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SirCanealot 2004-01-06 19:23

XVid on a mac?
Yo, I have a freind who can play DivX5/311 encodes fine, but XVid videos give him random sound and video problems.

I found a decoder for OSX, but he has OS9.2.
Does anyone know of a good mpeg4 decoder that will work on Mac OS9.2 and will play all types of DivX/XVid encodes?


flammie 2004-01-06 20:18

I don't own a mac, but I believe 3ivx is a good mpeg 4 decoder with mac osx, os9 support.

NoSanninWa 2004-01-07 01:28

I don't use a Mac myself, but I am given to understand that everything can be played with the MPlayer OS X, or if you don't like it you can use VLC. In either case you won't need to do all that tendious mucking about with codecs that PC users bother and fret about.

anime_layer 2004-01-07 06:51

He's osing OS 9. Since only OS X+ has a FreeBDS core OS 9 can't rund either VLC or Mplayer.

Urge your friend to update to OS X. If he has a Mac fast enough to play fansubs he can also run OS X. Then use MPlayer and VLC as NoSanninWa suggested.
If he can't update to OS X, he'll be left behing in the long run. 3ivX and the official DivX client still work but I don't think they will carry on too long.

killmoms 2004-01-07 10:34

Yes, 3ivX should work well for now, but OS X is the future, so try to get him to upgrade. If he can play MPEG-4 based anime encodes (DivX etc.) he can run OS X, and Panther is the best one yet. Between mplayer and VLC you can play pretty much everything. Woo! Mac users represent!


Ookla The Mok 2004-01-14 10:19

he's likely stuck with 9.2 because of an old computer. In that case there will also be problems with playback framerate.

In any case, 3ivx currently plays stuff back fine except for some issues with blocks on XviD b-frames, and it's very much still being actively developed.

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