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Kalshion 2007-02-13 02:12

Problems downloading Manabi Straight Ep 2 Xvid from E/GG
Hey all.

For the past few days I've been trying to donwload Episode 2 of Manabi Straight

However, the one's from Eclipse and Azai:

H264 from Eclipse and GG
H264/XVid from Azai

are not subtitled.

So I tried downloading this:

the Xvid from Eclipse and GG and this is what I get:


d8:announce35: Eclipse and gg Production13:creation datei1170115946e4:infod6:lengthi179990528e4:name55:[Eclipse-gg] Manabi Straight - 02 (XviD) [36DA8527].avi12:piece lengthi262144e6:pieces13740:0\C*        ),G/ͮN;IwiGoM5{)eAAfDS#C* G*wT9
G{Hsm4ӥmxۖ8r`;L3["ܯC`p?q^"&# L
8Yc4)zH+xmf 7*8vmZɬ)i18\9MB!@5!K;L
QAf*#֙hr:DH&b#JoSQAWj̒u<J39=7f_ndP( tDd^R0'2ko6r|sOr`XhĬzO!Ԭ;_]LT"M=ӓ;Hly1x,:B|1\W
`^ Ĺ*X*TcA0<Y*sfK [V;-*B:#NǓ^UWy$ډx*d[DJ ]$ԇ>ә{*uHZ7ߕɖ܃>w_B2} `ߋk        O@*q)YLS-L#(Sm:tg . 4*=c)GHj+ӝ bNG:.SYp۪OF ^kVq+6IC:"@*90
@hve,s$ rvLnɅM! ;T9*=`NYd#VEFI?Jߢu]cٷ*(<pk /<m&ύDi`VZ
§n|=jɮ"/o7V3%C*,@B6SN֯{?G((J4K=W]DDeH܆hAAĺk  WPR#.o>]F[15$ uM(Z"Nj?
p$;.6 6/3b-w}ɫ#
qRf̺z +$ᑨ*Կ3&VKg3=$;~t
d•ؾ*jכ* TbO;^>shzC[        Ý        䘩g6fٞ\I\xDtc_:VIAVw5R'`3" D}9hUL
r%6'fz:-D                >7+6ŕ,9dT;mpMfŔ'E&{2ȫ㶒ԃqA%e0'㸍<\H߿|Y^9t%KmIBq/WӢIЧM
        tT4]J9LUfW2}>6$,ʖ٣D,1Q`ziuVe \#fvEP        .eq$5<*,oNI*N R!0&m;p\JIYܾjF:P[ihɰ0 U{IG?ycF7qo.4dt6*|0-Hgb2s4]#(e
R#h4n7voϥ;\!(&S*PfP3Y1X̙Eqw5~2e*Ɖ{        'kH@ncDWL[|N"$fƍyȋM䔋ja([$e{N00T"A/G GxX.5f<!ʗ+[9d 0*-[`C7rA٨        C 0rV0
|jxHp/CR7V8 os}gqQN3KҀг鑙O
 />        -Y+дMqgN1dœufN?nkqN{/ @u3J}2#(*pM*-Jc׏=\"[MMAWAlchhZvdž:+2Kxė2rK?b[j[x W^        sج)w Îdy?        !0VM*x|&j~Y_ncKC"WIfzgqfd > |PiV]pU^pz08! p26)x5 WT dJ
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I'm using ABC (Yet Another Bitorrent) at version 2.6.9

Anyone know how to solve this problem? I was hoping this one may have subtitles :(

NoSanninWa 2007-02-13 02:20

I've moved your thread from Download Help to Playback Help since that is the trickier of your two problems.

First of all the ones from Eclipse and Azai do have subtitles, you just aren't able to see them. You need to enable softsubs to see them. I can't tell you how without knowing which player you use, but if there is a green arrow or a whiteish box in your system tray then you could right-click it and choose your subtitles.

It is possible that your system isn't set up to play softsubs, but it is simple to fix. Everything you need to know is in How do I get this fansub to play? A summary of that thread would be for you to uninstall ALL of your codecs and filters. (Uninstall XviD, ffdshow, vsfilter, etc.) Then install the CCCP pack and it will work. Note that we recommend the players that come with the CCCP pack since other players may not work.

As for the Eclipse&gg version, that actually is a download issue, but it is VERY simple to solve. Just right-click the link and choose "save as" to save it onto your hard drive, then double-click it to start the download.

Kalshion 2007-02-13 02:26

I'll see if that helps thanks. Although I am nervous about uninstalling codecs and such, but I'll see if that helps.


The reason I posted though was mainly because I can see the subtitles on the first episode, just not on this one.

Edit 2:

Tried right clicking and saving as:

However VLC Media Player trys to play it instead and then crashs (happens with all of them, including Winamp.) soooo.. I don't know.. it doens't try to download but instead plays

NoSanninWa 2007-02-13 02:28

I rather revised my post while you were replying, so please re-read it in case you missed something important, like how to download the Eclipse&gg version.

Kalshion 2007-02-13 02:32

I see....

I just read your post and just discovered WHAT the problem was.. and now I feel stupid for not realizing that it was because the player did NOT enable subtitles for this particuler file

Can you please delete this thread since it was a waste of time on both our parts, I'm very sorry for not figuring this out sooner.

DWKnight 2007-02-13 06:41

The problem described above is a simple case of the site admins forgetting to configure their webserver for .torrent files.

This is NOT the first time it has happened.

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