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GaoGaiGar 2004-01-03 16:23

Problem downloading
Hi people,
I'm Marco from Italy.
I got a problem while i was downloading GAOGAIGAR episode 16. :twitch:
While i was at 65% of the download, the site erased the GGG episode16 file link and put on th GGG episode from 13 to 16 file link.
Ok, but i olready got episode 13, 14 and 15, and now if i want to download the only 16 i can't. :frustrated:
I would like to know if the site is able to give me the right link for the only GGG episode 16 file, i beg you. :(

Hi from Italy to anyone :)

MuGeN_BoY 2004-01-03 17:25

gao its very simple, just DL a little bit of bt file with eps 13-16...

It should make a folder with partial image files of eps 13-16...

then cancel teh DL and copy the files u have already DLed into that same folder...

Make sure u have the same file names and make backup copies of the files ur putting in for safe hand...

Then DL teh bt file again with eps 13-16 in teh same foler, it should resume those files and DL ep 16....

hope this helps

xris 2004-01-03 17:54

Check out the BitTorrent Step by Step Guide by Flash_Squirrel in the Download Help forum.

He explains how to solve your problem in the FAQ part of his guide (as MuGeN_BoY explained in his post as well)

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