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ShadowX114 2004-01-04 01:45

What about of this new forum
Don't you think it would be nice if there was a forum where we could write about our problems? Sometimes, we have a problem that we like to talk about it to some1 to feel good. But , we don't want to say it to nobody that we know in real life cuz we are shy about it. Exemple, not long ago, I posted in "General Chat" about my problem. I posted it in here because I didn't want to talk about it to any of my friends or family. So I thought writing it here is better.
So in that forum, people could post their problems and some others try to help them. No1 should be ashamed or anything cuz we don't know each other personally.

Sorry for my bad english :P

Forse 2004-01-04 01:55

I know you mean well, but again it's not going to happen :( Mods will probably say that this is anime oriented forum and ask you to find a better forum...

P.S. On AS it takes a lot of posts (A LOT) for admins to create a separate forum.

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