i wanna take a screen shot of a frame from a vid clip or movie...

And when i paste it in a paint program like photo shop 7 or paintshop pro 8 it comes out all black...

Ive tried pasting the imagewith teh vid paused and with teh vid program turned off..

Tried takign it from bsplayer and wm player...

any help would be appreciated... thanks

Shii 2004-01-03 08:04

Most video players use an extra video layer provided by Windows, which cannot be copied and pasted.

Take your screenshots with VirtualDub (Media Player Classic also works sometimes).

MuGeN_BoY 2004-01-03 17:49

Ah k, it did work in vdub, thanks for help....
much appreciated

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