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monir 2007-03-12 19:00

Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho [TV Series!]

Production Company: Artland

Genre: Lot's of bare skin, and one of them might have mermaid's skin!

Expected Release Date: July 2007


The show is based on a manga by Hattori Mitsuru which serializes in the Weekly Shounen Magazine. The director for this show is listed as Saotome K˘ichir˘. I'm not exactly sure what to expect from this show, but the synopsis does read about a potential mermaid who likes to swim naked. The show is also scheduled to air during the summer, so the timing is impeccable. Staff info as follows..

Director: Sohtome Koichiro
Series Composition: Ikeda Mamiko
Animation Director and Character Designer: Nishino Rie

The synopsis in the follwing (and the picture) is stolen from ANN:
Kaname Okimura, a student of Prefectoral Umineko Shougyou High ("Umisho" for short), joined the school's swimming club in order to learn how to swim, but the club is filled with weirdos, let alone teach him swimming. Then, a sunny, happy-go-lucky girl named Amuro Ninagawa who was transferred from Okinawa joined the club. Her extraordinary underwater speed and unorthodox swimming style (plus her personal habit of nude swimming -- a powerful magnet to teenage boys) surprised every club member, especially Okimura, because she reminds him a mermaid-like creature he saw only once in his early childhood.
Try to guess which one might be the happy-go-lucky air head. Let the fun begin!

edit: [April 8, 2007] Added staff info. All thanks to me!!! and more exclamation points..

NeoSam 2007-03-13 03:10

And now for the covers of the manga >.<


Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho

Serialized in the shounen manga magazine Weekly Shounen Magazine.
For now there are 8 volumes released of this manga.
Covers of available volumes:

The site for the manga:

Mangaka: Mitsuru Hattori

Genre: Shounen, Comedy


monir 2007-04-08 21:04

Look who is the director!? It's Sohtohme Koichiro who was the chief director for Bokura Ga Ita, and was the episode director for several episodes of Mushishi. He even storyboarded episode 4 of Mushishi. This show might not be a mediocre one after all.

strawberrypop 2007-04-10 20:09

This show got my attention since it's about swimming. ^^ I check for raw manga chapters just to get an idea of what the show may be liked. Found the latest chapters and thinking of giving this show a chance to watch.

A quick note- It's another harem show. I didn't know until looking for the raw chapters.

NeoSam 2007-04-16 09:11

Read this exclusive report from ANS about the anime.

Volume 5 of the manga will be out tomorrow (17/4/2007) :) the cover can be seen here and here, both females are sitting on the male protagonist :heh:

monir 2007-04-16 19:20

As long as he doesn't have boils coming out whenever a girl touches, or have no allergic reaction to affectionate girls, I won't put this show down.... too much. :p

Potatochobit 2007-05-26 14:37

i am also curious about this show. maybe it will be a sleeper title.

gamebreaker04 2007-06-01 10:45

Looks like something I might enjoy :D

Honey_and_Cleaver 2007-06-02 07:25

Looks like another Ariantatou Nagasarete, Seto no Hayame, ichigo 100%, IS,He is my Master! etc or what the hell you call it, but only different girls.

Karnot 2007-06-21 14:38

I love that guy's art and sense of humor !
Inu Neko Jump, his previous work, was rather plotless, but very funny, and...fresh ?
I swear, every time i see the faces he draws - its like a warm wind blows all over.

ZODDGUTS 2007-06-21 18:16


Originally Posted by Karnot (Post 1004973)
I love that guy's art and sense of humor !
Inu Neko Jump, his previous work, was rather plotless, but very funny, and...fresh ?
I swear, every time i see the faces he draws - its like a warm wind blows all over.

Same here he has his own sense of style in both art and humor that's different from the norm. Looking forward to this series because of that.

Z0MBR0 2007-06-23 20:03

oooooweeeee can't wait

Potatochobit 2007-07-01 01:36

Awww trying to tease me with a trailer. it won't work I tell you!

my soul is already naked!

Maids! Maids! Maids! 2007-07-02 18:12

August Megami Scan

hi no ken Jebus 2007-07-03 14:34

Spoiler for ep 1:

aroduc 2007-07-03 17:48


Originally Posted by hi no ken Jebus (Post 1024166)
Spoiler for ep 1:

I wasn't expected fanservice out the wazoo and felt absolutely barraged by it. I don't think the show managed to go 30 seconds without a panty shot, boob shot, boob jiggle or groping. Not really a fan. Made me laugh a couple times, but I honestly felt dirtier watching it than I did Ikki Tousen DD. Just felt like another in the long line of stuff like Love Love, Amaenaidayo, Girls Bravo, etc etc.

Other caps
The OP

Shouta 2007-07-03 19:50

Highly amusing first episode. The fanservice is up the wazoo but it's amusing more than sad. I definitely like the style of the show too.

Koroku 2007-07-03 21:10


Originally Posted by aroduc (Post 1024397)
I honestly felt dirtier watching it than I did Ikki Tousen DD.

Oh wow, that's quite something.

I just looked at the opening so far... it seems a little... over the top with the fanservice. But really, what can you expect from a swimming anime? I doubt you'll find many people that swim around in full clothing that actually cover boobs.

If someone subs this, I may pick it up... but it doesn't look like it'd be worth watching raw.

serenade_beta 2007-07-03 21:58

First episode was enjoyable. Perfectly fine through the episode, except the opening theme's section of that naked guy...

Loved the opening theme.

Shouta 2007-07-03 22:11

Yeah, I gotta admit the guy in the opening is slightly disturbing. Of course, they have to have someone like that in a series that has large number of female characters. Just wish it was a regular guy instead of that one to balance out the cast.

In honor of Orizuka, I've changed my avatar cause she's just so awesome.

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