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Hunter Nin. 2007-02-25 06:03

Anime that's kind of like or as good as these...
Looking for any anime suggestions that you can recommend that are similiar to or as good as any of the following titles:

PlanetES - absolutely fantastic
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - absolutely fantastic, probably my favourite
School Rumble - absolutely fantastic and funny
Full Metal Panic (All Series) - absolutely fantastic and great funny moments
AIR (only seen TV series) - really good
Midori no Hibi - really good and funny
GTO (only read manga...) - really good and funny
Monster (only read manga...) - really good
Death Note (only read manga...) - really good
Last Exile - really good

At the moment I am looking for shorter series, basically my limit is around 26 episodes. I would also prefer series that are not too old, have nice animation and character designs that are easy on the eyes thanks.

I have already watched:

Fate/Stay Night - was okay
Full Metal Alchemist - was okay
Onegai Teacher - was fairly good
Onegai Twins - was fairly good
Fruits Basket - was fairly good
Ouran Highschool Host Club - was okay
Shakugan no Shana - didn't like
My Hime / Mai Otome - was okay
Hellsing - was good
Scrapped Princess - didn't like
Rozen Maiden (1 & 2) - was good
Gantz (manga) - was fairly good but haven't read any for quite a while and I wasn't keen on the anime series

More I can't remember but if I have watched a suggestion I will say so, thanks very much for anything you can point me to :) .

Also if anyone has seen the American TV shows "Heroes" and "Dexter" I thought they are really good so if there any anime like them I will be very interested.

Pellissier 2007-02-25 06:16

You seem to like quite all genres so perhaps a mix will be fine:

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Cuteness and heavy gore/horror walking together..

Aishiteruze Baby - Just one of the cutest and most peaceful series ever seen

Azumanga Daioh! - Not missable if you're a fan of School Rumble, only girls, but school humor at highest levels.

Honey & Clover along with its season 2. - Hazarding a slice of life title, one of the best ever made, you might want to give it a shot.

Kanon 2006 - since you like Suzumiya Haruhi and Air, don't miss KyoAni's last masterpiece. Still ongoing but almost finished.

Karin - Lots of humour and cuteness. Delightful series.

jedinat 2007-02-25 06:17

PlanetES - Hachimitsu to Clover
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Kanon (2006)
School Rumble - Azumanga Daiou
Full Metal Panic - Gunparade March
Midori no Hibi - Chobits
GTO - Gokusen (I really like the manga, but dropped the anime)
Monster - Red Garden
Death Note - Code Geass
Last Exile - Simoun

dKiWi 2007-02-25 06:29

Higurashi is a Seinen Mystery/Horror Harem, really twists the meaning of harem into something horrifying. A must watch though, but it contains EXTREMELY disturbing scenes so do prepare for those.

Hunter Nin. 2007-02-25 06:51

Hi thanks very much for the suggestions.

Higurashi I actually watched the first half of the series and remember it being quite good and very different to most of the anime I have watched. However, I stopped watching anime for a while so never finished it. I will now definitely be watching the rest so thanks for reminding me.

I will also be trying Azumanga Daioh! and then Kanon 2006. Cheers :cool: .

miaka 2007-02-25 07:05

Nodame Cantabile - comedy, drama, music school theme, currently ongoing.
Ghost Hunt - mystery, horror
Tokimeki Memorial ~only love - school comedy

Wyrdwad 2007-02-25 16:42

Welcome to the NHK should appeal to the part of you that enjoyed Haruhi.

And Kamisama Kazoku is a PERFECT recommendation for the part of you that liked Midori no Hibi.

And to a lesser extent, you might want to try tracking down The World of Narue on R1 DVD. It's not as good as Midori no Hibi or Kamisama Kazoku, but it's still really enjoyable.


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