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monir 2007-03-01 01:10

[Anime-Only] Shippuden Episode 04 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to this week's episode discussion thread posted a few days before it airs in Japan (which is on Thursday).
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Whitemoon648 2007-03-01 03:28

Yey i am just going to take away the first post :) . Hopefully it will be an awsome battle between Garaa and Diadra and we will see some new kick a$$ jutsu from Gaara.

ShikaShika 2007-03-01 05:58

Spoiler for episode summary a.k.a. filler report:

Apollian 2007-03-01 10:58

oh boy, maybe I should ot waited to watch it before I came here. having already read the Manga, I'm excited about the anime because watching moving footage, is better than looking at still pages.
so from that stand point I'm enjoying the anime again for the first time in nearly 18 months.
however, if they keep on putting in filler/cutbacks, it will drag out every damn fight in the series, making it just another Dragonball Z....if there's one thing I enjoy about Bleach, there not stringing it out, its very faithful to the Manga.
I just hope Naruto keeps up the pace with Bleach.

A.N.B.U 2007-03-01 11:26

i agree 100% if it is going to take forever for a fight to happen and end i am going to be very dissapointed. whats going to happen when they hit the major fights like in chapters 335-342. that sounds liek it could take at least 10 episodes hahaha. hopefuly it wont tho.

Miaka FY 2007-03-01 12:53

so humm can i mention where we can watch?

check my sig and hope you like it
but really the story was really take a long long step -.-

if you want watch sig ..

Give come comment about the you like it?
because it's seem like 1 chapter = 2 episodes now o.o or less well ..

ps: ok seem like i respect the rule [no spoiler, about anime and no link for download]

edit: oh yeah me give 7 !! still it's good episode ^^

monir 2007-03-01 13:03

Shippuuden 04: This is a better episode from last week's. The transition is much better done than last week's awkaward jumping around from one scene to another. In the episode, a character will prepare the audience that the scene is about to change between Gaara vs. Deidara and the bell test. The music, is once again, the better part about this episode. Animation is so-so. It gets a 7.3 from me which I'll round it up to a 7.

Spoiler for my complains and whining:

Vicious108 2007-03-01 13:24

Man, talk about dragging out... well at least the bell test is out of the way now, so in the next episode we should see plenty of Deidara vs Gaara... and hopefully with better animation.

Sazelyt 2007-03-01 14:12


Originally Posted by ShikaShika (Post 848334)
Wow, we're at the commercial break already and we've seen like three pages of manga material. :(

And, once upon a time, actually not long ago, anyways, there were claims of 3 chapter per episode.

If they continue to slow down the action scenes this way, by adding unnecessary, lack of imagination, stuff in between, it will become highly disappointing later on. If that is the case, I expect, lots of Konohamaru "action" scenes, to evaporate the intense feeling of the moment.:upset: :frustrated: :upset:

Rurik 2007-03-01 14:22

LOL, Monir, you deserve a cookie just for those awesome Caps :o


Originally Posted by monir (Post 848568)



YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY My 3000th Post in Animesuki, so Happy I have endured so long here :)

Ryukage 2007-03-01 14:22

Even though I watched the RAW and couldn't understand it I still enjoyed the episode =] Next episode should be good I hope =]

Mr. Johnny 5 2007-03-01 16:13

I watched the raw aswell and i gotta say....i somehow expected more from the battle with Gaara...and less from the battle with Kakashi.

The things which didnt make sense at all was that Gaara's sand followed Deidara through the entire village...but he cant even see where Deidara went (especially around corners etc.)

Kakashi....tries unoriginal attempts all the time....tricks which he used on his own cute-genin-kids-fresh-from-the-academy.

And i need to get used to the KING KONG sound when Sakura punches so many craters. (1 time was great but....after every blow like that it gets annoying)

Deidara with the Darth Maul sounds...are ok...i guess.

The last thing...i'd say in the Manga (when Gaara went AIRBORNE :p) they made it look better...then the way in the anime. He jumped then sort of slipped and then like a elevator went up.

In the Manga he is pushed up differently...and doesnt really jump.

EoT 2007-03-02 07:19

That was a decent episode. The music was ok during the Gaara VS Deidera but they could of made it a bit cooler like some music from the old Naruto series in the fight Sarutobi vs Orochimaru when he summoned Enma.

I hope the next episode has more on Gaara and less on this stupid bell test or even filler, I am tired of watching a fight, builds suspense then they change the scene.

MDale 2007-03-02 07:33

I enjoyed the episode, the music that we heard was ntoably good and I'm really enjoying the new soundtrack.

Some flaws though:
- The Bell Test and the Gaara/Deidara fight just don't mix. You have an epic battle between the Kazekage and an Akatsuki member and then you flash to a minor fight, it just doesn't gel too well. Everytime the Bell test showed up I was pretty much waiting for it to end, not because I thought it was bad but because I wanted to see what was happening between Gaara and Deidara.
- As ShikaShika touched upon, the Gaara and Deidara fight lacked music (at least any that I noticed). It was still a good watch and without music gave it a 'real' feel but for an epic fight like that some music probably should've been involved, especially considering how good the soudntrack has been so far for the Shippuden.
- Even though it was in the manga the way Naruto and Sakura beat Kakashi just felt weak to me personally, although I'm sure that plenty share a different opinion to me on that.

Over-all though I liked the episode, it had me very firmly glued to the screen and has me excited to see how the other ends up (I'm not a manga reader so it's still unknwon to me :heh: ). I gave it an 8 although maybe that's a little higher than it deserves now that I look properly at what I percieved to be the flaws.

ShikaShika 2007-03-02 08:49


Originally Posted by monir (Post 848568)
Well, the bell test has ended, but boy was it anti-climactic.

I hear you, but as you've probably understood already, that was supposed to be a comical ending to a (sort of) comical fight. If I'm not completely mistaken the manga cuts straight to the ending of the fight right after we see Sakura's newly aquired strength (yes the first time). If the anime had followed the manga it would have been over in less than half an episode. The anime added so much filler that the ending now seems like a ripoff. I can understand if people go "we sat through two whole episodes for that?"

I think Naruto will forever etch itself into my mind as the "what could have been" anime. I haven't seen any other anime (and I've seen quite a few) that's momentarily awsome but average at best the rest of the time. (And I'm not even taking the filler arcs into consideration.) The awsome points are, excuse me for being subjective, all from when they follow the manga by the panel. I was very pleased to hear about the extremely long filler arcs, because I thought it meant they were gonna keep their hands off the manga material for once. I was obviously wrong... :(

Onegem 2007-03-02 09:27

Neh I thought the sand chasing Deidara Sunagakure was quite cool, it built up the battle quite nicely. I always thought Gaara brought out the big guns too quickly in the manga with his giant sand hand.

But in the anime, the forming of the giant hand didn't have the awesome effect it was supposed to project... The whole scene of the sand coming up looked like it was copy and pasted in more than anything.

And I think I would have preferred slower hand seals, I still remember trying to follow Zabuza and Kakashi when they both did the handseals for Suiyurdan :heh: That was what got me hooked on Naruto in the first place =p

Last of all, I totally agree with Shika Shika, I hate the feeling whenever I get when I watch Naruto - the feeling you get when you think that the episode would have been so much better if you did it yourself or if the producers added in or refined that particular scene.

Oh well :(

Jaden 2007-03-02 09:40

This was an OK episode. It's nice to see new examples of what a fight between ninja can be like.
Deidara's fighting style is pretty lame, though...are those sculpture bombs all he can do? And what are those mouths, anyway? bloodline limit? no way, a whole clan of those mouth-sculpturers would be just corny. forbidden technique? maybe...actually, i think it's some monster sealed within him. akatsuki seems to have a thing with those anyway.

Vicious108 2007-03-02 09:41

Ok, just saw the episode, and man that was sloooow... I really hope the pace picks up a bit in the next episodes. Gaara vs Deidara totally failed to keep me interested, too much staring contest, Gaara looked dumb controlling the sand, pointless and uninteresting flying around...

And they could have been more creative with the filler added to the bell test, I mean it was basically... Kakashi uses random jutsu, and Naruto/Sakura get hit/evade it. They could have made them counterattack or something.

Seems like Shippuden is going downhill after that awesome first episode... hopefully things will more... exciting, in the next episode. Please don't add another 3 pointless minutes of Deidara flying around the Sand. >_>

Sasuke_Bateman 2007-03-02 10:59

i agree it's pretty slow...and Kakashi looked so uncool the way he was fooled

Mists 2007-03-02 12:17

So much for my hope for Shipuuden.

How ridiculous it was, the manga looked so much better and cooler...and of course Gaara brings out his big guns right away in the manga, we're talking about Akatsuki here!

The ending of it...I don't understand why they don't end it where the manga ended it, that was a better ending for this 'chapter'. Not to mention the ending looked completely cheesy...oh maybe I know why, because the actual ending will actually be stretched out to 10 minutes maybe?


The animation quality at the end was bad too...

And also, no Naruto until 3/15? Or am I wrong...

Another thing was, how lame was Kakashi? He can blow fire right through his mask.........OOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKAYYYYYYYYY

The manga had Naruto and Sakura a lot smarter (well they all got to the point).

And I'm not sure about the fire thing...I can't remember if all these fillers will actually ruin the story in the end......

But as of now, I am not watching the series until there is a good episode (I'm talking rated mostly 10s here). The rating has been quite honest surprisingly, though I still think the first two episodes should've been lower...

Fire the anime team!

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