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Mykas 2007-02-04 19:38

Manga you hate... or isn't worth reading
I often see subjects about manga that people like, top 5 lists, what you are reading, who is your favorite character. but never one to warn us which titles are so bad they should be avoided at all costs. First let me say that I would like anyone who bothers to reply to this to not flame a manga, no matter how much you think it sucks, one persons trash is anothers treasure. Second please give a reason why you didn't like said manga. You think the art was not good enough, you thought the plot was tired and boring, you thought the characters were cardboard cutouts etc. Third if someone else dislikes your favorite manga of all time instead of telling us what a jerk he is for saying it is no good how about telling us why you like it so that we can all decide for ourselves. My basic idea is to discuss the lower end of manga so no one wastes money (or dl time) on stuff you wouldn't line the litter box with.

So I will go first:

Moryoh Kiden: I actually got a copy of the first issue through a trade I had bought a set of GTO (the price was too good to pass up even though I already had a set) and There was some ranma 1/2 in the box, I immediately decided to trade the ranma because I am not a big fan of the art style by Rumiko Takehashi (hope i didn't mangle the spelling too badly) and I traded the 3 ranma volumes for the moryoh Kiden and a couple of rpg books. well Let me say first My biggest problem with the title far and away is the writing, it seems to lack any direction whatsoever, I got the impression I was reading the sequel to a much longer story that all readers should be well informed of before picking up the first book. This however was not the case I couldn't find anything of the sort. Second the art is ok but it is very.... well flighty is the best word i can come up with it is typical clamp style stuff that you see in a ton of non clamp and clamp mangas alike (the writer is a former member of clamp for the record) so it was nothing really special. Finally what i could understand of the plot was dull and lifeless.
Maybe it was just me but this title was truly unenjoyable and I seriously suggest you all avoid it at all costs. I can only be all too thankfull I didn't put any money into it.

Bandersnatch 2007-02-04 23:01

Don't think I have read any manga I truely hate, usually I like just about everything since I stick to a particular genre and read reviews and stuff before reading or buying it. Here are three im not too fond of though:

1. Uncivilized Planet - Tries to be shocking for the sake of being shocking. Not much of a story, male lead was a pussy. Was only two volumes long though.

2. The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service - Concept for it seemed interesting, and its published by Dark Horse which I like :D. I enjoyed it to a certain extent, but I dont like how every chapter is its own story. Based on volume 1, there is no continuing story. 1) Dowser finds body. 2) Monk listens to the dead persons wish. 3) The group fulfill wish / catch murderer. 4) Repeat every chapter.

3. Blame! - I know I know shut up for a second and stop flippin out. I know this one is pretty popular but I haven't been able to get into the story. Will try it again soon, I like the art alot. :D

Vexx 2007-02-05 12:00

I know its a classic but Mahoromatic annoyed me so much I never got past the third volume... it was mainly the teacher's fault. I just found her totally unappealing and frankly she was portrayed so hyperbolically that it just killed the core story for me.

Usually I'll initially like a series but then it'll collapse so that I'm annoyed ("hate" is such a strong word - and used much too often).
One of the reasons I was attracted to manga is that they were like mini-series that had a beginning and an end. So I don't tend to like the "neverending action sitcom drama" items (virtually any series with more than 20 books seems to fall into shampoo/rinse/repeat).

Ichigo 100% was a fail and I'm sorry I even started the series. It started off well, but quickly fell into an orbital pattern with no/little real progress. Then the publisher sent the deathnote to the mangaka and her endgame was no progress then a sudden jump to years later and an epilog finish that might as well have been a 1d4 die roll choice.

Akeval 2007-02-05 12:14

Ahhh... well i thought and thought, but i've reached the conclusion that i really disliked...

Remote- I've seen it, and seen it again, so i decided to pick it up. After the 1st few chapters i had yet to see any appeal. The drawing itself could have been a little better, not a great introduction, and even more i disliked was their way of going from nothing to something giant.

As i said this manga seems to be pretty big, but i really think if you can't take a slow and poorly thought out story (not to mention the drawings lack of effort) stay clear of this manga.

Diedrupo 2007-02-06 00:50

Here are mine that I dislike:

Konjiki no Gash Bell!: I will never ever understand the appeal of this comic. It's not funny and the plot is well, just plain stupid.

Not really manga but: Dramacon. Can't stand the retarded plot about a girl going to a con with her boyfriend and proceeding to cheat on him and then dump him. Maybe it's the author's fantasy of meeting the perfect guy, but it's bullshit and disgusting to male readers like myself. I hope I never date a girl like that.

Karnot 2007-02-06 11:42


The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service - Concept for it seemed interesting
I feel the same. The premise is very good, but clearly isnt very thought out, because it is repetitive, and the whole thing lacks detail and polish. Heck, the very first chapter could be stretched up to 3 times and made much more enjoyable, but mangaka just skipped lots of possible content. There's just not enough of it.

-Breakthrough- 2007-02-11 13:54

Blame! And any other rip off mediocre stereotypical western manga from TokyoPop.

wolf-sama 2007-02-13 09:11

GRAVITATION that is one i don't get... and DEMON DIARY don't get that eather...
yeah those two i really don't like!

2H-Dragon 2007-02-14 13:01

Gekkoh made puke. It was soo bad. The only good thing about it is it's cover. :O

@wolf-sama: That just means your a guy and straight. =o

Contempt 2007-02-14 17:36

Death Note... Though I'm sure some don't share my reasoning, the reason is that I read and read and read... Just as I was about to lose the will to live and stop reading it, something happened... Then the same happened over and over until the rather (personal opinion not necessarily the same for everyone) bland ending. Why I shalln't say.
At the moment that is the only manga that I've read that I can't stand...

OutPhase 2007-02-14 17:45

I really hate Pita-Ten and Kamichama Karin. I will never understand why people buy Koge Dombo manga.

I also have no interest in Death Note.

the.Merines 2007-02-14 19:32

Flamed as I may be, I could not get myself into Fruits Basket. The character designs were too similar for my taste; I found myself having to backtrack when I realized that I thought X said this when it was actually Y. I also felt at the time like too many characters were introduced too quickly, but I've read other mangas that have the same problem yet I have no problem telling them apart.

Nightengale 2007-02-14 20:43

Samurai Deeper Kyo.

Personally, my biggest negativity over it was that it tried too hard to be like Dragon Ball with it's insane-overarching-power-ups, Bleach with it's insertion of needless comedy in serious situations, One Piece with it's emotional moments, one other shounen I can't remember with the whole power-of-frienship-and-redemption and Oh Great with it's rampant fanservice while trying to make a mediocre story with predictable plot-twist sound all epic and amazing but failing to do so. It's comedy moments, rather than help reinforcing anything, made it look stale and the whole-friendship thing came out corny and repititive compared to One Piece's powerful and emotional nakama-ship and the fact that Kyo gets....5 power-ups in the final arc alone is RIDICULOUS. In fact, half the power-up in Kyo is ridiculous, with the probable exception of Akira.

If it was not for Nobunaga's final battle, the last 2 Taijiros, and Kyoshiro, I would've made Kyo my first prematurely ended manga.

wolf-sama 2007-02-15 09:58


Originally Posted by 2H-Dragon (Post 832944)
Gekkoh made puke. It was soo bad. The only good thing about it is it's cover. :O

@wolf-sama: That just means your a guy and straight. =o

actually i'm girl! and yes maybe i'm straight but that doesn't mean that i wouldn't like those who aren't...

WanderingKnight 2007-02-15 10:02


Originally Posted by Vexx (Post 823172)
Ichigo 100% was a fail and I'm sorry I even started the series. It started off well, but quickly fell into an orbital pattern with no/little real progress. Then the publisher sent the deathnote to the mangaka and her endgame was no progress then a sudden jump to years later and an epilog finish that might as well have been a 1d4 die roll choice.

THAT was a manga I completely regretted eating the whole 18 (?) volumes to read such a crappy ending. It was fun while it lasted, though, but the ending made me want to format my f*cking HDD to erase all traces of its existance. And the series was so unappealing and poorly done, I watched only 3-4 episodes before I fell down my chair into a repulsive rage of despair that almost made me vomit. Since reading Ichigo 100%, I've lost all my faith in romantic comedies other than Love Hina (and hopefully prevented myself from grabbing another one).

Mykas 2007-02-15 10:40

I have to say I generally enjoyed Ichigo 100% it was far from the best of it's genre (I's, Love Hina and Suzuka are all better to name a few) but the art is good and the characters are surprising sometimes. Besides it is done from a womans perspective which is a rarity in the harem genre.

2H-Dragon 2007-02-15 11:15

Forgot about I"s never understood what was good about that shit. The romance was bad. The characters lacked depth. The ending was unsatisfying. It had zero comedy. The main girl gets in so much trouble it just makes you think how a single girl can get targeted so much. Actually anything made by that mangeka isn't worth it. :O I liked Ichigo 100% more though the latter half was just draggy and had a crappy ending. I"s was bad all the way. I read the thing all the way, because I was new to manga and didn't know what was good or bad. :|

@WanderingKnight: You should try AiKora or Mahoraba. Will give you new hope for the romance genre(non-shoujo).

tsurumaru 2007-02-17 20:08


Originally Posted by Daisuke CP9 (Post 829713)
Blame! And any other rip off mediocre stereotypical western manga from TokyoPop.

Er Blame! is an original Japanese manga by Tsutomu Nihei, why all the hate, the pacing might be really slow but the lack of information just tends to add to the mystery of the story. Try the later volumes if you want to see greater plotting at work. :)

Jiji 2007-02-18 00:21

I'm going to be reviled because of this, but I'm sorry, I just can't get to like anything by Akamatsu Ken. I know I have a kind of hard time liking tsundere heroines in the first place, but it's more than that. My personal opinion is that Ken can draw fantastically kawaii character designs, but can't write. If he were to pair up with a writer...I'd be a fan, for sure.

OutPhase 2007-02-18 12:59

That's perfectly understandable, Ueda. To be honest, I only bought most of the Love Hina volumes just to finish up the manga legally. I might just sell all the volumes just to save up for a IIDX Desktop Arcade Controller.

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