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e99y 2004-01-03 13:14

Air Master ep 16
in the series page of air master, there is an episode 16 of the said anime.

fansubber group is animejunkies yet the link is the same as the "cc" fansubber". i hope this could be clarified. thanks.

xris 2004-01-03 13:27

As far as I can see it's not a mistake as such.

The cc torrents site has the link and it does work. If it's intentional I'm not sure since the torrent for AJ AM16 is only mentioned in the comments box and not in the torrents box (where you can find the cc AM18-20 eps).

e99y 2004-01-03 13:46

oops. thanks for correcting me. got it. the correction should have been for the "cc" page. :uhoh: my mistake.

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