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PartyOverHere 2004-01-03 04:01

recent romantic comedies
hey wut's up guys, i haven't been watch anime lately and now that i got more time on my hand i wanna watch some good series. So yea can anyone be kind enough to suggest to me some good romantic comedies that have come out recently? By recently i mean like something that came out in 2003. I probably seen most of the stuff before that. oh yea Gun Parade March is one of my favorite animes and that style or genre is wut i really like. Well thanks for your help. Oh and I'm not just asking cause i'm lazy cause i did look around animesuki and googled each series that seemed interesting but i dunno if they're good or not.

guynextdoor 2004-01-03 06:14

maburaho - basically an anime about 3 girls crazy about a guy :D

Unmei 2004-01-03 06:48

Onegai Twins??

Onegai Teacher is good as well...

Triangle Heart... Don't know if it is new...

Can't remember anymore...

Zoya 2004-01-04 04:15

Check out Stellvia of the Universe. In some ways it reminded me of Gunparade March while I was watching it. I found the first arc of this show to be really awesome (first 13 episodes or so.) The rest of the series wasn't as great, but still worth watching.

Gaara11 2004-01-04 11:40

Romantic/Comedy = ~Fumoffu~ :)

PartyOverHere 2004-01-04 22:55

cool thanks for your suggestions. I'll check those out

lost-t~Rinoa 2004-01-05 01:31

Hi tis Rinoa from Anime Blitz.
i would say KGNE is a gr8 romantic anime.. i think it has comedy in it! :love:


Zephronite 2004-01-05 02:39

KGNE... comedy? Sure, those clips at the end of each episode were funny, but that does not make KGNE a comedy.... ~_~

NeverRamza 2004-01-05 02:45

Da Capo is the series that you're looking for.

Narue no Sekai is also really funny. It has a lot of otaku jokes.

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