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monir 2007-01-14 21:32

Spoilers will lead to a BAN [Read on]
This following two-part rule will be enforced from here on:

  • Absolutely no manga spoilers in any anime-only threads such as the weekly Episode Discussion threads. That means, no hints, or vague remarks about a future event from the manga, even within the spoiler tags.
  • The above rule also applies to any thread title that adds the tag [anime-only].

  • If a thread title does not have the [anime-only] tag, then any spoiler needs to be put inside the spoiler tag and it has to be marked accordingly. In the following is an example of how to mark any spoilers within the spoiler tags:

    [spoiler=your title] your content [/spoiler]... and it will appear as follows:

    Spoiler for my confession:

The above rule does not apply to any thread that has the [manga] tag in the title. Everyone is encouraged to use the report post button if any of these rules are broken. It will notify a moderator who will deal with such poster according to this rule.

monir 2007-01-16 12:42

This rule is effective as of now, January 16, 2007. My suggestion to everyone is to read this rule and take it very seriously! If anything you don't understand give me a PM. To reiterate one more thing:

Please use the report button located at the bottom of every user name whenever you spot a breach of this BAN-rule (or any other rule in general). It will notifiy a moderator!

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