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Areguzanda 2007-02-28 03:35

Region 1 DVD's. will it work?

I'm planing to order some DVD's with Anime from the US.
they are Region 1 DVD's and then I know they will not work on a non-Region free DVD-player here in Norway.
BUT will they work normally on the DVD-player in my Computer?
since I watch all my movies and Anime on my computer I really need to know this.

can anyone help me?

NoSanninWa 2007-02-28 05:01

Oh dear. I'm not sure how Macs work, but if you've got Windows, this is the rule:

When you try to play the DVD on your computer it will ask you what region your computer is. Your DVD drive will then lock that in. After that you're allowed to change your DVD drive's region code a limited number of times (4) and then it won't change anymore. Here's a loquacious picture:
So, if you only want to play R1s, then no problem. If you want to play both R1s and R2s, then you're a little bit screwed unless you have two DVD drives and give them different codes. Quite frankly it is as annoying as the whole region coding thing always is.

Areguzanda 2007-02-28 05:18

well then.
I was going to order a 2. DVD-burner anyways so thats that
1 for region 1 and 1 for region 2.
I think I have to mark them

though I kind of hate this region crap.

(I'm sure there is some software stuff to go around the region crap but I'm not that big of a criminal ^^ )
besides I want to watch the DVD's I buy legally. thats why I BUY them
first up: Elfen Lied total collection :D

demonix 2007-02-28 11:56


Originally Posted by Areguzanda (Post 847190)
they are Region 1 DVD's and then I know they will not work on a non-Region free DVD-player here in Norway.

Actually you can alter the settings on many DVD players to make then region free as I have a philips DVP520 which was region locked and with one code that was input through the remote to access the region setting menu and all I had to do was set it to region 0 and that was it.

That all depends on the manufacturer of your player as there is a load of sites that actually list all the remote hacks for every player so knowing that I could find the code needed to remove the region lock on your player.

Vexx 2007-02-28 13:57

There is also intercept software you can acquire that will keep the DVD player and the OS from ruining your Fair Use experience.

I use 'DVD Region+CSS Free' (either $25 or $40 depending on the feature set) -- cheaper than hardware and doesn't waste the space. It can be purchased and downloaded directly from the product website. It leaves the drive "pure". I used to use a hardware solution (two drives each committed to a different region) but this takes up less space.

I don't have any information on whether Vista cocks up either solution with its "new improved" DRM-cripple ware.
Region coding is fundamentally anti-globalization and anti-free trade ... so its a little clue that corporations don't want globalization to be a two-way street that benefits consumers as well :)

TheFluff 2007-02-28 17:07

Use a proper player that uses DeCSS or something similiar and you won't ever have to care. BTW, DeCSS is quite legal in Norway.

Proper players that don't cost money include, but is not limited to:
VLC (not really proper, but it does play DVD's)

I have a perfectly normal DVD player in my computer and I haven't ever had to switch regions for it. DVD region lockin is just a part of CSS, and CSS was cracked years ago. It's not even illegal (not in most European countries at least) to use region free DVD players or use a program that circumvents CSS for your own watching purposes.

Vexx 2007-03-06 16:55

If you want to play them on a "regular entertainment center", sells some decent region-free DVD players. There are also sites that provide ways to instruct many appliance players to turn off region code checks.

What TheFluff says is true for Norway ... so some Googling for utilities may solve your problem. I haven't really settled on a "best solution" myself, I keep tinkering. Your solution may end up being driven by which player UI you like best for controlling your DVDs.

-KarumA- 2007-03-27 09:26


Originally Posted by Areguzanda (Post 847190)

I'm planing to order some DVD's with Anime from the US.
they are Region 1 DVD's and then I know they will not work on a non-Region free DVD-player here in Norway.
BUT will they work normally on the DVD-player in my Computer?
since I watch all my movies and Anime on my computer I really need to know this.

can anyone help me?

yes they will work on a normal dvd player inside your pc

how do i know?
i ordered FMP dvd 1 about a year ago and the first one i recieved was in american coding, so it didnt work on my normal dvd player however when i put it in my dvd player in my pc i was able to watch the episodes and i did so before sending the dvd back for one with the right region coding

edit: the pc i am using has Windows XP and the standard windows XP, on a MAC i got no clue

Vexx 2007-03-27 14:16

KarumA ... you kind of missed the problem --- virtually all DVD player hardware will allow you to put in and play DVDs from any region, but after FIVE TIMES of changing regions, it'll lock and only play DVDs from the last region-code it flipped to. Its one of the early examples of hardware manufacturers caving in to the B.S. anti-freetrade pressure of the movie industry (their apparent slogan being: GLOBALIZATION for us, NOT for the consumer).

To avoid that you have to do one of the following:
1) use software that doesn't flick the region code switch (like the player software TheFluff mentions or an "inbetween" software that intercepts the command like I mentioned).
2) buy two player drive units and mark and set each one to a different region.
3) IF YOU HAVE a player drive unit that can be hacked, you can send it a firmware command as demonix suggests... but not all units can be fixed this way.

Most free-standing DVD players have the same problem: five region code changes and it locks in the last code. Some players can be hacked via their remote using special key sequences to turn that off. But choose your free-standing player wisely.

For example, I have a reasonably expensive SONY player in my den that is hardware crippled to region 1 (they cripple it at manufacture depending on where it is to be sold to bow down to their movie division).

For that reason, I can't recommend SONY players at all anymore no matter how wonderful they may be. Before buying a player, check to see if that specific model can be hacked without having to solder something (google is your friend). Better yet, don't support that crap -- buy a region-free player (e.g. carries a few brands).

ChibiDusk 2007-04-13 11:20

Oh, and if you did want to play it on a regular DVD Player... that can be done easily depending on your player. There is no need to go out and buy an expensive "region-free" player. There are a few brands which can be set to region-free by simply loading firmware or punching in a button combination. I know for my LG DivX player, I simply typed a button combination in and it played all regions perfectly.

Vexx 2007-04-14 02:31

I'm not sure why you think region-free players are expensive unless you're comparing them to a K-mart $39 crap special. Lasonix and other uncrippled players usually run $100 or so and have full capabilities (progressive scan, hi-end outputs, etc).

In any case, the user shouldn't spend money unnecessarily if they can use one of the workarounds mentioned above unless they're just in the market for a new device.

dvice 2009-01-21 22:35

This thread is old an probably irrelevent to the original poster but I thought I should give my two cents for those who may be having the same problem.

Playing a different region dvd on your computer (PC) does not automatically change your region settings; it will prompt you to change them, but you do not have to.

There are some video programs that will allow you to play a dvd that does not match your region and it will do this without changing your region code. An example would be:

SMPlayer - Works great. Free to download.
VLC Player - Also free, but sometimes doesn't work for me when playing region 2

If you have a dvd that is a different region than your dvd player you can always burn a copy of the dvd and it will automatically be region free. It is perfectly legal to make a back up copy of dvds you own. To this end their are legal programs that strip CSS and RCE protection and region code, so that you can burn them with your regular burning programs. Some examples:

DvdDecryptor - Free to download, but no longer updated. Works for most things
AnyDvd - Always updated but typically not free to use
DvdFab - Not as good as Anydvd but still works. Also not generally free

I hope that anyone trying to watch foreign films with different region codes at least tries one of these simple methods before messing with their region setting or trying to alter their player. You only get to alter your dvdrom 5 times before it's locked and although their are ways to unlock it, they are both tedious and unnecessary.

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