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Tsubomi Koneko 2004-01-06 22:43

Does anyone know what this error means?
I downloaded a torrent with all the episodes of Guardian Hearts and one with all the episodes of Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito from another website recently and while I was playing the files an error would pop up with something about 'ModName: 3ivx.dll'... I played one of the other anime files I have on my computer and after almost 9 minutes of playing nothing went wrong so I'm figuring it's the files I downloaded that have something wrong with them... but I can't figure out what... so I want to know if anyone has any ideas of what I can do just in case it's Windows Media Player that has the problem. (Although it shouldn't be since it played just fine a week ago.) The only thing I've done this week that I could think would cause a problem was download a adware/spyware finder and took those files off my computer... I don't know if maybe one of the codecs on WMP was run by that or what.

ElvenPath 2004-01-13 12:09

Looks like you've installed 3ivx D4 4.5 Video codec, uninstall it and install ffdshow:

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