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sonar 2003-11-07 00:35

Anime Kingdom Recruitment

Anime Kingdom now has openings for a few positions due to our wish to expand.

AnimeKingdom - Open Positions

Effects Specialists, Raw finders/providers, Translators (Japanese to English only), Timers, and Typesetters.

Effects Specialsts: Must be adept in advanced SSA commands/effects and fairly creative in karaoke effects.

Raw finders/providers: Need to be able to locate/produce a raw shortly after airing and a higher quality version within the next day.

Translators: Fluent in the Japanese language and preferably in the culture as well.

Timers: Will be decided by the crew on a case by case basis based upon your finished product. Must be able to use Sub Station Alpha.

Typesetters: A raw and sample script will be provided which will include signs and font effects. Typesetters chosen will be those who's product most "flowed" :p with the video and theme. Job includes type placement, formating of subtitles, signs, comments and titles, font decision, and of course generally makes the subtitle and anime look pretty... oh so pretty... Must be familiar and experienced with Sub Station Alpha.

Contact us by either replying to this thread with contact information or on irc at #animekingdom; message an operator and they'll sort you out :)

These are the official open positions, but other positions are available depending on the circumstances (If you have a dedicated T3 connection, we're certainly not going to stop you from helping us distro ^^; ). If you think you can help us, don't hesitate to contact us.

1stStrike 2003-11-07 02:35

i can give you 20 or 30 gigs of bandwidth and a few hundred mb of space on my webserver if you want it. it's a pretty fast connection (multiple OC48's) and redundancy is good.

Tabiree 2003-11-08 06:51

What do you intend to subtitle? Are you another group who'll add to thepile of "5th-11th group subtitling the ultra popular series (X)"?

sonar 2003-11-08 15:35


Originally Posted by Tabiree
What do you intend to subtitle? Are you another group who'll add to thepile of "5th-11th group subtitling the ultra popular series (X)"?

We are open in what we intend to subtitle and for the most part it mainly depends whether the crew enjoys the anime. If quite a few groups are doing a series, we will not pick it up, unless we are not happy with a major aspect of the subs available. Someone may cry FMPF, but we were quite involved before many groups released, and we will try not to drop a series unless licensed. It is also worthwhile to mention that we dropped a title which will remain unnamed (for the moment at least) because of the number of groups doing it.

We were seriously looking into anime which have already aired as well, but like I said, each series requires a decent amount of work from each member, and if one link is missing the whole chain falls apart. Which is why we're looking into recruitment, to broaden our options a bit. In conclusion, we won't sub anime based upon its popularity, but on how much we enjoy it.

editted for clarification

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