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Super Ska Master 2007-02-10 13:45

Luckyman (TV)

This is a superhero gag manga about a superhero named Luckyman who is very weak but always wins due to his luck. It was featured in Jump Ultimate Stars so I was looking into it. I could not find any fansubs or scanlations. Anyone know about this series?

sukreih 2007-02-20 16:08

I read the whole 16 volumes like 10 years ago. The anime itself is rare. Based on info in the manga, the anime ended kindda early.

For the manga..The pictures are cute, the story does not show blunt sarcasm but there's still lots in it(for example,there is 'Friendship Man',who uses friendship for his victories.(eg.Let his friend fight instead of him<-friendship?) But in some cases friendship equals bribery.. but there IS this episode where he uses his 'true friendship' to persuade an enemy to his side.).

Luckyman is one of the mangas you don't accept as it is; you actually gotta think. I personally consider the manga-ka a genius;and I heard rumours that he's the story writer behind Death Note. (that proves how Light is so funny and silly..yet so cool at the same time.I love the Light character..)

Super Ska Master 2007-03-17 21:29

Luckyman sounds really cool. The fact that the guy who wrote death note might've made it makes me wanna read it, since Death Note is my all time favorite.

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