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monir 2007-02-06 00:51

Death Note Episode 17 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Death Note, Episode 17!

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Whitemoon648 2007-02-06 05:09

Yey first post

WOW i wonder what will happen now. From the looks of the previews I think some other person might have gotten the death note.

I thought Light had lost his memory but i guess i was wrong :).

Unholy FD3S 2007-02-06 09:18

when can we expect 17 ?

Shiroth 2007-02-06 09:19


Originally Posted by Unholy FD3S (Post 824028)
when can we expect 17 ?

Tonight, after its aired.

DraGnaR 2007-02-06 09:56

I cant w8

I so love this show !!!

Spoiler for your title:

Deathkillz 2007-02-06 16:56

i just cant wait to see how L gets out of this one :p light is trying to give him a mental breakdown by the looks of it and using the "confusion" tactic is a great was to break a super genius down :heh:

Omniscient 2007-02-06 17:10

Episode 17 Screencaps and Summary


Shiroth 2007-02-06 20:57

Rem at the start of the episode.. they know what i like.

Wow, the anime did such an awesome job at making the Yotsuba Corporation members look so damn evil. This is where the fact that the anime can go about using colors makes it a huge advantage at expressing something in the series. & yes.. more cute Misa-misa scenes. :3

Great episode - though the fact that you get excellent animation, then good animation.. its taken a while to get used to.

ThoHell 2007-02-06 22:55

AHAHHAHAHAHAH...WTF is with this episode? Man it was great! <3333333 Misa even more!

Spoiler for episode 17:

atividia 2007-02-07 10:41

So are they still following the manga? (just need a yes or no answer. No spoiling!)

Dagger 2007-02-07 12:08

Yes, they are.

Quajafrie 2007-02-07 12:51

After an amazing OMG episode, we have this disappointing-as-hell episode. I suppose this is where Death Note winds down?

smeg4brainsuk 2007-02-07 14:43

arg i need to learn japanese faster so i dont have to wait for subs :/

aohige 2007-02-07 14:44

I enjoyed the episode.
I wonder how they are going to do the voice for the mystery man.
You'd think the voice will give away his identity.

shakildwz 2007-02-07 17:15

The subs for this episode are out.

This episode was insane.


Sockslayer 2007-02-07 17:56

Amazing episode, the beginning was very intense, definetly put me on the edge of my seat. The ending I'm not sure if I like it.


HurricaneHige 2007-02-07 18:47

only 7/10 on this one tbh~
Spoiler for For future:

bkg9990 2007-02-07 19:04


Originally Posted by HurricaneHige (Post 825790)
Spoiler for For future:


Matrim 2007-02-08 09:46

I was so hoping Misa would die or stay in prison, her childish antics make even the annoying Light look more than tolerable. And L and Light staying together 24 hours a day seems too excessive, if they want to check on Light they could use different peopel to be with him, put bugs and cameras all around him, etc. Anyway, I am enjoying the plot but why can't I like a single character? :(

Ascaloth 2007-02-08 10:06

I STILL cannot shake the image of Haruhi everytime Misa speaks...... >_<

Although having thought about it, I'm starting to think using Aya-chan as Misa's seiyuu is an underratedly inspired choice. I mean, think about it; she's like one of the few seiyuu who would be in a position to perfectly understand the character of Amane Misa. After all, they share such important similarities; both are basically just kids, both are starlets at the top of their game in the Japanese entertainment industry, and despite their young ages, both can be said to be veterans in the industry already. Therefore, if there ever is a seiyuu who would understand Misa, the experiences she might have gone through (excluding the part about her parents' murder, of course) in the entertainment industry, and how these experiences shaped her into the ditzy airhead she is today, it would be Aya-chan.

No offense intended to Aya-chan or her rabid fans, by the way. Please don't skewer me. :p

Of course, this begs a most interesting question; if they're so similar to each other, can it not be said that they're essentially two sides of the same coin? Or to put it this way; if Amane Misa is said to be brought to life by Aya-chan, can it not also be said that Misa is a corrupted reflection of Aya-chan herself?

In short, every time we see Misa on the screen, are we also looking unknowingly at the hidden dark side of Aya-chan? A Dark Aya-chan, if you will?


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